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ABPSMB Chapter 13.2


Rebellious (part 2)

It was made from the trunk of the Jianmu tree, which was said to grow on the edge of weak water, and could float even on weak water. 

(t/n In ancient times, many shallow and turbulent rivers could not be crossed by boats but only by rafts. The ancients believed that the water was too weak to carry boats, so such rivers were called weak waters. Later, weak water was gradually used in ancient literature to refer to dangerous and distant rivers.)

Ordinary flying boats could only carry four or five people, Misty Immortal Mansion was indeed the number one sect in the cultivation world, since the flying boat in front of him could accommodate at least a hundred people. At a glance, many buildings and lofty pavilions could be seen on the boat, also with a gorgeous singing platform, it was extremely luxurious. It looked like a small castle in the air, with cranes and auspicious clouds surrounding below, and was abundant in spiritual energy.


Feng Xuan, who was still a little depressed at first, completely put that bit of unhappiness behind him.

I have seen the scenery of the Ninth Heaven for 1700 years, and I am already tired of seeing it for a long time.

Everything in the mortal world made me curious.

Until he saw Qi Zhuoyu standing in front of the flying boat.

The curious gaze was interrupted immediately.

They hadn’t seen each other for two days, but Qi Zhuoyu didn’t seem to have changed much.

Perhaps because he was going to Chang’an that he changed out of the black robes he usually wore, and now he was wearing a raven-blue red-gold Kesi upper garment, holding down the dark patterns of pine and cypress, with a smoky colored chiffon thin cover. The high ponytail was lowered, and only a plain jade hairpin was used to tie the back, making him look like an idle prince in the mortal world. There were no other embellishments, except the divine sword Huaying that was hung around the waist. 

(t/n Kesi-Chinese silk tapestry)

It was just that plain. His complexion became fairer, shoulders wider and waist narrower, making him more handsome.

Feng Xuan had to admit that even if he had seen all kinds of ancient gods in the Ninth Heaven, none of them was as handsome as this big devil in front of him.

Looking at each other, Feng Xuan was a little embarrassed. He felt that he should take the initiative to break the silence.

After all, there were still several days left on this journey, and if he wouldn’t be able to, he might just offend the big devil.

Just when he was about to praise Qi Zhuoyu’s clothes today, the flying boat flew out at full speed. 

Feng Xuan:?

He was completely unprepared.

After flying for less than five seconds, the thought of flattering was instantly forgotten. Feng Xuan couldn’t control himself and hugged the railing, and then along with the “wow” sound, he became dizzy and vomited profusely.


How did he not realize that he would still get seasick!!

Feng Xuan felt that he could still be rescued.

After vomiting for a while, he looked up at Qi Zhuoyu with difficulty, and when he wanted to speak, he continued to vomit again.

Repeating it several times, Qi Zhuoyu’s complexion could no longer be described as gloomy. 

If it weren’t for the other people on the boat, Feng Xuan really doubted that he would be thrown off the flying boat by Qi Zhuoyu right now, dead without a whole body.

When the stomach was completely vomited, the flying boat had already landed on a barren mountain.

Feng Xuan thought that the flying boat would go directly to the destination. When he got off the boat, he heard the two accompanying cultivators complaining.

“Why did we stop here? Aren’t we going to Chang’an?”

“I don’t know either. Only heard that Senior Brother Qi called for a stop.”


The big devil called for a stop.

Feng Xuan took a look at the place where there was no village and no store available in front of him.

According to Qi Zhuoyu’s trouble-loving personality, even if he wants to make trouble, this poor place wouldn’t do any major event either, right?

However, they still stopped.

If not, if they really had to drive all the way to Chang’an, his internal organs would be vomited out by himself.

In contrast, an embarrassing thing happened, because the number of rooms were limited, he could only stay in the same room as Qi Zhuoyu.

During a cold war, what to do if I still have to stay in the same room as my plastic Dao companion?

Waiting online. Very urgent.

Even if Feng Xuan wanted to open his mouth to find something to say at this time, just thinking of himself vomiting in front of Qi Zhuoyu on the boat, he knew that he had offended him thoroughly. Cleverly shutting up, he obediently followed Qi Zhuoyu into the room on the second floor. Qi Zhuoyu seemed to be too lazy to pay attention to him. After entering the room, he sat on the couch directly, gazing at the diners and waiters downstairs, as if he was thinking about something.

Feng Xuan quietly took a look, all were of people’s backs, what’s so nice to look at? However, considering Qi Zhuoyu’s personality and thoughts that were already difficult to guess, let’s give up speculating!

Qi Zhuoyu also didn’t seem to have any intention of troubling him, Feng Xuan breathed a sigh of relief in an instant. He kicked off his lambskin boots and climbed onto the bed, found a comfortable position and was ready to sleep.

There is nothing that cannot be solved by sleeping. 

If it doesn’t work out, then you’re not getting enough sleep.

After sleeping till it was dark, Feng Xuan woke up hungry.

His stomach let out a growl, he sat up from the bed, messy hair due to sleeping, with a bunch sticking out in all directions, and was muddle headed.

The room was very quiet, Qi Zhuoyu was still sitting on the same spot when they came in a while ago.

It seemed like it had been so long, without a single movement.

Feng Xuan took out a small mirror and tied his hair back, wanting to pass some dinner into the room.

There was a food menu on the table, Feng Xuan laid down in front of the table, picking and choosing what he wanted to eat.

Qi Zhuoyu’s voice suddenly sounded from the cold room, this was the first sentence he said tonight, “Do you want to eat something from here?”

Feng Xuan looked at him and nodded while being muddle headed.

If hungry, it’s essential to eat.

Who is like you-already on the God Transformation Stage and can do bigu? (TL: Bigu or Inedia-Not eating grains.)

Nevertheless, he understood that Qi Zhuoyu also wanted to eat, therefore he politely asked, “Senior brother, what do you want to eat?”

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