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ABPSMB Chapter 8.1


Sound of Breath (part 1)

Feng Xuan raised his hands and waited for half a day but actually didn’t have to wait for Qi Zhuoyu to really carry him.

Suddenly, he thought that the other’s silence was a refusal.

He examined himself and found that there was nothing wrong with him.

Of course, since growing up, he never felt that he had been wrong in introspection.

Originally, he really meant to take care of the other with good intentions. 

But it was not his wish for it to develop into a scene where he traveled thousands of miles only to cause trouble for others.

It’s just that Feng Xuan’s unilateral effort had turned into a win-win cooperation between two people, he had nothing to be angry about.

But his intuition told him that Qi Zhuoyu was in a bad mood right now.

Just when Feng Xuan was hesitating whether to withdraw his hand and crawl back by himself.

Qi Zhuoyu breathed a sigh, endured it, placed one knee on the ground, and squatted down.

Feng Xuan was taken aback.

Qi Zhuoyu said coldly, “Get on my back.”

After he finished speaking, however, there was no movement from Feng Xuan for a few seconds. Qi Zhuoyu turned his head to the side, and his tone was a bit cold and thin, “At this time, don’t you feel unbearable anymore?”

The wound on the man’s broad shoulders were hideous, and blood flowed continuously.

Feng Xuan didn’t have the nerve to say that he felt that getting on his back like this would stain the clothes he just bought.

In the final analysis, I still don’t want to die in the wilderness yet.

And Qi Zhuoyu is a person who’s really capable of passionately killing people and throwing corpses into the wilderness.

He carefully got on Qi Zhuoyu’s back, and his line of sight elevated in an instant.

Wow, very awesome, so this is the world in the eyes of an eight-foot-height man!

Noticing Feng Xuan’s silence, he thought of his “like to be well-groomed” and delicate character.

Qi Zhuoyu realized something, his eyes darkened, and casually probed him, “You think it’s dirty?”

Feng Xuan shook his head obediently.

He thought it was just now, but he didn’t feel like it was now, anyway, the clothes were already dirty, so he’ll just spend Qi Zhuoyu’s spirit stones to buy new clothes. Thinking of it, he was a little envious.

 “It turns out that the eldest senior brother usually stands at such a height to look at things.”

Qi Zhuoyu had not expected such an answer, and he couldn’t understand his magical brain circuit at all. Therefore, he didn’t feel like interjecting any remarks.

Feng Xuan perhaps thought that walking around like this was boring.

And maybe he wanted to ease the atmosphere between the two of them as well.

After all, Qi Zhuoyu is the big devil of later generations!

I still want him to give me a simple and direct ending with the sword.

Thus he brought up a topic again and reminded him, “Senior brother, actually I think you should comfort me just now. Most people will encourage their younger generations to grow tall when they hear these kinds of words!”

What’s more, he is also his Taoist companion who was matched with him and will formally marry.

However, he overestimated Qi Zhuoyu’s humanity.

The man’s voice was cold, and he seemed even more ruthless in the quiet night, “When I was fifteen years old, I was already eight feet tall.”

He is a kind of eight-foot devil who doesn’t respect the old and love the young at all? (TL: no good moral character)

Do you plan to engrave your own height on the epitaph after you die?

Feng Xuan went silent again.

He laid on Qi Zhuoyu’s back, very close to him, and several times when Qi Zhuoyu wanted to look back, he got annoyed by his untied hair.

The indistinct peach fragrance covered the strong smell of blood.

Qi Zhuoyu remembered that during the few days when his love poison broke out, he often ate green peaches picked by Feng Xuan. He thought that the smell on him was from under the peach tree where he picked the fruits, but it turned out to be his own sweet fragrance.

The peach fragrance diluted some of the hostility in his heart.

Qi Zhuoyu frowned, thinking–the other wouldn’t really be heart-broken because of such a sentence, would he?

Suddenly, the faint peach scent drew closer.

Feng Xuan’s murmured voice sounded in his ears a little dissatisfied, and he argued, “That’s different. I’m still young, and I’m still growing.”

Later, I will grow to two meters in height.

Hang you up and then beat you.

The boy’s breath hit his ears when he spoke.

It made Qi Zhuoyu subconsciously think: it is really small, and it is light and fluffy, like a ball of cotton.

The wind blew then disappeared.

The first thing to do when returning to Zhujian Xiaozhu was to take a bath.

Feng Xuan couldn’t stand the blood and mud spots on his body for a second.

Ah Bao almost screamed when she saw Feng Xuan and Qi Zhuoyu’s difficult appearance.

She hurriedly helped Feng Xuan who jumped off Qi Zhuoyu’s back, with her care, Feng Xuan’s ankle, which had been injured for a long time, was finally brought back to a normal level.

Unexpectedly, this little girl, Ah Bao, who usually looked ordinary, also had one or two medical skills.

A crouching dragon and phoenix chick is actually by his side.

After taking a shower, he dried his hair.

Putting on clean clothes, Feng Xuan was about to go back to his room when he suddenly remembered that Qi Zhuoyu had also returned tonight.

Although Zhujian Xiaozhu was ridiculously large, the two of them lived on each side and could be regarded as a long-distance relationship.

But after Feng Xuan came down to earth, he never treated himself unfairly, since Qi Zhuoyu didn’t go home all year round, thus he chose the largest and most comfortable room to live in.

Now, the largest and most comfortable room was dimly lit with yellow lights.

Apparently its real owner was now dwelling inside.

Seeing this situation, Ah Bao showed concern, “Where does the Master plan to rest tonight?”

Is it still necessary for him to answer her nonsense with unnecessary fuss? Resting in the West Wing, of course.

The long-distance relationship begins now.

Without delay.

When he arrived in the West Wing, Ah Bao had already cleaned up the room for him.

It could be seen that this section of their plastic and fake relationship was clear and plain, and almost anyone with eyes could see it.

Before going to sleep, Feng Xuan suddenly asked, “Has my cloak been washed yet?”

Ah Bao, who had just made the bed, said, “Master, rest assured, although the blood stains were a bit difficult to wash off, it can be dried after airing it tomorrow.”

After she finished speaking, she realized something and looked at Feng Xuan timidly, “Master, senior brother Qi seemed to be seriously injured when he came back, should we go and see him?”

The windows of the West Wing were opposite to the main entrance of the East Wing, and one could see the scene on the opposite side as soon as the window was opened.

The light was still on, as if the person hadn’t slept yet.

Hearing her mention it, Feng Xuan struggled for a while whether to sacrifice his precious resting time.

In the end, the sense of guilt overwhelmed him. Although Qi Zhuoyu was sometimes completely bad, he still carried him all the way home just now. The wound on his back reopened, and the smell of blood became strong, yet he remained silent.

Ai, alright.

Let’s go and be a soft-hearted god for the big devil once.

When Qi Zhuoyu was about to meditate and regulate his breathing, there was a knock on the door.

He opened his eyes, the wooden door was pushed open by a crack, and Feng Xuan’s head popped out, with his bright almond eyes.

Qi Zhuoyu’s brows twitched undetectably, “You, what’s the matter?”

Staying up late at night, what troubles does he want to cause again? Couldn’t he just stop for a while.

Hearing this, Feng Xuan was quite dissatisfied.

What do you mean by what’s the matter? Can’t I just come here to give him medicine.

Nevertheless, he considered that Qi Zhuoyu was still the injured patient now.

Feng Xuan didn’t have the same thought as the patient, then he said with a clean voice, “Senior brother, I’m here to deliver medicine to you.”

Qi Zhuoyu closed his eyes, “I don’t need it.”

Feng Xuan ignored him, and went straight inside the room, “You are badly injured, how can you not need it.”

Qi Zhuoyu wanted to get rid of Feng Xuan by using the method of how he got rid of that executioner fellow disciple, but the words “how can a cultivator be so delicate” came to his lips. He found that the little cultivator in front of him was the most delicate and well-groomed person he had ever seen.

Might as well not speak.

Feng Xuan took it as his acquiescence, put the plate containing the medicine on the table, and then brought over a medicine bottle containing blood coagulation powder.

As he moved, he muttered, “Senior brother, why have you been so fierce recently.”

Why did you suddenly become unprofessional? 

Where is the bright moon, pure white, calm and beautiful eldest senior brother?

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