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ABPSMB Chapter 7.2


It hurts (part 2)

Holding the lamp, Feng Xuan finally found Qi Zhuoyu after enduring great pain.

The life-threatening “Qi Zhuoyu needs to be taken care of” in his sea of consciousness finally subsided a lot.

Looking at Qi Zhuoyu by the candlelight, he still had that ice cold dead face. Where does he look like he’s in pain? I’m afraid he’ll only be in pain if he sees me. 

Why did the pain come to him in the middle of the night? He was not his good master, but only his good-for-nothing Taoist companion!

Under the candlelight, Qi Zhuoyu was also shocked, revealing rare emotion, and was not pretending.

“How come you are here?” 


Feng Xuan thought expressionlessly in his heart, he also wanted to ask the Book of Fate in his sea of knowledge what was the purpose of driving him out of bed in the middle of the night.

You can’t directly explain to Qi Zhuoyu about the matter of the Book of Fate.

Thus Feng Xuan made up a reason. “Eldest senior brother hasn’t returned to Zhujian Xiaozhu for many days. I was worried, so I came out to look for you.”

After speaking, silence fell.

Perhaps, he also realized how unreliable this reason was.

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t return to Zhujian Xiaozhu for more than a few days.

Actually, he never returned.

As soon as he raised his head, Qi Zhuoyu looked at him with a half-smile, which was very penetrating.

Feng Xuan suddenly seemed to be stared at by a wild animal.

However, Qi Zhuoyu did not expose him.

Ever since the day of that love poison, he had discovered that his Taoist companion seemed to have some secret, but he was not interested.

He ignored Feng Xuan’s clumsy lies, partly because he was in a bad mood right now.

He didn’t even bother to be perfunctory even with the amiable look that he usually put on, and only staggered away from Feng Xuan and walked straight forward.

Feng Xuan realized something, and quickly regained his composure.

In the final analysis, there was a six-year age difference between Qi Zhuoyu and him, and the man’s height was also more than eight feet, and the top of his head only reached his chest. Qi Zhuoyu took one step, and he had to trot two steps to catch up.

Letting Qi Zhuoyu go on like this, the Book of Fate in my sea of consciousness will become a demon again later.

Feng Xuan hurriedly held the light, gritted his teeth, and said with determination, “Just now on the way here, I met the executioner senior brother. He told me that the eldest senior brother was whipped tonight. I am worried about the injury of the eldest senior brother, so I came to take care of you.”

Qi Zhuoyu suddenly stopped and looked at him strangely, “Take care of me?”

Feng Xuan almost couldn’t stop and bumped into his back, then nodded vigorously with a very sincere expression.

Anyway, that’s what the Book of Fate said.

Just now, they were farther apart from each other, thus Qi Zhuoyu didn’t see Feng Xuan’s appearance clearly.

At this moment, the two of them were very close together, and only then did he notice that Feng Xuan was wearing a velvet snow-colored cloak tonight, the material was not expensive, and a rabbit fur hat was worn on his head. The whole person was enveloped in a cloak, making him look extraordinarily petite.

Under the faint bright candle, Feng Xuan’s normally fair cheeks became even paler than usual, fine beads of sweat permeated the tip of his nose, and his lips were pale, as if he had endured some terrible pain, which was too tragic and outrageous.

Just now, after he trotted for two steps, he was panting badly, and he looked like he was on the verge of falling, the kind that would fall if blown by the wind.

More like the patient than himself.

Qi Zhuoyu glanced at Feng Xuan indifferently.

The being looked at Feng Xuan: “…….”

Although the big devil didn’t say anything.

But he felt that his dignity had been trampled upon.

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and continued walking without looking back.

Feng Xuan got a little angry and was annoyed that he didn’t get to sleep well tonight. Previously, he was tortured by the Book of Fate, and when he traveled thousands of miles to take care of someone, he was shown an unhappy expression again. Weak and useless people also have a temper.

He quickened his pace and tried to catch up with Qi Zhuoyu aggressively.

As a result, he accidentally stepped on a dead branch on the ground, causing his already weak body to be completely unstable. He sprained his foot, fell to the ground, and fell hard.

The fall made his brain dizzy.

He obviously couldn’t believe that he could be so unlucky.

Suddenly there was no movement behind him, thus Qi Zhuoyu stopped.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Feng Xuan sitting on the ground in a daze, and looking further down, his ankle was in a weird posture, it was completely twisted. He didn’t need to look more to know that he wouldn’t be able to walk.

Looking at each other speechlessly, Feng Xuan’s anger turned into a guilty conscience.

Qi Zhuoyu stared at him for a few seconds and laughed.

As if feeling a little absurd, he seemed to be talking to himself, and repeated again, “You came, to take care of me?”

Feng Xuan: “…….”

He felt that he could still talk back, “Supposed to take care of you.”

After a second of silence, he opened his mouth and suggested, “But now we can take care of each other.”

To be unreasonable and justified, it sounds quite fair.

He even stretched out his hand in the pose of wanting to be held.

Sure enough, he only made the situation worse, Qi Zhuoyu felt that what he just said was a prophecy.

A bit absurd, but also a bit ironic.

He didn’t know what was the purpose of his Taoist companion working so hard at night to cause trouble for him.

But at this moment, the irritability and killing intent that rose in his heart just now….

All of a sudden, scattered and disappeared.

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