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ABPSMB Chapter 9.2


Brother’s Confusion (part 2)

After closing the ancient book, Feng Xuan put it back in its original place, and then went to the bookcase next door to borrow a few mortal scriptures to read. As a result, enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road, after turning a corner, he met his teaching elder from Shangqing School.

Feng Xuan was well-known as a good-for-nothing in the school, everyone knew that he was a person that no longer strived to work hard.

The teaching elder was shocked to see him in the library, as if a little trash like him shouldn’t be here. Appearing here meant that the person could still be saved.

Less than two seconds after being relieved, the teaching elder lowered his head, glancing down to know what they were and saw the idle books in Feng Xuan’s hand: “The Domineering Demon Venerable Loves the Gentleman”, “The Demon Immortal Lord Wants to Hug”, “Contract Dao Companion is Deeply Pampered”, “Senior Brother is Above and I am Below”.

He became so angry that he blew his goatee, and before the person arrived, the scolding came first, “Xiao Qi, why are you reading these idle books again!”

Feng Xuan thought it was bad luck.

It was no good to meet anyone, but it just had to be the teaching elder. He used to teach Qi Zhuoyu, and since Qi Zhuoyu became a high-ranking disciple under him, Qi Zhuoyu had simply raised the old man’s teaching standards by himself, so that afterwards, no one ever looked down on him.

Feng Xuan was Qi Zhuoyu’s Dao companion. (TL: I’ll change Taoist companion to Dao companion)

He’s a teaching elder that extended his affection to the people connected to that someone involved with him, and thought that what kind of master, should be what kind of disciple he teaches, and since he was Qi Zhuoyu’s wife, he should also be excellent.

Thus he felt full of ambition that he could educate Feng Xuan well.

Finally, after teaching for half a month, the teaching level that was raised by Qi Zhuoyu’s own efforts had now been lowered back to before the liberation by Feng Xuan’s own efforts.

He was so angry that his inner demon broke out on the spot, he fell to the ground and was unable to rise, thus he asked for leave and went back to the cave for self-cultivation.

Feng Xuan didn’t expect to be so unlucky today to meet him here.

He honestly called out “teacher”.

Then he was pointed at the head by the teaching elder and lectured for half an hour, starting with-“I have never taught such a naughty student like you in my life”, and ending with “Xiao Qi, you are not stupid, but your mind is not focused on learning”. Giving a punishment, then a reward later and finally picked up a pile of lecture notes and scriptures from the library and stuffed them into Feng Xuan’s arms.

The homework for three days was arranged eloquently.

And demanded him to hand it in when he returned to Shangqing School.

Really. (TL: FX is expressing annoyance here.)

When the divine being is unlucky, everything is against him.

Especially when he returned to Zhujian Xiaozhu with a pile of homework, he saw that Qi Zhuoyu was still in the east wing.

Feng Xuan suddenly felt that his divine life would not get any better.

What’s the matter with this big devil?

Where is the person who never stays at home for more than two days because he dislikes himself, as stated in the Book of Fate?!

After what happened last night, it was the first time the two of them faced each other.

Feng Xuan felt that the atmosphere was slightly awkward, and after putting down the homework in his hand, he squeezed out a dry sentence, “Senior brother, what are you doing here?”

Probably because Feng Xuan had an expression that he was very surprised.

After Qi Zhuoyu glanced at him, he then withdrew his gaze away, but still had an illusion that he shouldn’t be here.

Zhujian Xiaozhu is his Dongfu, and Xiao Qi is his Dao companion. (TL: abode of immortals in mythology)

Why can’t he be here?

Qi Zhuoyu’s words were concise and comprehensive, and said them in a natural way, “Change dressing.”

Feng Xuan understood, but also couldn’t understand. There were so many medical practitioners in Misty Immortal Mansion, why didn’t he go to them to change his dressing, why come to find him?

However, he hadn’t had the time to ask this question yet.

Ah Bao had already served the dinner: sugar steamed sweet crispy cheese, duck feet with mushrooms, jade shoots and bracken, and braised round fish with golden legs.

There were also two more dishes, Feng Xuan couldn’t tell what kind of animal they were. They were probably spirit beasts from the cultivation world, since he could see that it was full of spiritual energy when they were served. Although most of the cultivators had already practiced Bigu, because spirit beasts contain stronger aura than humans, most cultivators still retained the tradition of dining.

(TL: Bigu-abstinence from eating cereals and grains.)

Not to mention Feng Xuan’s body, which had not yet reached the foundation building stage.

After glancing at the dinner on the table, he immediately felt empty in his stomach.

Earth is boundless, eat to a maximum.

What’s more, with Qi Zhuoyu in Zhujian Xiaozhu, the meals delivered by the kitchen at the other end of Duobao Pavilion were more than ten times higher in quality.

Where can he usually eat spirit beast meat in his daily life?

Although the food in the mortal world was not as refined as that in the Ninth Heaven.

But it also had a unique flavor.

Feng Xuan was busy filling his stomach, and immediately forgot about Qi Zhuoyu.

After dinner, Qi Zhuoyu was still sitting in the west wing, and only then did Feng Xuan remember that he had to help him change his dressing.

Taking advantage of others, he should also do good things to them when necessary. Thus, at this moment, he felt too embarrassed to refuse.

But when he saw Qi Zhuoyu’s handsome face, which resonated with both humans and gods, he recalled that it was this seductive demon appearance that would attract so many wild lascivious men in the future, causing his life to be ill-fated.

I’m still a little bit upset inside.

When the bandage was removed and the dressing was changed, neither of them spoke.

The start was a little heavy. Qi Zhuoyu calmly said, “It hurts.”

“Oh.” Feng Xuan said, not in a good mood, “Then I’ll be lighter.”

Other than that there was no communication.

After a while, Qi Zhuoyu looked back at him.

In a few seconds, Qi Zhuoyu turned to look at him again.

Feng Xuan was already in a bad mood.

It was the same as walking by the roadside and being kicked by a dog attitude. After being looked at by Qi Zhuoyu a few times, he became tired of it and his voice was a bit fierce, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Qi Zhuoyu, very abnormally, didn’t hold a grudge, and didn’t become angry.

He spoke unhurriedly, with a trace of confusion in his eyes, “Why didn’t you blow on it today?”

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