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ABPSMB Chapter 14.1


Reconcile (part 1)

With a bang, the door was opened.

A faceless monster who knocked on the door with “thud thud thud” didn’t expect this scene, and still maintained the posture of knocking on the door. 

Qi Zhuoyu’s face was gloomy.

The faceless monster…although there were no facial features on its face, Feng Xuan was stunned to actually see a shocked expression on its face.

What is going on with humanity nowadays?

Not playing cards according to the routine? (TL: means not acting according to a well-planned set of plans, and doing things against the routine)

Hateful. He is not afraid at all.

This is a monster, a man-eating monster! One that will take one bite at a time to a child with delicate skin and tender flesh like himself!

The faceless monster was only shocked for a moment.

Feng Xuan, with this almost provocative behavior, the hatred was simply almost pulled steadily.

The faceless monster dressed as the waiter threw away the wooden tray in his hand and started killing!

Then it just died.

Feng Xuan had seen monsters who died quickly, but never seen monsters who died so quickly. There was an almost unbelievable “crack” sound there.

The faceless monster didn’t even realize what happened, under the severe impact of lightning, it turned into a pile of black slag and fell to the ground. Died without a whole body, he couldn’t even spell it together.

I feel like it should have a few more seconds of role in the play.

It should have shouted out a sentence like “Elder brother, give me a chance to be rescued!”

Feng Xuan turned his head, the perpetrator was still sitting on the couch, motionless, and extremely calm.

But there was still the strong spiritual power in his hand that had not dissipated.

Feng Xuan had a premonition.

He felt that the big devil should be in a terrible mood now, and it was very likely that he would be the one who would be broken into pieces in the next second.

The courage that had swelled up from wanting to make a fuss just now, suddenly disappeared a little bit.

He quietly observed the expression of the big devil.

Seeing Qi Zhuoyu’s unpredictable face, staring at him.

Feng Xuan remained silent for a few seconds, feeling that he should make two last words according to the occasion.

Thinking about whether to thank his father emperor for giving him the opportunity to experience death this time, or thanking his senior brother for the one-stop crematorium that would directly turn him into ashes.

Qi Zhuoyu’s pair of sparkling peach blossom eyes moved, and he buckled another spiritual power critical strike in his hand.


Come on, really?!

Before Feng Xuan had time to scream out, he suddenly felt himself being pulled into Qi Zhuoyu’s arms by a strong force. The moment his body soared into the air, a big hole instantly opened up on the floor of the room, and a new faceless monster emerged from it. If he had left just a second later, Feng Xuan could guarantee that he would have been dragged down and decapitated by now.

But he couldn’t think much at present.

The whole person was almost sitting in Qi Zhuoyu’s arms.

It was only when he came back to his senses that he realized this outrageous embrace.

What kind of posture is this, a father holding his daughter, can’t he do like holding a beautiful princess posture to hold him?!

Moreover, this posture is really unstable!

Especially when Qi Zhuoyu flew outside the room, the Huaying sword came out in response to the sound and was now suspended in mid-air. When Qi Zhuoyu stood atop the sword, he was originally tall and slender, and Feng Xuan, who was sitting in his arms, was elevated higher. He glanced at the ground in fear, it was at least thirty meters away. 

I want to miserably close my eyes, very good, now I’m starting to be afraid of heights.

Feng Xuan withdrew his hopeless gaze, and hugged Qi Zhuoyu’s neck tightly in obscurity.

Qi Zhuoyu looked irritable, “Blocking the line of sight.”


He has a high cultivation level and is reasonable.

Feng Xuan secretly observed the place that he could use as a support point.

In the next second, his hands changed into silently grabbing Qi Zhuoyu’s hair. 

Wow, very slippery.

Qi Zhuoyu gave him a cold look.

Feng Xuan pretended not to see it, and slowly looked away. Hold on tighter with both hands, expressing the appearance of the desire to survive.

The atmosphere felt frozen for a second.

Feng Xuan opened his mouth in a low voice, and sincerely promised, “Senior brother, be at ease. If there’s a fight in a while, I promise I won’t pull your hair.”

Qi Zhuoyu curled his lips into a smile, “I’m afraid you won’t have this chance.”

Feng Xuan: “?”

Soon, Feng Xuan understood what Qi Zhuoyu meant by these words.

Just now his eyes hadn’t adapted yet to the darkness outside, now contemplating and taking a look, he realized that the backyard of the inn was densely packed with the faceless monsters he saw just now. There were men, women, and even minor children. All of them were dressed in normal people’s clothes. It looked strangely familiar to Feng Xuan. Suddenly, he remembered those diners in the afternoon in which only their backs could be seen.

Were they all monsters?

Wait, have they entered the base camp of these faceless monsters?!

In the next second, the necks of these monsters stretched out suddenly.

The distance of thirty meters was shortened in an instant, Feng Xuan could even see their bloody mouths. 

A very ‘uncomfortable to the eyes’ skill!

In the next second, a thunderbolt bursting with spiritual power suddenly appeared in the air. It was like moving a violent storm from the clouds to the ground. Under the thunderstorm, the heads of these faceless monsters were like grapes, crushed and exploded under Qi Zhuoyu’s spiritual power.

A bloody mist wove out in the air, various human tissues with white plasma flew randomly, brutal and bloody outrageous. The bodies collapsed in layers, like a purgatory on earth. Qi Zhuoyu looked down from a high altitude, heartless and without desire, just like an Asura.

Feng Xuan was shocked by this scene.

In actuality, during the time of descending to the mortal world, he had already spent quite a lot of time with Qi Zhuoyu.

Although the word “big devil”, these three characters often hang on the lips, but he had never seen Qi Zhuoyu kill someone.

Moreover, Qi Zhuoyu always self-mutilated before, always making himself appear tattered.

Feng Xuan thought he was a dreg with only five fighting strengths. Unexpectedly, the descriptions in the Book of Fate were all true. 

(t/n: a dreg with only five fighting strengths-generally used to describe the meaning of low combat effectiveness, lack of ability, etc. or stupidity)

Qi Zhuoyu’s callousness, cruelty, and ruthlessness, here, were vividly reflected in this moment.

Qi Zhuoyu once again crushed and exploded a human head.

Feng Xuan felt that he no longer wanted to drink grape juice in a short time.

Those monsters were killed one wave after another, their long necks dragged their heads, flying wildly in mid air.

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