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 ABPSMB Chapter 6.2


Book of Fate (part 2)

Even so, compared to the taciturn master before, Ah Bao preferred the lively and cheerful Feng Xuan now.

More importantly, the master had been married for so long, and finally got Qi Zhuoyu’s attention.

Thinking of this, Ah Bao raised her brows with joy, and said happily, “If Master doesn’t want to go to school, then don’t. Anyway, we already have the robes from Senior Brother Qi! As long as you wear these robes, even if you don’t know magic spells, the Master will not be injured. “

Feng Xuan:?


Don’t you think that it’s a pile of ugly clothes that Qi Zhuoyu gave him?

Feng Xuan swallowed the phrase “I don’t want to go”, got up from the reclining chair without saying a word, and started to pack his storage bag.

He put in some essentials and handouts sent by the Shangqing School, as well as pens, inks, papers and inkstones.

Are you kidding?

It would be better to let him go to school than to wear these ugly clothes!

Ah Bao looked at Feng Xuan in puzzlement, not understanding why he suddenly changed his mind.

As a result, after thinking for a while, a sudden inspiration flashed in her mind, she grasped the clothes and said emotionally, “I understand, the Master wants to wear these robes to go to the school, and then let those immortal cultivators who usually look down on us master and servant to take a good look at it, that Senior Brother Qi didn’t turn a blind eye to the Master! Thus, in the future, they will never bully the Master again!”

He is worthy of being her own master.

Ah Bao looked at him with admiration. As expected, she was thinking farther ahead herself.

Feng Xuan’s brows twitched when he heard this, and he grabbed the clothes from Ah Bao’s arms.

Then he threw it on the bed in an instant, and said, “Who wants to wear these clothes to school?”

Are you crazy?

Can’t you see that they are ugly?! Or is it that you also inherited the aesthetics of violence from the top to bottom of Zhujian Xiaozhu?!

Ah Bao was stunned and said, “Master doesn’t want to wear it?”

“Don’t wear it.” Won’t wear it even to death, wearing them is no different from dying. Feng Xuan ordered coldly, “You, put them all in the bottom of the cabinet, and you are not allowed to take them out again.”

Putting this thing in front of him would only pollute his vision.

While speaking, Feng Xuan had already changed into the dark school uniform, with the words Shangqing School embroidered on the chest.

Without any defensive attributes, it was mediocre and nothing special.

After Ah Bao saw this scene, she suddenly understood.

The Master must be reluctant to wear such beautiful and precious clothes outside to get dirty, so he asked her to put them away in the cabinet.

After all, it was the first gift that Senior Brother Qi gave the Master.

What is the difference between rounding and a love keepsake?

Her heart became hot, and her eyes turned slightly red.

Woo, Master and Senior Brother Qi are really too! In! Love!

With a sigh of relief, Feng Xuan didn’t notice Ah Bao’s mental activity at all.

Although going to the Shangqing School to study made his salted fish life fluctuate a little, generally speaking, he’s still living a comfortable life. As long as he didn’t have to face Qi Zhuoyu, that insidious big devil every day, Feng Xuan could bear it even if he woke up early and meditated.

The immortals who came to study in the Shangqing School were all young and promising, and they were either relatives of the emperor or the heirs of a cultivation aristocratic family. The learning atmosphere was not the most bulky, but was still increasing even more, with people occupying seats in the classroom even before dawn.

Feng Xuan was the last one to arrive, and when he came, he’d only find a comfortable seat by the window and sleep face down.

It’s not that he didn’t want to study hard and make progress every day, it’s just that this mortal body had low mana, it couldn’t be said that he didn’t have it at all, some could even be equal to nothing, it’s just that it’s not suitable for cultivating immortality at all.

After the results of the big exam a few days ago were released, Feng Xuan was unexpectedly ranked first from the bottom without any suspense, thus he had become even more confident in being a salted fish.

Study? Laughable.

Studying can’t save a god from his calamity.

Whispering voices around sounded:

“Is he the mortal Xiao Qi who married the eldest senior brother?”

“Doesn’t he feel ashamed to take the bottom last place, shameless!”

“Senior Brother Zhuoyu married such a trash.”

“Having such a blessing to be able to marry the eldest senior brother, yet don’t know how to make progress.”

For such taunts, Feng Xuan dealt with them calmly, and even calmly replied, “Do you want this blessing for yourself?” What’s the use of cultivating hard? Anyhow, a year later, Qi Zhuoyu would strike back at Misty Immortal Mansion, ha ha, ashes will then scatter away.

After just spending a few days in the Shangqing School, Feng Xuan almost forgot about Qi Zhuoyu.

On this day, the bell of Shangqing School rang, and as usual, he was the first to walk out of the classroom under the contemptuous eyes of everyone, clearly not thinking about making progress.

On the way back to Zhujian Xiaozhu, the Book of Fate in his sea of consciousness moved slightly.

This Book of Fate was the original owner’s Book of Fate. Before going down to the mortal world, Si Ming sealed it in Feng Xuan’s sea of consciousness. If there was any need, he could just verify it directly.

Feng Xuan had checked it several times before.

He’d always taken the initiative to verify it himself, but it was the first time that there was any movement in the Book of Fate.

He was just simply busy going back to the room to sleep. Last night, he stayed up late to read the Book of Fate and turned on the lights until the third watch.

(t/n third watch-23:00-1:00 am)

If he wouldn’t sleep today, he’d only ascend ahead of schedule, thus he ignored the movement of the Book of Fate.

As a result, less than a quarter of an hour after he rested, he felt a huge pain in his lower abdomen, which woke him up from his sleep.

Feng Xuan’s face was pale, dripping with cold sweat, and he almost fell off the bed.

What happened? 

Did dinner spoil his stomach??

In the next second, the pain in the lower abdomen spread to the limbs.

It was as if a thousand ants were gnawing at his internal organs and meridians at the same time. 

How could this feeling be so similar to Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison?

At the same time, the Book of Fate in his sea of consciousness also exuded a golden light, becoming brighter and brighter, grabbing Feng Xuan’s attention.

A line of clear words emerged in his sea of consciousness:

‘Qi Zhuoyu is in pain now, he needs to be taken care of.’



What the hell is this!??

Feng Xuan had seen a lot in the Ninth Heaven, but he had never seen such an outrageous thing.

Qi Zhuoyu’s pain has nothing to do with him, haven’t you heard that the joys and sorrows of men and gods are not connected?!

It’s a pity that Feng Xuan soon lost the ability to refute.

The pain was escalating over and over again, getting more and more painful, eventually he lost the strength to speak.

In the sea of consciousness, golden words once again emerged. Exactly the same as the previous sentence, as if to remind again:

‘Qi Zhuoyu is in pain now, he needs to be taken care of.’

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