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ABPSMB Chapter 3.1


Sounding Out (part 1)

Feng Xuan didn’t know where he had offended Qi Zhuoyu, but the two of them didn’t say a word after that.

He didn’t care, after all, Qi Zhuoyu’s personality was inherently moody and unfathomable. Talking in front of him, if he’d say more, he would only make more mistakes. Even a word that would inadvertently offend him could make Qi Zhuoyu remember it for ten or eight years, and then retaliate back.

Even a small grievance must be repaid to the extreme.

Moreover, Qi Zhuoyu was extremely meticulous and careful, and had a keen understanding of human relationships and sophistication. If he found out that his Taoist companion’s core had already been replaced by someone, he’s afraid that he might not be able to wait for that “killing of the wife” and gaining enlightenment after a year, and would only directly leave the mortal world.

Of course, the farther away from him the better.

Besides, it was Qi Zhuoyu who was poisoned by love.

As long as he wouldn’t take the initiative to sacrifice himself, it would be impossible for him to force him at this stage where he was still maintaining a righteous personality on the surface.

Thinking of this, the last sense of crisis in Feng Xuan’s heart was relieved.

After drying the clothes, he took advantage of the opportunity to light a bonfire in front of him with a torch in his hand. After such a toss, evening had already arrived, the sun setted in the west, and the streamside, which was originally warm during the day, had also become cold and humid. After having the bonfire, Feng Xuan finally didn’t feel cold, he felt that he was alive again, and his whole body was warm.

Once the environment was comfortable and the spirit was relaxed, Feng Xuan fell asleep in front of the fire. In this sleep, he dreamed after a long time.

Maybe it’s because he had thought about it during the day that it caused him to dream about it during the night, the scene in Feng Xuan’s dream was exactly the time when he broke the Heaven Spirit Lamp in the Ninth Heaven, received the punishment and was demoted to the mortal world to experience calamity.

The divine being that had to experience his calamity, jumped down and fell from the azure river, his godhood concealed, his appearance was drawn back, his Mana was being absorbed, and became a mortal.

Not to mention the process of going through calamities, since it was a punishment, the status in the mortal world would of course be just as miserable!

One’s life was simply more bitter than bitter gourd.

Basically, not a divine being’s life at all.

The azure river’s waves in the dream were magnificent, surging in the boundless sea of clouds, and the turbulent immortal streams converged from all directions, forming a bottomless abyss in the middle, in which purple thunderstorms were intertwined, and the disharmony soared up above.

Zitong Xingjun, who was the deity in charge of human lives, put a flimsy Book of Fate in his hand, “Second Highness, it is extremely dangerous to go to the mortal world. With this Book of Fate, when you are reborn on that mortal Xiao Qi, you’ll be able to see his future. But remember, the Book of Fate cannot be violated.”

Before Feng Xuan could say thank you after taking the Book of Tate, the scene changed. The scene in front of him suddenly changed into the scene inside the Book of Fate.

In the endless chaotic sea where the demonic energy was rolling, a sword that reflected like a mirror was hanged down and its demonic blade was full of ghosts.

On the edge of the cliff, a young man with a panic-stricken expression fell to the ground and kept backing away until his back touched a boulder, and had nowhere to go. An extremely beautiful and handsome face was reflected in his trembling eyes. He was wearing the same style of wedding dress as his, the object of his wedding today, the predetermined immortal, his senior brother—Qi Zhuoyu.

(TL: Just to clarify, being registered or recorded as couples (Taoist couples) are equivalent to being married (mentioned in the previous chapters) but the actual marriage ceremony only happened later based on Xiao Qi’s Book of Fate)

Qi Zhuoyu forced him to a corner step by step, squatted down slowly, placed his one knee to the ground, then lifted his chin affectionately, with a gentle tone as if caring for a lover, but the words he said were extremely cruel, “Xiao Qi, your primordial spirit is so pure and clean that it is rare in the world. Only if you sacrifice yourself to my sword can I achieve my ruthless way.”

The young man’s body trembled even more, he curled up into a ball, tears rolled down, and his teeth chattered in fright, “But Master…….Master’s primordial spirit is also pure and clean…..”

The fingertips that the young man caressed on his chin paused, it suddenly pricked the flesh, and pierced a trace of eye-catching blood red.

Qi Zhuoyu’s crow-like eyelashes drooped, and he casually looked at the little Taoist companion. In the next second, there was a hint of playful pleading on his face, looking handsome and cruel at the same time, “Thus, Xiao Qi,”

Without hesitation, the sword cut open his soft abdominal cavity and smashed his primordial spirit.

In the eyes of the young man who couldn’t rest in peace, was the man he loved deeply, who only left a low and gentle sigh, “Only your life can be exchanged for the Master’s life.”

The gentle “Xiao Qi” in the dream was more terrifying than the death bell of the King of Hell.

Feng Xuan’s heart stopped beating suddenly, and he woke up with a start from the dream.

When he opened his eyes, he happened to meet Qi Zhuoyu’s line of sight.

The other party probably heard the movement on his side and came to check, “What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? 

As soon as I woke up, I saw the murderer in front of my eyes. You’re asking me what’s wrong?

If he hadn’t known Qi Zhuoyu’s cruel and murderous nature in the Book of Fate, just looking at his current benign and open hearted appearance, maybe he would really be deceived by this devil in human skin.

After leaving the dreamland, Feng Xuan’s heartbeat gradually calmed down.

He answered Qi Zhuoyu’s question, “I’m fine, I accidentally had a nightmare just now.”

The topic should end here.

After all, Qi Zhuoyu was a man of few words, and had little interest in him.

He’s just a plastic Taoist companion.

It’s okay to not be serious in doing things.

But what he didn’t expect was for Qi Zhuoyu to suddenly say, “What nightmare?”


No, Taoist friend, why are you so dedicated.

There are only the two of us here, who are you showing your meticulous appearance to?!

Feng Xuan was shocked by Qi Zhuoyu’s impeccable acting skills for a moment, and thought that if he didn’t cultivate immortality and instead go to an opera troupe to sing, he might become a famous actor.

However, he wasn’t stupid enough to tell him the plot in the Book of Fate, thus he picked one that was not very important, and said slowly, “I dreamed of marrying the senior brother.” (TL: the ceremony)

After he finished speaking, from Qi Zhuoyu’s silence, Feng Xuan seemed to realize that something was wrong.

Until Qi Zhuoyu sat up straight slowly, stared at him strangely for a while, then chuckled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. It wasn’t Feng Xuan’s illusion, his laughter was cold, and he too felt cold.

Qi Zhuoyu’s tone was inexplicably chilly, “So marrying me is actually a nightmare.” 

It would have been fine if he had said strange things.

But as soon as he spoke, something slowly popped up in Feng Xuan’s heart:??

What? You feel aggrieved?

Do you want him to draw out the written black and white paper inside the Book of Fate and paste it on your face now, the one who will pinch Xiao Qi’s neck in the future and say to him sullenly, “Every night of dual cultivation with you is a nightmare and it all makes me sick.”


It was written in the Book of Fate that the original owner not only had to endure the heart-wrenching pain of love poison every month in order to save Qi Zhuoyu, but it was also written that Qi Zhuoyu didn’t appreciate it. As long as he thought of the days and nights of dual cultivation with this cowardly and humble Taoist companion, Qi Zhuoyu’s handsome face would reveal a trace of gloom and disgust.

He is the typical kind of person who has done bad things but doesn’t want to be ridiculed or insulted.

Not taking responsibility after doing the deed, and after you put your pants on, you swear.

Just say what you want to say.

Every piece has been piled, but which one wronged you?!

Thinking of the plot in the Book of Fate, Feng Xuan came back to his senses.

He looked warily at the distance between Qi Zhuoyu and himself–isn’t it a bit too close?

Obviously before he fell asleep, the distance between the two was at least a foot away.

Yet now the corners of their clothes were almost touching together.

In the Book of Fate, the words “disgusting” and “feel like vomiting” Qi Zhuoyu said to him, were still in his ears.

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