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ABPSMB Chapter 13.1


Rebellious (part 1)

Qi Zhuoyu seemed to be angry again.

When Feng Xuan realized this, two full days had passed since the last time the big devil went berserk.

In the past, even if Qi Zhuoyu didn’t return to Zhujian Xiaozhu, he would occasionally use the pass jade token to inform him.

It was a kind of magic tool of communication in the cultivation world, almost everyone had one in hand. As long as it recognized spiritual consciousness, one could simultaneously pass on messages.

This time two days had passed.

Feng Xuan’s pass jade token remained silent.

But he didn’t take it to heart either.

Originally, living the leisurely life of a noble widow in Zhujian Xiaozhu was his small goal for himself. Now that there was a Wutong tree in the yard, the quality of life had skyrocketed. Every day was about eating, sleeping, reading idle books, and dreaming back to the divine days in Ninth Heaven.

Senior brother? What Senior brother?

Can it be eaten?

Besides, the big devil’s temper is really bad.

Temperamental, he doesn’t know when he’ll provoke him again.

He wanted to be so idle, but reality was very cruel.

Just when Feng Xuan was about to eat a little meat for his flat stomach, someone came from Qingyun Peak.

When Ah Bao hurriedly came to inform him, Feng Xuan was also a little surprised.

For no other reason, although Feng Xuan was Qi Zhuoyu’s Dao companion in name, no one in Misty Immortal Mansion took him seriously. There were no acquaintances at all.

Let alone people from Qingyun Peak coming to find him, even the lowest mountain peaks would not have cultivators to come and find him.

Besides, the person who came to look for him was none other than Qi Zhuoyu’s master, Su Qingyan.

Feng Xuan’s first reaction was: It can’t be true. Is the big devil’s lover finally coming to get rid of his wretched wife?

When Ah Bao was so anxious that she was spinning around, he was still in the mood for fantasizing things in his mind. On such an important harem tearing occasion, should he dress a little more grandly?

As a result, there was no time to change clothes.

The cultivator who conveyed the message pushed the compass and arrived at Qingyun Peak in the next second.

Revisiting the old place again, Feng Xuan came with familiarity and ease.

When he jumped off the compass, the cultivator who conveyed the message gave him a strange look.

It was said that Senior Brother Qi married an unremarkable Dao companion, and was very mediocre.

But when he met Feng Xuan today, he was a little surprised. Although senior brother’s mate in appearance was a little ordinary, his temperament was pure white and clean, and wasn’t afraid of crowded scenes and expressing his inner thoughts. Even walking into the Langhua Hall was just like strolling around.

Even an inner disciple like him would feel a little in awe when walking into the Langhua Hall.

The cultivator who conveyed the message suddenly thought of Feng Xuan’s eyes, almond sweet round eyes, which were also crystal clear.

Before leaving, he also politely said “thank you” to him. What kind of sachet was he using, he stared blankly at it, it smelled like tender peaches newly grown in spring.

It’s not that Feng Xuan didn’t feel the gaze of the cultivator just now.

It’s just that His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince who grew in the White Jade Palace and was respected by many, the first beauty voted by the creatures of the Three Realms, had already met too many of such lines of sights, and was used to it.

Upon arriving at Langhua Hall, Feng Xuan found that Su Qingyan was not the only one inside.

There were three familiar people in front of him, Su Qingyan, Ji Fangxin, and the head of the sect, Yue Tingyuan. In addition, there was another man with a white hair and a childlike face. Feng Xuan, although he didn’t know him, but the Book of Fate in his sea of consciousness had already given him the answer. It was Situ Xingnian, the founder of Misty Immortal Mansion. Seeing Feng Xuan coming in, he looked over, but his phoenix eyes remained indifferent.

Is it reasonable that the patriarch looks younger than the head of the sect?!

Before Feng Xuan came, several people got together to talk things through.

After he entered, the voices in Langhua Hall disappeared.

After all, these people were the backbone of Misty Immortal Mansion at first glance, how could he, an outer disciple, know about the things they discussed.

Feng Xuan greeted several people step by step, and then pretended that he didn’t understand why he was called here.

Just act.

He’s close to Qi Zhuoyu’s superb acting skills and is super good at it.

In fact, Su Qingyan didn’t call for him, Feng Xuan also knew that this plot in the Book of Fate was coming soon.

In the original owner’s Book of Fate, it was written that one month after the big test in Misty Immortal Mansion, the imperial palace thousands of miles away sent a jade plate asking for help. It turned out that the same monster attack happened in the Daming Palace of Chang’an City, the capital where hundred schools of thought were unified. Judging from the emperor’s description of the monster, it should be the same monster that attacked during the Misty Immortal Mansion’s big test. This time, it was several princes and important court officials who fell asleep, causing panic in Chang’an City.

In the mortal world, the imperial power and the divine power were very closely combined.

In addition, the current emperor was Qi Zhuoyu’s uncle, be it emotionally or morally, the Misty Immortal Mansion couldn’t ignore this matter.

As a result, the head of the sect decided to let Su Qingyan take Ji Fangxin and Qi Zhuoyu to Chang’an together.

Originally there was no Feng Xuan.

But Situ Xingnian, not knowing how to think that Qi Zhuoyu still had such a transparent Dao companion, therefore mentioned that he should take Feng Xuan with him. The head of the sect originally wanted to object, after all, Feng Xuan lacked labor exercise, and was only good as being a pendant in the Misty Immortal Mansion, it would be embarrassing for their Immortal Mansion if he took it out.

It could be guessed that Qi Zhuoyu and Xiao Qi being companions up to this day, it was because both of them simply recognized each other’s spiritual consciousness.

As for those three matches and six engagements, and worshiping the heaven and earth wedding banquet, there was no way to do it. After all, he disdained Xiao Qi’s identity. Nevertheless, in any case, Qi Zhuoyu was regarded as a serious Dao companion. He always asked Qi Zhuoyu to bring him back to Chang’an before, which could also be regarded as bringing the wife to the husband’s family for the first time.

(t/n three matches and six engagements or three letters and six rituals.-The “Three Letters” refer to the documents exchanged during the process of engagement. The “six rituals” refer to the procedures from courtship and matchmaking to marriage.)

Thinking of this, the head of the sect comforted, “Xiao Qi, don’t worry. Going to Chang’an this time, Zhuoyu will definitely protect you on the way.”

Feng Xuan was not worried about this.

He was a little embarrassed to say it.

Will Qi Zhuoyu really protect him?

The big devil seems to be in a cold war with him recently.

Whether Feng Xuan was willing or not, he, a little cannon fodder, had no place to speak.

Less than a day after the head gave the order, the flying boat from Misty Immortal Mansion to Chang’an in the mortal world was ready to go.

Arriving at the gate of Misty Immortal Mansion, Feng Xuan looked up and saw everything of this painted boat.

In the world of cultivation, there were many instruments that could be used by cultivators to fly. Apart from immortal swords and compasses, the common larger travel instruments were these painted flying boats.

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