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ABPSMB Chapter 5.2


Straight Male Aesthetic (part 2)

Feng Xuan, who was watching a good show from the sidelines, didn’t expect that he would be called directly.

Looking at Qi Zhuoyu’s attitude towards Su Qingyan, and then looking at his attitude towards himself. He understood what it meant to change faces faster than turning pages.

Feng Xuan shook his head. “I don’t.”

He showed no expression. “Since you don’t know, then what are you doing in Langhua Hall?”

Outrageous. This fellow Daoist, didn’t I get dragged up by you?!

He could see that because Qi Zhuoyu just lost face with Su Qingyan, thus he took his anger out on him.

What’s the matter, bullying him because he’s weak, good-tempered, easy to bully and cowardly?

Feng Xuan knew very well that his character was moody, thus he said in a muffled voice, “It’s cold standing outside, but it’s warm inside the hall, therefore I came in.”

As soon as the words fell, a cool breeze blew from the entrance of Langhua Hall.

It seemed to prove that what Feng Xuan said was true, in the late autumn weather, the wind blowing on the body was already like a cut of a knife.

This wisp of cold wind also made Qi Zhuoyu calm down.

He frowned and said in a low voice, “You’re an immortal cultivator, why are you so afraid of the cold? Is your cultivation too low.”

If it were any ordinary cultivator, if Qi Zhuoyu said that, he would have been ashamed enough to commit suicide.

But Feng Xuan already planned to go back to Ninth Heaven for a good sleep after finishing the Book of Fate plot for a year, hence he nodded, “That’s right.”

What’s wrong with a low cultivation base?

My low cultivation base, it’s none of your business.

Seeing him admit it frankly and without shame, Qi Zhuoyu paused speechlessly.

He suddenly remembered those few days by the stream, when he suffered love poison that he couldn’t move, Feng Xuan always slept and got up late, but every time he woke up, he would take his hairbrush and go to the upper stream to freshen up. A swordsman who didn’t have a good sword, a small storage bag that didn’t hold any pills or spells, and only packed some useless hair combs, sachets and snacks, like a girl, no wonder his cultivation was so poor.

Not even capable of hunting a hare.

And those wild fruits that could only be picked from low places, which were sour and astringent, were extremely unpalatable.

Feng Xuan dared not admit it.

He had also picked wild fruits from high places, but he ate the sweet ones by himself, took a bite of the rest, and left the unpalatable ones to Qi Zhuoyu.

If the big devil found out, another torture would be inevitable before killing him.

While the two were talking, the meeting of the head and the elders finally came to an end.

Without needing to observe their expressions, Feng Xuan knew that there must have been no result.

From the Book of Fate, the monster that attacked during the Misty Sect’s big exam this time was not an ordinary monster, but a demonic beast that was rare in the ancient capital.

This kind of demonic beast lives on exclusively by eating nightmares. Once a cultivator’s dream was eaten by it, he would be immersed in a nightmare and wouldn’t be able to wake up for the rest of his life.

It’s not that Feng Xuan wanted to hide it and didn’t want to say it, but leaking the plot of the Book of Fate was equivalent to leaking the secret.

He didn’t even need to wait for Qi Zhuoyu to strike him with a sword, he’d be struck by thunder immediately.

After the general meeting, there would be small gatherings.

As a highly respected immortal master, Su Qingyan only had two beloved disciples under his seat, one was Qi Zhuoyu, the other was Ji Fangxin, one was the proud son of heaven, and the other was the eldest son of the head of the sect.

As for Feng Xuan? Of course, he was just an incidental pendant.

Outer sect disciples didn’t even have the qualifications to call Su Qingyan master.

Qi Zhuoyu would return to the mansion as the master and the apprentice hadn’t talked to each other for a while.

Su Qingyan would want to keep him and let him rest at Qingyun Peak tonight. Qi Zhuoyu had been living in Qingyun Peak’s small thatched hut before they were registered as Taoist couples, and only after getting married did he move out and establish his own home. But it didn’t matter whether he moved out or not, Qi Zhuoyu had never lived with the original owner anyway. Moreover, cultivating was simply cultivating, and compared to Feng Xuan, the Huaying sword was more like his wife.

The golden sun had finally sunk to the west. According to his previous habits, he probably would rest at Qingyun Peak tonight. It’s just that Qi Zhuoyu hadn’t opened his mouth to respond, and when he glanced out of the corner of his eye, he just saw that Feng Xuan was tired and cold again, and at some point found a pillar to lean on lazily.

There were so many elders with great powers in Langhua Hall standing.

He was the only one that was particularly delicate and tired after standing for a while.

He suddenly changed his mind, “Master, let’s forget it tonight. This disciple has to accompany Xiao Qi to the Duobao Pavilion to exchange magic weapons.”

Hearing this sentence, the three people present became stunned.

Su Qingyan was a little surprised, while Ji Fangxin was shocked.

As for Feng Xuan, he was so bewildered that his drowsiness sobered up from fright.

No, Fellow Taoist.

Saying that you would accompany me to exchange magic weapons, don’t be polite with me.

He only dozed off for ten minutes, not ten years.

When did the two of them get into the plot of a loving Taoist couple?!

Su Qingyan’s face showed regret, but also didn’t force him to stay.

It’s just the heart felt empty and lonely, and couldn’t help but sigh. Qi Zhuoyu had become a married person after all, he couldn’t keep him once he grew up.

Feng Xuan was still bewildered when he was dragged by the arm down the mountain, all the way to Duobao Pavilion.

Even at night, the Duobao Pavilion was brightly lit and resplendent. The disciples who had obtained many rare and exotic objects in the big exam step on various magic tools such as immortal swords and compasses, and barter for things on the floor walls embedded in the cliffs. 

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t talk nonsense with him, and went directly to the ninth floor.

Only then did Feng Xuan come back to his senses, and hastily said, “Eldest senior brother, I have no money.”

The Duobao Pavilion had a total of nine floors, the lower three floors were for the outer disciples to exchange some low-level wound medicine and small magic weapons, as well as low-grade spiritual stones and immortal grass. The middle level was for ordinary disciples to exchange medium grade spiritual stones. On the top three floors, only top-grade spiritual stones and high-level magic weapons could be exchanged.

Feng Xuan only got some low-grade spiritual herbs during the big exam, and he couldn’t even afford to exchange them on the bottom three floors.

“I know. You don’t need to spend money.” Qi Zhuoyu led him to a booth with familiarity.

The mind of the big devil has always been difficult to guess.

Qi Zhuoyu picked up a red Taoist robe with emerald green piping, matched with a cotton jacket, with embroidered  gold dragon and silver phoenix on the front. He looked satisfied, “How about this one?”

Also, aesthetics should not be said to be inferior.

Or it can only also be said that there is no such thing at all.

After all, it’s not for him to wear himself, thus Feng Xuan gave a thumbs up, “It looks good. Eldest senior brother will definitely be more handsome in style if he wears it!”

Qi Zhuoyu said, “It’s so small, it won’t fit me. This is for you.”

He took a look at the gauze tulle that Feng Xuan was holding in his hand. It was too white and too tasteless, the material was also thin, he didn’t like it.

At Feng Xuan’s age, he should wear red and green and be lively.

Seven or eight pieces of clothes were bought by him in the blink of an eye, and high-level spiritual stones flowed like flowers.

Feng Xuan’s face was dazed, and he was forced to hold a pile of colorful clothes, and his eyes went dark due to its ugliness.

Qi Zhuoyu asked, “Do you like it?”

Feng Xuan: “…….”

His lips opened and closed, but was unable to say a word.

Judging by his speechless appearance, he must be very happy.

Qi Zhuoyu looked away suddenly, remembering that in the afternoon he sounded him out and  let him enter the Evil Killing Array.

He wasn’t possessed by evil spirits. And because of this misunderstanding, he gave him clothes to make amends. In this way, it could be regarded as the settlement of accounts between them two.

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