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ABPSMB Chapter 3.2


Sounding Out (part 2)

Feng Xuan really didn’t want him to misunderstand himself any more, thinking of him plotting against himself, lest he would suffer so much before “killing this wife” in the future and to gain enlightenment. 

He didn’t bother to explain to him, and only hugged his storage bag and took several steps back, away from Qi Zhuoyu.

–An attitude of “you see, I really don’t have any intention of having a dual cultivation with you and tarnish your innocence”.

In Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes, this way of retreating, like avoiding a vicious person, was a tacit consent to what he said that marrying himself was like a nightmare.

Others would have been crazy about him and scrambled towards him.

It was probably the first time for Qi Zhuoyu to meet someone who disliked and avoided him, and the tenderness he had put on was finally exhausted at this moment, revealing a trace of impatience.

Thus, just as Feng Xuan found a comfortable place to sit down, Qi Zhuoyu gave an uncertain chuckle from the other end. The voice was so soft that Feng Xuan even suspected that he was hallucinating.

Looking up, Qi Zhuoyu flicked his sleeves and suddenly turned around, leaving him with a cold back.

Seeing this, Feng Xuan’s face was full of doubts.

What’s the matter, he’s still not yet satisfied after being so far away from him?

I am the one who despises you.

What’s wrong with him?

But when he thought about this person’s character, that was inherently capricious and unpredictable.

Thus, he gradually didn’t bother to pay attention to his movements.

In the middle of the night, Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison broke out again.

Feng Xuan was alarmed by him half asleep and half awake, and could only see Qi Zhuoyu half curled up on the ground trying to endure the poison in a daze. Damp body and hair, dripping with sweat, his appearance was glistening, straight nose and thin lips, he had achieved the ultimate enchanting appearance. Even if he had his eyes closed and was frowning, it could still make a woman’s heart beat wildly.

He had to say, after watching the big devil’s poison attack up close, Feng Xuan admitted that this scumbag was handsome and had a strong point.

No wonder so many mortal men and women wanted to live and die because of him–but what does this have to do with this divine being?

The joys and sorrows of humans and divine beings were not connected, Feng Xuan only felt that Qi Zhuoyu’s voice was a bit noisy.

Therefore he wrapped himself in a small blanket, and slept until dawn amidst the series of ups and downs, and unbearable panting.

It’s not that Feng Xuan was indifferent, but that although the poison of love was powerful, it was not fatal.

Even if the original owner in the Book of Fate did not help Qi Zhuoyu detoxify it, he would only be tortured during the night, and would recover early the next morning.

This time, it should have been really affected by the monster, which caused the seizure to take longer than usual.

No matter how long it took, in three or four days, when Qi Zhuoyu’s cultivation level improved, he could take him away from this barren mountain.

Sure enough, it was as Feng Xuan expected.

Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison broke out for another two days, and he still didn’t help. During the day, he would pick some fruits to satisfy his hunger, and leave the unpalatable ones for Qi Zhuoyu to eat. At night, when Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison broke out, he would fall asleep.

On the third morning, the first ray of sunlight fell on Feng Xuan’s slightly chubby face.

The boy’s eyelashes trembled twice because of the light, and when he opened his eyes, Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison had completely recovered.

They looked at each other, they were speechless for a while.

After all, Feng Xuan seemed to have offended this big devil again a few nights ago, and he was already guilty of not talking to him for two days.

On the other hand, Qi Zhuoyu revealed a bit of inexplicable sight, as if he had met him for the first time today, like a young Taoist disciple who had just passed through the door.

That gaze fell directly on Feng Xuan’s body, giving him the illusion of being stared at by a wild beast.

It was too embarrassing to be looked at like this, Feng Xuan first opened his mouth to break the silence, “Senior martial brother, why are you staring at me all this time, is there something on my face?”

Qi Zhuoyu withdrew his gaze, and his voice returned to that alienated but polite appearance. “It’s nothing, just thanking the younger martial brother for taking care of me these few days.”

The word “take care of” was also accentuated. Originally, it was simply used to ridicule this useless Taoist companion who was physically weak but who would have thought for Fen Xuan to shamelessly nod at the end.

That sincere expression showed that he didn’t feel that there was any problem with it at all, and had a somewhat trace of recognition.

Please, he is also very tired from picking fruit on the tree every day, think about who prepared the food and drinks for the past few days? Feng Xuan has never done so much work since he has grown up so much.

Even the most honorable emperor in the Ninth Heaven had never tasted the wild fruit he picked himself.

Qi Zhuoyu choked up suddenly, and was so angry that he wanted to laugh, then turned around with a flick of his sleeves.

The two walked down the mountain all the way, the moment they walked out of the barren mountain, Qi Zhuoyu who seemed to have no intention of opening his mouth, suddenly asked, “What if I really die amidst those few days of love poisoning?”


Impossible, this curse will last for thousands of years, with that degree of your curse, it will be at least ten thousand years.

If you want to hear someone flatter you, just say so.

Feng Xuan praised him, “Eldest senior brother has the strongest cultivation in the world, how could he die so easily! Even if you unfortunately die, I will only be your widow.”

It’s a pity not to be a widow.

Rubbish love poison.

Qi Zhuoyu looked sideways at him, “Really. Why do I feel that you are very happy after hearing you say that you’ll be a widow?”

He is indeed a big devil who can see people’s hearts.

Feng Xuan forcibly suppressed the raised corners of his mouth, “Is it. Actually, I’m very sad, senior martial brother.”

Thoughts were flying, and he immediately adjusted his expression.

Qi Zhuoyu’s footsteps paused, and squinted his eyes, “What are you thinking?”

Feng Xuan was brewing his emotions, but when he was asked suddenly, he was caught off guard and directly confessed, “I just thought about the saddest thing in my life.”

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