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ABPSMB Chapter 2.1


Love Poison (part 1)

Fortunately, the time they looked at each other was not long.

The emotional torture caused by the ancient forbidden technique was not something ordinary people could bear, even Qi Zhuoyu, the youngest genius in the cultivation world, was only briefly sober for a moment.

In the next second, he closed his eyes and returned to the original appearance of falling in the pile of rocks, as if fainting.

Only his brows were still furrowed, as if he was enduring great pain.

All this happened so fast that Feng Xuan didn’t even have time to react, he was a bit unsure if Qi Zhuoyu saw him with that glance just now.

But to be honest, no matter whether he saw him or not, it was impossible for Feng Xuan to save him.

What will he do to save Qi Zhuoyu?

After he recovers from his wounds, will he send him to the west with a sword?

What’s more, it was written in the original owner’s Book of Fate that if he wanted to alleviate Qi Zhuoyu’s love poison, he could only do dual cultivation with him. As a little phoenix who had only lived 1,700 years and a big person that had never even held the hand of a female celestial in the Ninth Heaven, could he be willing to be taken advantage of by this heartless cheap man?

Besides, if he was cured, it would be his turn to suffer from the love poison that occurred on the fifteenth of every month.

Can’t help.

Even if you kill him, he won’t be able to help you.

After making up his mind, Feng Xuan acted as if he had never seen Qi Zhuoyu.

After drinking the water, he straightened up and prepared to leave this dangerous man without looking sideways.

As a result, as soon as he turned around, a moan came from behind Feng Xuan, “Ha…”

Compared to the silent groan a while back, the sound coming from now was a lot heavier, and it seems that the poison was more severe.

Huh? The poison aggravated, then isn’t it only more dangerous now?!

Feng Xuan hastily covered his ears, not listening to the bastard’s chanting, and walked faster.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion–

–but Feng Xuan felt that the moan behind him became strangely silent for a moment when he quickened his pace to leave.

And after that moment of silence, he felt that the voice behind him became a lot heavier, “Ah…..hmmm…”

It’s hard for Feng Xuan to ignore him, this person with a strong sense of presence.

Compared with the previous shallow groan, this void mountain and broken jade good voice now had a gentle and undulating tone, the ending sound was even like a small brush that touched people’s hearts and was extremely alluring. If the person in front was still the original mortal Xiao Qi, and if he heard such an emotional voice from his sweetheart, he might sacrifice himself on the spot in the next second!

But who was Feng Xuan? He’s an ancient divine phoenix, the king of all birds, his voice was so much better than this! He would not be easily bewitched.

Adhering to the principle that as long as he ran fast enough, Qi Zhuoyu wouldn’t be able to do anything to him, Feng Xuan made up his mind to play dead to the end and never look back.

Until the voice behind him went completely silent for a second.

As if his consciousness had finally awakened slowly, and as if he could not bear it any longer, Qi Zhuoyu’s hoarse voice sounded, as if hesitating, “Xiao Qi…is that you?”

Did you call out his name?

Can he say that he is not?!

Feng Xuan had no choice but to stop, pretended to be surprised and turned around, as if he had just only seen Qi Zhuoyu now, and his eyes showed that he was stunned, “Eldest senior brother, why are you here?”

At the same time, admiring himself in his heart–this young boy “me” is really good at acting.

Qi Zhuoyu coughed twice and sat up from the pile of rocks. He didn’t know how long he was unconscious inside, most of his brocade clothes were soaked, his long hair was also wet by the mist, and it was messily pasted on his temples or on his chin, which looked a bit indecent and wild.

That night when the love poison broke out, Qi Zhuoyu’s handsome and pale cheeks were stained with an abnormal flush, and his eyelashes that were as black as crow feathers drooped, casting a shadow. In terms of his appearance alone, Feng Xuan could probably understand why so many immortal maidens in the cultivation world flew to him like moths, scrambling to chase him.


But he knew that Qi Zhuoyu was a devil dressed in colorful skin, wrapped in highly toxic icing.

And under that beautiful and clear face was a rotten evil bone.

After a long while, the devil spoke, answering his question, “Last night when I was exploring the road, I was accidentally attacked by a monster, became injured and unconscious, and I think I fell down here.”

Although his voice was gentle, he stared at Feng Xuan slowly.

Such that, if he dared to have the slightest doubt, Qi Zhuoyu would immediately lift his sword and cut him down, killing him.

In the end, after waiting for a long time, Feng Xuan only replied dryly, “Oh.”

Qi Zhuoyu: “……..”

He didn’t seem to have expected Feng Xuan’s cold reaction, and the surroundings became quiet.

The originally undercurrent and tense atmosphere dissipated.

The chatter that had just started suddenly died down.

It wasn’t that Feng Xuan deliberately wanted the conversation to die down, it was that he really didn’t know how to answer.

Qi Zhuoyu’s nonsense, even if used to deceive ghosts, no one would believe it!

What kind of monster can sneak attack you, a cultivator at the “God Transformation Stage”. 

You can’t just be so perfunctory because the original owner looks like a fool with a bad brain, right?

Silence and embarrassment gradually spread.

Until Qi Zhuoyu clenched his fist against his lower lip and coughed lowly, breaking the silence again.

Only then did Feng Xuan come back to his senses.

After such a delay, Qi Zhuoyu’s injury seemed to have gotten worse, and a trace of bright red blood slowly overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

He stared at him.

Feng Xuan bowed his head resignedly, and walked towards the pile of rocks in a hurried manner.

“Eldest senior brother, you—”

–You are hurt, so don’t move, I will help you.

It’s just that he didn’t finish his sentence, when he just walked to the shore, Feng Xuan’s footsteps stopped instantly.

Qi Zhuoyu noticed something, those peach blossom eyes that were born with passion looked over, but the passion could not reach the bottom of the eyes, with careless precautions and temptations, he merely stared slightly.

The rock pile was located upstream of the creek, but the water was more than three inches deep. If he wanted to help Qi Zhuoyu, he had to go into the water. If he didn’t want to get his shoes and socks wet, they could be taken off on the shore ahead of time. However, the important thing was, the upstream water was only shallow, but the water was full of sharp stones. He didn’t know what it’d be like if he cut his feet if he stepped on it barefooted.

He thought about his smooth and immature feet.

Feng Xuan pondered about it for a second.

His tone paused, and he changed his words slowly, “…Can you crawl over by yourself?”

Considering that Qi Zhuoyu might not be able to stand up, Feng Xuan thoughtfully used the word “crawl”.

The sense of the picture was very strong.

Qi Zhuoyu’s expression changed suddenly.

He was vigorous just now.

Or does he still want to lie here until now?

After a long while, Qi Zhuoyu’s tone was calm, but Feng Xuan somehow sensed that he was almost fed up.

Although he was begging others for help, he couldn’t hear the attitude of asking for help at all, instead he only said coldly, “I am seriously injured and cannot walk, I’m afraid I have to trouble my younger martial brother.”

Although Feng Xuan already knew that Qi Zhuoyu’s beautiful and clear face was just a facade, and he didn’t know how cruel and evil his inner character was, at least he should pretend to be a bit like it, right? Don’t  you know that troublesome people don’t have such a bad attitude on the outside?

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