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ABPSMB Chapter 5.1


Straight Male Aesthetic (part 1)

Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes just fell on him directly, dark and clear. Once Feng Xuan answered something that he was not satisfied with, he would kill him directly.

Qi Zhuoyu could really do such an insane thing.

The air quieted for a while, and the atmosphere gradually became tense in the silence.

Feng Xuan spoke slowly, as if he was having a bit of difficulty speaking, “Eldest senior brother…my legs are numb.”

Qi Zhuoyu was taken aback for a moment, not expecting this answer.

Feng Xuan gave out a cold “hiss” and said in a low voice, with a trace of grievances that only young people have, “I have been walking all day today, and I stood for so long when I was riding the sword just now……….”

Although the two people on Qingyun Peak rode a sword, Feng Xuan was still worried that he would be too close to Qi Zhuoyu, lest he would be misunderstood as being undisciplined, thus he stood on the sword without any support.

In order to maintain balance, he had to use force on his feet, standing upright, making it appear as if Qi Zhuoyu was a poisonous serpent and a wild beast that cannot be touched.

Qi Zhuoyu also thought of the same point. Just now Feng Xuan was really far away from him on the sword.

It’s enough for one more person to stand between the two.

He slightly loosened his frowning brows, dispelled some doubts, and said slowly, “Is it better now?” 

Feng Xuan nodded. “It’s better, thank you eldest senior brother for your concern.”

He bent down and lightly beat his lower leg, then straightened his body again and walked forward.

Qi Zhuoyu folded his arms and stared at him with gloomy and uncertain eyes.

When Feng Xuan walked forward, he didn’t hesitate at all, he simply stepped into the Evil Killing Array.

Until he passed through the barrier and stood in it, the Evil Killing Array remained calm and unresponsive.

The mist between the clouds were indistinct, and the sun was setting in the west.

Only a little bit of sunset fell on Qi Zhuoyu’s surprised expression–he’s not possessed?

Little did they know that at this moment, Feng Xuan’s heart was already dripping with cold sweat.

It’s a good thing that this crown prince that descended from the Ninth Heaven to experience his calamity was a god, otherwise, if it were any ordinary evil spirit, there wouldn’t be any residue left at this moment!

At this time, Ji Fangxin also felt that something was wrong, looked at Feng Xuan, then at Qi Zhuoyu, and finally chose to trust his eldest senior brother, and asked, “Big brother, what’s wrong with this waste…with Xiao Qi?”

Qi Zhuoyu had returned to a gentle appearance, and said gently, “There’s nothing. It’s just that the monsters encountered in this big exam are tricky, and they are very good at hiding their breath. I’m worried that it has already hidding among us.”

Ji Fangxin suddenly realized.

In the world of cultivation, there was no lack of incidents of monsters seizing cultivators bodies and mixing in sects. Once they succeeded, the end would be extremely tragic.

It’s just that monsters generally choose high-strength cultivators to possess.

Ji Fangxin glanced at Feng Xuan who hadn’t even reached the foundation building period, curled his lips in disgust and said, “Eldest senior brother, you are too cautious, what kind of monster would choose a cultivator who has not yet reached the foundation building period and seize its body?”

He was also thinking of another thing.

It was true that monsters, demons or evil spirits had to be killed for seizing bodies, but the disciples who had been possessed should also be saved–However, isn’t the eldest senior brother’s “sounding out” too risky? In this case, if this waste is really possessed, won’t he be wiped out together with the monster under the array?

In his impression, the eldest senior brother had always been a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, like a bright moon.

However, in the next second, Qi Zhuoyu walked to Feng Xuan’s side, and from Ji Fangxin’s perspective, the two were very close.

Qi Zhuoyu lowered his head and asked softly, “Xiao Qi, did it scare you just now?”

Ji Fangxin was instantly jealous.

The eldest senior brother is upright and gentle, how could he kill innocent people indiscriminately, it must be a way for this waste to pretend to be pitiful and sympathetic!

Feng Xuan was amazed.

This black hearted devil king is too good at using his own face, he can make himself clean with a single sentence.

Ji Fangxin stroked the whip with his right hand, almost unable to suppress his anger.

However he wasn’t able to let go of the whip handle in the next second. When he looked up, with a clear and bright face, he called, “Master!”

With this sound, both Qi Zhuoyu and Feng Xuan turned their heads together.

At the top of the Danchi of Langhua Hall, there stood a Taoist man in white.

(t/n Danchi-the red steps in front of the palace and the open space on the steps. It also refers to the steps of government buildings or temples.)

Feng Xuan didn’t need to tell, Qi Zhuoyu put away his playful expression, and saluted seriously to the person on the Danchi, “Master.”

Who else could make Qi Zhuoyu obediently call someone master, besides Su Qingyan?

Feng Xuan immediately glanced curiously.

After all, it was written in the Book of Fate, this was the person Qi Zhuoyu was holding in the hand for fear of falling, holding it in the mouth for fear of melting, his treasured master, that he would rather kill his own wife with his own hands just to protect him .

(t/n holding it in the hand for fear of falling, holding it in the mouth for fear of melting-To describe things or people who are particularly cherished, fondly attached, and regarded as treasures. It is usually used to describe the feelings of parents who love their children very much.)

As a result, Feng Xuan was a little disappointed after only glancing at the said person once.

Su Qingyan was dressed in white, beautiful and elegant in appearance, and temperament that was gentle and beyond the mundane. Even in the cultivation world, he was a little well-known beauty, but it was a pity that he was not enough to be thrown into the Ninth Heaven and be looked at.

Su Qingyan also glanced at him unexpectedly, probably not expecting how Feng Xuan, an outer disciple, was qualified to enter Langhua Hall.

After thinking about it, he probably came up with Qi Zhuoyu.

In addition to Su Qingyan, there was also the head of the Misty Immortal Mansion and a group of respected elders in Langhua Hall.

When they saw Qi Zhuoyu coming in, they just nodded their heads as a signal, and everyone looked solemnly, all looking at the disciples lying in a row in the center of the hall. Standing in the middle was a white-haired old man with a clear face, he was the head of Misty Immortal Mansion, Yue Tingyuan.

He cut to the chase.

“Zhuoyu, come and see if these juniors of yours were injured by the same monster during the big exam.”

Qi Zhuoyu nodded and checked the injured disciples on one knee.

These disciples lying in the center of the hall did not have a single wound on their bodies, and their internal meridians were not damaged, but they all had their eyes tightly closed. They couldn’t be woken up by any means, and the only thing they had in common was that their expressions were very solemn, as if they were trapped in some kind of nightmare and couldn’t wake up.

It turned out that Qi Zhuoyu and the other two were not the only ones who were attacked by monsters during the big exam.

There were 50 inner disciples participating in the Misty Immortal Mansion Examination this time, and about a dozen of them were all attacked by the same monster. Moreover, after the monster failed to attack Qi Zhuoyu, it turned around and injured seven or eight disciples.

It’s not a trivial matter, no wonder Qi Zhuoyu was summoned as soon as he came back.

It’s a pity that although Qi Zhuoyu was extremely talented in cultivation, in the final analysis, he was still in his early 20’s, and had not seen many monsters, therefore he couldn’t tell what kind of monsters were at work at this moment.

He glanced at Su Qingyan with a shame on his face, and the latter patted him lightly on the shoulder and comforted him, “It’s okay if you don’t know, the Head and the others don’t also have a clue at present.”

The voice was really gentle and affectionate.

Feng Xuan couldn’t help getting a toothache as he saw this, and took a deep breath of cold air.

The atmosphere in Langhua Palace was deadly solemn and quiet, and Feng Xuan’s breathing was particularly obvious.

In the next second, Qi Zhuoyu noticed him, and his eyes instantly changed from shame to indifference. He was the proud son of heaven, thinking that he had failed to kill the monster with a sword in the confrontation, and after being injured, he was also delayed for a few days because of this useless Taoist companion…..

If Feng Xuan was just willing to have dual cultivation and detoxify him…

How could he let the monster escape?

If there was any substance to that coldness in his gaze, it landed on Feng Xuan.

“Smiling so happily, do you know what kind of monster it was?” (TL: FX was smiling and was seen by QZ, thus he asked this question)


How can he smile? 

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