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ABPSMB Chapter 7.1


It hurts (part 1)

On the disciplinary platform, under the highest position of the moon.

The iron whip wrapped in spiritual power was raised high, and the tail of the whip swept across the bonfire around the disciplinary platform, and in the light of the burning flame, the scene on the platform was reflected.

A “crack” sounded.

The iron whip landed on Qi Zhuoyu’s broad back, leaving new wounds in the flesh and blood that had been ripped open by the previous eleven lashes.

The last whip was finally over, Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t hold back a muffled groan at last. Knelt on one knee, and supported his body with his elbows.

The cultivator who executed the whipping hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Eldest senior brother, I have offended you a lot.”

Qi Zhuoyu waved his hand, “No harm. You are just following orders.”

That’s right, during the few days that Qi Zhuoyu disappeared, he was not isolating himself from the outside at Qingyun Peak, but was running around outside, looking for traces of the monsters. But there had been no progress for a long time, and the twelve fellow disciples had not woken up until now. As the main person in charge of the big exam, Qi Zhuoyu was the first to be held accountable.

For the sake of embodying the strict rules of the big sect, the Misty Immortal Mansion, yesterday, Qi Zhuoyu received the sect head’s handwritten instruction, that he would be punished at the disciplinary platform tonight.

Seeing Qi Zhuoyu’s calm appearance, the cultivator who executed the punishment, felt a little unbearable in his heart, “The sect head is really, twelve fellow brothers were injured and are knocked unconscious by a monster attack. Eldest senior brother is only in charge of the big examination of the Misty Immortal Mansion this time, and he himself was also attacked by monsters, yet he still has to be punished severely.”

Qi Zhuoyu: “The sect head entrusted me with full responsibility for this big exam. Now that the immortal examination has been over for more than ten days, and the fellow brothers have not woken up yet, it is indeed my dereliction of duty.”

Qi Zhuoyu blamed himself for all the mistakes.

Hearing this, the cultivator felt both admiration and adoration in his heart, and said longingly, “Eldest senior brother, you are such a great person!”

In the end, he thought of Qi Zhuoyu’s character and immortal appearance, but married a mediocre useless Taoist companion. Brother Qi suffered such serious injuries, yet from the beginning to the end of the punishment, he didn’t even see his Taoist companion come.

Simply have no conscience.

The cultivator was increasingly convinced that fate was really unfair, and couldn’t help but mutter, “Eldest senior brother, you are so seriously injured, but why don’t I see that mortal Xiao Qi come to take care of you?”

In front of Qi Zhuoyu, the cultivator who executed the punishment didn’t dare to call him “little waste”.

After many days, Qi Zhuoyu felt a little strange when he heard Feng Xuan’s name again.

A figure was outlined in his mind, with fair and slender skin, with baby fat on the cheeks that had not completely faded away and when he smiled, his pair of eyes would turn like that of a crescent moon.

Him, to take care of himself?

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t pay attention to the ridicule in his heart, the kind that had an ambiguous meaning.

With Xiao Qi’s level of clumsiness, he’ll probably come not to help him, but to make himself worse. 

On the surface, Qi Zhuoyu’s expression was faint, “It’s not a fatal wound. As a cultivator, how could I be so delicate?”

As the cultivator heard this in his ears, he worshiped him even more in his heart: Hey, Senior Brother Qi is too nice, he has already been hurt like this, yet he still protects that useless Taoist companion! How could there be such a benign and openhearted person in the world!

The two chatted a few words in an ordinary manner.

Qi Zhuoyu pointed out a few words to implement the cultivator’s cultivation method. This appearance of not caring about the past grievances, brought the other party again to be moved into such muddle headedness. Holding onto those few words of heartfelt determination by Qi Zhuoyu, he left the disciplinary platform with tears of gratitude.

He then turned around.

The smile on Qi Zhuoyu’s face disappeared completely.

The twinkling peach blossom eyes were as calm as an ancient well.

In the night sky, black clouds covered the full moon, and the darkness extended wantonly.

If the cultivator who executed the punishment had read Qi Zhuoyu’s Book of Fate, he would have known that he was not a person who disregarded past grievances at all, and that he was simply a person that would seek revenge!

After all, Qi Zhuoyu was the kind of devil who would want to tear apart other people’s umbrellas just because he had been drenched in the rain. Once someone cuts him with a knife, he would retaliate a hundred times, and he would pay back the other person a thousand and a hundred times.

A year later, Qi Zhuoyu would fall into an obsession to the point of going crazy, and the one who’d die the most tragically was him, followed by the twelve comatose fellow cultivators!

The skin and bones would be removed, the primordial spirit would be smashed, and even the chance of reincarnation would be cut off. The corpse would then be cut into twelve pieces and be thrown into the chaotic sea to feed the demons.

At the end of the Book of Fate, the cultivator who executed the punishment would only stare at him in a completely disfigured and bloody appearance, as if staring at an evil ghost that crawled up from hell, and said with a trembling voice, “Qi Zhuoyu, I was just following orders at that time’s punishment, and I have no grievances or enmities with you. Why are you torturing me like this!!”

Qi Zhuoyu still had the smile he always showed others. He had a dignified and beautiful appearance, and was gentle and mild when he smiled, but at this moment, it made the person tremble in fear.

He paused, his voice was very soft, like a sigh, and replied cruelly, “Because it really hurts.”

It hurts.

The iron whip was soaked in scalding copper paste, which was also heavily infused with abundant spiritual power.

With one lashed, flesh and blood flew, and the deep bones became visible.

A total of twelve whips.

It really hurts.

The handwritten order of punishment on paper was written by the sect head himself.

Although Master Su Qingyan couldn’t bear it, he was still a respected teacher, and he was his chief disciple, therefore he couldn’t play favoritism. Even though junior brother Ji Fangxin loves him, he was the future sect head of the Misty Immortal Mansion, and he was the reputation of the Misty Immortal Mansion, which shouldn’t be broken.

The road down the mountain from the punishment platform was steep, and there were no oil lamps that night.

Under the dim moonlight, the mountain road was submerged in the shadows of many ghostly trees, and the long road seemed to have no end.

The blood slid down from the back and fell to the ground, meandering down.

His shadow was stretched so long that it almost merged with the darkness.

Qi Zhuoyu staggered at last, and supported himself at the nearest birch tree.

The beautifully shaped thin lips had no trace of blood, and the crow-like eyelashes drooped, as if sighing: It hurts.

No one could hear it. It was almost a yearning sound.

Until, in the darkness not far away, a soft gleam suddenly lit up.

Qi Zhuoyu was taken aback for a moment, thinking that maybe because he had lost too much blood, that his eyesight must have gone dim.

The disciplinary platform was remote, so how can there be anyone in the middle of the night?

As a result, the dim light got closer and brighter to him.

Under the moonlight-like light, a fair face was revealed and almond-shaped eyes that bend into bridges when he smiles.

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