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ABPSMB Chapter 14.2


Reconcile (part 2)

The Huaying sword also flew up and down. Qi Zhuoyu noticed his silence and his expression became uncertain, and he said, “You’re feeling scared?”


Not bad. It’s just that seeing this scene made me feel a bit nauseous.

And that feeling of nausea came as soon as I said it.

The Huaying sword swayed back and forth, the original feeling of seasickness was really not good.

Feng Xuan shook his head, and endured it for a while. “Not scared, just feel a bit nauseous.”

Not expecting Feng Xuan’s answer, Qi Zhuoyu froze for a moment.

Then he immediately turned his head. Seeing his face was pale, the unpleasant memories of that afternoon in the flying boat flooded in. Qi Zhuoyu’s expression changed slightly in an instant, and he threatened, “You…..”

Feng Xuan: Silently swallowed back the feeling of wanting to vomit.

On the fair and delicate neck, the exquisite Adam’s apple slid up and down.

After a while, the Huaying sword swayed back and forth again.

I’m going to die, I really can’t help it this time.

Feng Xuan’s face was paler than before, and he looked at Qi Zhuoyu innocently, “Senior brother, I really want to vomit, I can’t swallow it anymore.”

Probably his description of “can’t swallow” disgusted Qi Zhuoyu. The next second, Feng Xuan saw him pull down a sachet from his waist that he didn’t know when he had hung up. The action was simple and rough, then he reached it out under the tip of Feng Xuan’s nose.

A clean and chilly mint flavor wafted across his face, diluting the desire to vomit.

Feng Xuan’s consciousness cleared up for a moment, yet he suddenly became somewhat confused.


When did the big devil hang a sachet around his waist? I haven’t seen it since the departure in the morning.

Besides the mint, there is also a herbal medicine in the sachet that specializes in treating seasickness, which is commonly used in the cultivation world.

Ka ka–!

He was killing them indiscriminately, all the monsters in front, not a single one of them was alive. Almost a unilateral crushing slaughter, no wonder he said he had no chance to pull his hair.

Feng Xuan once again saw the strength of the big devil, and thought to himself that he indeed had the ability to turn the world upside down in the future.

The Huaying sword was sheathed, and Qi Zhuoyu landed on the ground smoothly.

Feng Xuan sat on his arms during the whole process, perfectly like a pendant. He didn’t know what made his arms so hard, but his buttocks were hurting just from sitting on them.

As soon as Qi Zhuoyu landed, Feng Xuan wanted to jump down.

As a result, when his eyes swept across the ground, various types of plasma, skin, flesh, and internal organs covered the entire backyard layer by layer in a sticky like paste manner.

Feng Xuan felt that he’s a bit unable to jump.

Not only that, but with quick eyesight and quick hands, he frantically fished up the hem of his clothes and wrapped them in his arms. After stuffing his arms with crumpled-like ball hem, he took a glance at Qi Zhuoyu. He didn’t know what Qi Zhuoyu was thinking, there was no expression on his face, but he didn’t intend to throw him on the ground either.

Thus Feng Xuan took the big devil as his walking tool with peace of mind.

Once again enjoying the world in the eyes of an eight foot tall person. Feng Xuan waited until there was a clean place, and just jumped off of him.

As a result, the second he landed, an accident suddenly arose.

It was unknown when a faceless monster was neglected, and it also seemed to be of a high level. The face without facial features suddenly transformed into a woman’s facial features, and rushed out from a dark corner.

Qi Zhuoyu could have killed it with a single sword strike, but when he saw its facial features clearly, his expression froze.

Just in that daze, the faceless monster found an opportunity, and its sharp nails left a bloodstain on his arm. In the next second, the Huaying Sword shone brightly. It directly split the last faceless monster in half, and then its internal organs fell to the ground.

It wasn’t only Feng Xuan who was shocked by this scene.

Su Qingyan, who finally heard the movement, was also startled and then the cultivators went downstairs.

Seeing that the treasured disciple was injured, Su Qingyan frowned, and shouted eagerly, “Ah Yu!”

He was a practitioner of both wood and water spiritual roots, and was best at healing wounds. A faint green spiritual power gathered in Su Qingyan’s palm.

A medical practitioner should have better bandaging skills than his clumsy bandaging.

Feng Xuan lowered his head and glanced at the sachet in his hand, instead of stepping forward to join in the fun, he boredly kicked with his own toes.

The cultivators in the inn automatically divided into two groups, one to clean up the battlefield and the other to search for survivors.

As a result, they really found some imprisoned diners in the small kitchen in the backyard, but they were dressed in rags and looked more like beggars. They should be the refugees who fled to the barren mountains during the chaos of war.

When Feng Xuan was young, he was assigned to take care of these refugees.

From their mouths, he learned that the world had been in chaos for many years. Those faceless monsters were not natural monsters, but rather those who died on the battlefield and became homeless grieving souls. Because they didn’t remember their full names or where they live, therefore they also didn’t remember their appearances.

Unexpectedly, they became a monster without a name, but a simple and rude three character “faceless monster”.

Feng Xuan was lost in wonder.

One of the little beggars looked at him eagerly.

Feng Xuan scratched his head, took out a caramel from his small purse and put it in his palm. The little beggar, as if discovering a treasure, after licking it, couldn’t bear to eat any more. The few remaining children followed suit, all eagerly tugging at the corners of his clothes.

A few dirty handprints were printed on the cloud-patterned lotus-colored waistband, with circular decorative print silk’s straight surface. However Feng Xuan didn’t say a word.

After handing out the candies, Feng Xuan clapped his hands and prepared to go back to his room to sleep.

As a result, as soon as he looked up, he found Qi Zhuoyu standing alone in the farthest part of the backyard. The people around were moving the corpses of the monsters, yet the bustling sound couldn’t reach him at all. The bright moon was hanging high, and he seemed out of place and particularly lonely.

Feng Xuan wanted to pretend he didn’t see it, but he remembered when the last faceless monster attacked Qi Zhuoyu just now.

He could clearly see its transformed facial features, the appearance of a woman, and its eyebrows and eyes were somewhat similar to Qi Zhuoyu. High-level faceless monsters could transform into the appearance of their relatives to confuse people.

Aiyaa, let it pass.

Tonight, let’s send out compassion to the older youngster who has lost his footing.

Feng Xuan trotted a few steps and stood beside Qi Zhuoyu.

The other party glanced at him and said nothing.

Feng Xuan dug out the last piece of peach-flavored caramel in his small purse. He grabbed Qi Zhuoyu’s hand and put the candy in his palm, “Senior brother, I treat you to eat a candy.”

Qi Zhuoyu frowned, feeling sticky and greasy and wanted to throw it away directly.

Feng Xuan’s almond eyes were curved, and his voice was clean and sweet, “If you eat my candy, we will be reconciled.”

As if consulting it with him–just one piece of candy to write off the cold war of these past few days.

The young man tilted his head, slightly bent down, and looked at him from the bottom up, his amber eyes were shallow, “Is that alright.”

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