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ABPSMB Chapter 9.1


Brother’s Confusion (part 1)

Feng Xuan reasonably suspected that Qi Zhuoyu was just pretending that he had hurt him, but he couldn’t find any evidence.

And in the next second, Qi Zhuoyu brazenly said lightly, “Perhaps you accidentally touched it.”


Feng Xuan couldn’t say anything either.

By the time the remaining whip wounds were completely sewn up and bandaged, it was already midnight.

Really tossed and turned for a whole night.

Feng Xuan was so sleepy behind him that he could almost hardly even count the bandages.

He walked back to his room as if only traveling in his imagination, and slept until dawn.

Before going to bed, he even drew a little bit of time to worry about the Book of Fate in his sea of consciousness, for fear that he would pick himself up again to do some unreasonable and extravagant things while he was sleeping.

But what he didn’t expect was that after completing the request to take care of Qi Zhuoyu, the Book of Fate went silent again.

At noon the next day, Feng Xuan woke up slowly.

After washing up, he quietly took a look at the movement in the east wing.

The door was closed tightly, and it was not known whether the person inside had left or not. He could only think of Qi Zhuoyu, who was the head of this career batch, and his Book of Life that said that he would get up before dawn to practice, no matter the weather, and not be altered under any circumstances.

At the moment, the sun was already three poles high.

Qi Zhuoyu should have practiced for three rounds at this moment, it could also be said that he was very different from a salted fish like himself who did not want to make progress.

I don’t know if he had changed his dressing properly.

When he thought about it again–he hadn’t even solved his own troubles yet, he didn’t have the time to worry about others at all!

No one will die if Qi Zhuoyu, the son of luck, dies. (TL: character selected by the plot to promote the development of the plot of the novel.)

After lunch, Feng Xuan inquired about the location of the library from Ah Bao.

Although the immortal mountain where the Misty Immortal Mansion was located stretches for thousands of miles, the main activities of the disciples in the sect were concentrated in the four peaks. The library was right next to the disciplinary platform. Feng Xuan had already come to the disciplinary platform and passed this road in the middle of the night yesterday, thus today he came here with ease and familiarity.

It’s just that the sprained left foot was not completely healed yet.

He also deliberately picked a beautiful sycamore wooden crutch to support it, which attracted the attention of many disciples along the way.

Some people recognized him as Qi Zhuoyu’s cheap, good-for-nothing Dao companion, and their gazes were a bit contemptuous. He couldn’t go riding a sword, thus he had to rely on crutches to walk two steps up the mountain.

At the same time, it revealed that Qi Zhuoyu was really unlucky and a regret that was unworthy of the world.

Although there was no express prohibition that cultivators were not allowed to despise ordinary people.

However, Feng Xuan still clearly felt the contempt of ordinary people from cultivators.

He didn’t care about it at all.

He’s an ancient divine embryo, and he was born as a god. His divine father, Ying Zhu, was the Lord of Ten Thousand Immortals, the Father of all gods. Before the Divine Meteor, he had a son with the current Ninth Heaven Emperor, Feng Li, which was him, Feng Xuan.

The status could be said to be the most honorable among the honorable, well-deserved of being His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

No matter how talented a cultivator was, he would only be an immortal after cultivating to death. Even if he ascended to the upper realm, he could only go to the Third Heaven, and wouldn’t be able to reach the White Jade Palace where the Supreme God was located.

If you still want to become a god, you must obtain godhood.

A godhood is something that is born with, and wouldn’t exist without it.

Therefore, Feng Xuan had never heard of any immortal from the Third Heaven ascending to become a god.

After wandering around for a while, he arrived at the library.

After presenting the token, Feng Xuan headed straight to his destination.

The Book of Fate in his sea of consciousness last night still left him with lingering fears. In order to avoid being tossed about by the Book of Fate again, he must get to the bottom of it. It’s a pity that he was going through a calamity in the mortal world now, otherwise he would be able to ask Si Ming Xingjun directly.

Fortunately, there were ancient books in the mortal world that recorded information related to the Book of Fate, but ordinary people didn’t know that it was called the Book of Fate, and they often used the term “Heavenly Way” to describe it. Flipping through the ancient books, when he saw the phrase “The Will of Heaven is Irreversible” on the title page, Feng Xuan’s brain twitched, and he immediately remembered the words that Si Ming said to himself when he was in Biluochuan before he came down to earth. (TL:  Biluochuan translates to Sky Falling River.)

“Remember, Your Highness, the Book of Fate cannot be violated.”

At that time, Feng Xuan was full of grievances, and what Si Ming Xingjun said to him also went in his left ear and out of his right ear, completely disregarding it at all.

Now, when he read this sentence again, Feng Xuan’s heart was full of alarm bells.

Does this mean the literal meaning?

Is the plot destined to happen in the mortal Xiao Qi’s Book of Fate, cannot be changed?

Feng Xuan remembered some time ago, when Qi Zhuoyu was poisoned, logically speaking the original owner should have detoxified him at that time.

But of course I didn’t do it, it isn’t nonsense, who wants to go through a calamity only for their innocence to be wiped out!

Therefore, Qi Zhuoyu was not detoxified that day, and then the  Book of Fate issued a warning yesterday.

In addition, the dense pain on his body also explained one point, even if he didn’t detoxify him, the love poison that the original owner should have been poisoned with would appear on him in another form.

The tragic future of Xiao Qi was repeatedly broadcast in his brain as he observed things in a hurry.

Because the son of the sect head was jealous of a rival in love affairs for Qi Zhuoyu, he was whipped thirty times by the son of the sect head and was ruthlessly slapped in the face!

He fought with the obstinate “princess” because of Qi Zhuoyu, was framed and got his face ruthlessly slapped!

The gentle and graceful looking master also secretly fell in love with Qi Zhuoyu. He was really merely treated as a substitute and was humiliated, and continued to have his face slapped severely!

This is f***ed up.

He came down to the mortal world to experience calamity.

He didn’t fucking came down to the world to be beaten.

What is this?

This deity is not only the most unlucky, but one that has the worst luck.

Feng Xuan almost got so angry that his eyes turned black from this outrageous Book of Fate. Before he even finished reading the ancient book, he was already dizzy and light-headed.

He sat on the ebony chair with engraved flowers and rested for a while, looking up at the sky with hopelessness.

Is it still possible to return to Ninth Heaven after committing suicide, this is really urgent.

Feng Xuan’s gloomy mood didn’t last too long, as he figured it out soon.

Anyway, all is here, let’s just take a look at each step. 

It’s really no good, he still has good and excellent god qualities.

Bravery: If worst comes to worst, commit suicide, and then go back to the Ninth Heaven.

Optimism: Laughable. So what? At worst, just commit suicide and then return to the Divine Realm.

Calmness: What kind of calamity did you experience? It’s fine if you commit suicide and then return back to the Ninth Heaven. 

Friendliness: Otherwise, they can just directly kill you and send you back to the Ninth Heaven.

Thinking about it this way, it seems that it is not difficult to go through a calamity.

After laying flat and deciding to let the bad state develop itself instead of correcting it, the divine being was full of good hope again.

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