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ABPSMB Chapter 12.1


Put to Sleep (part 1)

It didn’t take long for Feng Xuan to move the Hu bed from his west wing room and put it under the Wutong tree. (TL: Hu bed-a kind of lightweight seat that can be folded in ancient times)

It was a foldable armchair, and it spreaded out just enough for him to sleep alone, with some space left.

Ah Bao cleverly set up a small table on the side.

On it was Feng Xuan’s favorite juice, and a few stacks of snacks.

The master and the servant, one was lying down and the other was sitting, each holding a bowl of grape juice and drinking it fervently.

Halfway through drinking, the sound of all kinds of porcelain breaking into pieces came from the closed door of the east wing, and the crashing was very loud.

Ah Bao glanced worriedly, it was the room where Qi Zhuoyu stayed.

Just now seeing Senior Brother Qi walking in with a gloomy expression, she couldn’t help but whisper, “Master, Senior Brother Qi, is he okay? Shall we go and have a look?”

Feng Xuan put down the bowl, and licked his lower lip. “No need.”

What are you going to have a look at? Are you going to the east wing to give away your head?

Qi Zhuoyu just had a violent aftermath of the love poison, and his headache had gone berserk.

According to the Book of Fate, this ancient love poison was really powerful. Even if the original owner devoted himself to detoxifying Qi Zhuoyu, he still couldn’t get rid of the remaining poison, let alone Feng Xuan who hadn’t devoted himself yet. 

Whether a mortal or a celestial being, all had seven emotions and six desires. The threads of emotion of love were all over the body’s meridians and viscera, and extracting it was easier said than done. Once it’s unable to be extracted thoroughly, the leftovers would become love poison. Love poison would penetrate into the primordial spirit, the heart and affect people’s emotions.

In short, Qi Zhuoyu was in a bad mood right now, out of control, and smashing things indiscriminately.

Wait until he’s done venting.

Naturally, he’ll recover.

Anyhow, his temper is already bad.

Feng Xuan slandered in a low voice.

Ah Bao was still a little worried, listening to the increasingly loud, ear splitting noise, and said in a low voice, “But going on like this is not the solution either……”

 Feng Xuan nodded, “Definitely not a solution.”

Ah Bao became delighted, “Master, are you going to see Senior Brother Qi?”

Feng Xuan didn’t hear her words, but instead muttered and took out two earplugs and stuffed them into his own ear. “It’s so noisy, how can I still sleep?”

The big devil’s love poison attack was just a small matter.

But it would be a big deal if this celestial being couldn’t sleep well in the afternoon.

Thus insert earplugs, and the world had indeed become really quiet.

Anyway, he will be beaten when he goes, so it is better to stay quietly by himself.

A salted fish must have the consciousness of a salted fish.

In the east wing, the ground was in a mess.

Vases, broken wood, overturned tables and chairs, they were scattered in various places.

On the desk.

Qi Zhuoyu suddenly propped up his hands on the top, making a muffled “thud” sound.

His brows were tightly furrowed, his face was pale, and his temples were damped with thin sweat. The man’s skin was already fair, which only made his lips more blood red at present, like a demon that crawled up from hell.

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t expect that this ancient forbidden technique would be so powerful, relying on his own cultivation alone could not suppress the spread of the love poison.

Everything in front of him began to get out of control, and before he knew it, the space in the east wing suddenly distorted and changed, gradually turning into a scene of fire.


There were fires spreading everywhere.

Screams, cries echoed ear-piercingly around Qi Zhuoyu.

Countless burnt unrecognizable servants ran past him, almost anyone who’s close could smell the scent of burnt flesh and blood.

Qi Zhuoyu suddenly took a step back in shock, and suddenly bumped into a hard chest.

He turned around abruptly, and immediately saw a tall middle-aged man in front of him, wearing a court uniform of the current dynasty, when suddenly a big hole opened up in his chest, blood gurgled and he bled profusely.

The man’s voice was old and hoarse, with glaring round eyes staring at him with malice. “Ananda…Ananda…you killed me…you killed me!” 

(t/n: Sanskrit “Ananda”, translated as “happy”, “celebration”, “Happy”, also said “no stain”. Ananda was born with a good appearance, his face was like a full moon, his eyes were like blue lotus flowers, and his body was as pure as a mirror. He was born on the day when the Buddha became enlightened. He was even more happy, so he said: “Today is good luck, it is a day of joy.” And named him “Ananda”.)

Qi Zhuoyu’s heart suddenly went numb for a moment, and his whole body began to tremble. He listened to the voice and subconsciously lowered his head, only to see that he was holding a bloody dagger in his hands.


He threw away the dagger and grasped his head tightly. 

It hurts so much, it feels like his head is about to explode.

“It’s you!”

As soon as the scene changed, the fire in front of him suddenly disappeared.

A few children in brocade clothes stood on the long palace corridor, under the green tiled vermillion wall, and stood in a circle around him. He looked at his own hand, which had also become the size of a child’s palm.

“It’s you!” Said one of the children in a sharp voice: “You fucking little bastard with no mother!”

“It was you who killed your mother! It was you! You little bastard who is unknown whether a human or a monster!”

“No.” Qi Zhuoyu’s back tensed into a line, and his breathing became short.

Eager to defend himself, he quickly raised his head, unexpectedly, one of the children picked up a sharp stone on the spot and forcefully threw it at him.

In the next second, Qi Zhuoyu felt a flush of red in front of his eyes.

The pain instantly awakened his sanity, and all the surrounding sounds and the palace walls began to disappear, and it became the appearance of the east wing again.

It was the biggest vase in the room that made the “crashing” sound just now, which was almost as high as an adult man’s shoulders. He accidentally smashed the vase in the hallucination caused by love poison, and was sitting in a pool of debris at the moment.

Qi Zhuoyu had one leg bent, while holding a piece of porcelain with sharp edges in his right hand. He seemed to be thinking about something, he didn’t speak for a long time, and just remained silent.

In the next second, he crushed the porcelain vigorously.

Then scarlet blood instantly spread from the crevices of fingers into strands of blood, forming a pool on the ground.

Anxiously wanting to kill. When wanting to kill someone, he will just look for a place and find someone to kill.

Just when he stood up and was about to implement his idea, there was suddenly an imperceptible hint of peach fragrance in the air.

Mixed in the smell of blood, it was obviously not so clear.

But he still caught the direction in which it floated in that second.

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