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ABPSMB Chapter 12.2


Put to Sleep (part 2)

The window of the east wing was open, facing the Wutong tree where Feng Xuan was resting.

A Hu bed was placed under the tree, and his cheap little Dao companion was sleeping in it soundly.

Qi Zhuoyu calmed down for a moment, suddenly he didn’t want to kill anyone.

He pushed open the door and walked straight towards Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan woke up again, he was pushed awake by Qi Zhuoyu.

He fell into a drowsy sleep and didn’t know how Qi Zhuoyu ran out. But before he could see his face clearly when he opened his eyes, he frowned at the strong smell of blood.

Upon closer inspection, he had no idea how it became like this, but the big devil’s clothes were in disorder, and his arms were covered in blood.

At this moment, it was still dripping down bit by bit along the fingertips with distinct bone joints.

Feng Xuan was stunned.

What happened to Qi Zhuoyu? Didn’t he lose his temper and just throw things in the east wing?

Did the big devil fall onto something in the room, did he throw himself on the ground and fell back and forth?

How could such an embarrassing thing happen?

After Qi Zhuoyu pushed him awake, there was no movement.

There was a bit of silence between the two, but Feng Xuan felt that he should say something, so he said, “Senior brother, why are you injured again?”

That’s right.

It’s “again”.

It’s only been a month since he came down to the mortal world, and Qi Zhuoyu got himself seriously injured at least three times already.

What kind of self-abuse personality is this?

Qi Zhuoyu however gave an irrelevant answer and instead asked while looking down. “How can you sleep?”

The listening Feng Xuan: “?”

The tone of Qi Zhuoyu’s speech was almost the same as that of the teaching elder giving a lesson in Shangqing School.

It’s just that the teaching elder always scolded him with a tone of dissatisfaction of the expected person not living up to expectations and not making progress: “How can you sleep at your age!”

Why can’t I sleep?

Is there anything wrong with having a good sleep quality?

But Qi Zhuoyu definitely wasn’t suddenly dissatisfied with the expected person not living up to expectations and was not making progress.

Sure enough, in the next second, he heard Qi Zhuoyu coldly say, although he smiled, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

Feng Xuan: “……..”

Fellow Daoist, have you really completely stopped pretending in front of me now??

What about the eldest senior brother that was calm, bright and very beautiful?

Hurry up and pick up the gentle character design!!

He could tell, Qi Zhuoyu tortured himself into an inhuman figure, and seeing that he was sleeping well, he simply came to pick quarrels.

Feng Xuan, like a god forgiving the offenses committed by a person of low moral stature, decided to forgive his bad temper like a father forgiving his son.

He replied honestly, “Not afraid.”

Qi Zhuoyu stared at him and Feng Xuan explained, “It’s no use being afraid. I can’t beat Senior Brother.”

Haha, a good god does not suffer from immediate losses.

After the calamity and when I return to the Ninth Heaven, I will hang you up and beat you.

Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t understand him.

He had killed many people, bullied his own people, or perhaps a personal enemy. Everyone was afraid of death. When death comes, these people either kowtow and beg for mercy without dignity, or cry bitterly and become incontinent in fear.

There had never been a man like him.

The boy’s almond eyes were bright, and he raised his head to meet his gaze. The bottom of his eyes were terribly clean.

Qi Zhuoyu withdrew his gaze and sat on the Hu bed instead.

When Feng Xuan slept on the bed alone, there was still ample space left, but when he sat on it, he felt a little crowded.

Of course, this was not the most important thing.

The important thing is that the big devil’s hands are still bleeding! The little blanket on his bed was just newly changed today!

Noticing Feng Xuan’s gaze, Qi Zhuoyu realized something, he calmly waved his sleeves, and brought out a green healing spell.

The bloody right hand healed instantly, and even those hideous wounds became invisible.

Feng Xuan was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly realized belatedly.

Wait, you can heal your wounds yourself? Then why did you bother me to change your dressing every day??

Forget it, he’s angry but he’s also reasonable.

Feng Xuan thought that he would have to rely on Qi Zhuoyu to pass the calamity in the future, therefore he asked kindly, “Senior brother, are you in a bad mood today?”

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t speak.

Feng Xuan accepted it as acquiescence, took the initiative to move his little blanket to the side, and surprisingly vacated a space. “Then you can sleep here for a while. I usually sleep for a while when I’m in a bad mood. After I wake up, I’ll have a meal, and my mood will improve.”

Qi Zhuoyu sneered, obviously full of contempt for his nonsense. But thinking of Feng Xuan’s peaceful sleeping face just now, he didn’t know why but he suddenly wanted to give it a try.

He really laid down and almost squeezed Feng Xuan under the Hu bed.

But his head still hurts, and it hadn’t improved at all, like a raging flame burning on the dry and cracked and scorched earth.

Qi Zhuoyu felt that he was really out of his mind, that he would actually believe this little trash’s nonsense.

Just as he was about to get up, Feng Xuan thought that he was already asleep, thus he covered him with a blanket, and then across the blanket, he patted him on the chest. When he was young, and when he cried and refused to sleep, this was how the father emperor patted him. He was simply imitating and following his example.

Pat, pat, very lightly and slowly.

It’s like being put to sleep.

For some reason, the pain in the consciousness seemed to have been alleviated while his eyes were still closed.

After a long time, Qi Zhuoyu suddenly said, “No one has ever coaxed me to sleep like this.”

Feng Xuan didn’t expect that he was still not asleep yet, thus he became startled, and then asked in a low voice, “Senior brother, don’t you even have your parents?”

Qi Zhuoyu nodded, for some strange way, he was looking forward to his answer.

Feng Xuan said: “Oh.”

He comforted him and then said, “That’s all right. Later on, you can treat me like your own father.”

Qi Zhuoyu:?

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