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ABPSMB Chapter 11.2


Giving Hairpin (part 2)

In the mirror, the wooden hairpin was inserted straight on the hair bun, 一like a pillar holding up the sky, like an inserted stick of incense.

“…..” Feng Xuan felt that looking at it more would be torture.

Outrageous. Is he some kind of straight male primary school student? (TL: immature straight male)

The aesthetics of the big devil turned out to be 360 degrees of completely dead angle and toxicity.

Out of the excellent virtue of courtesy and reciprocity, Feng Xuan finally took out his small purse and bought the piece of jade that Qi Zhuoyu didn’t buy, planning to give it to him sometime later.

It’s just that for the next few days, Qi Zhuoyu never returned to Zhujian Xiaozhu, nor did the two meet each other.

Feng Xuan was not interested in what the big devil was doing all day long.

Qi Zhuoyu was the proud son of Misty Immortal Mansion, he was different from a salted fish like him who has nothing to do all day long.

Otherwise, how was he able to kill his wife to ‘gain enlightenment’ of the Dao?

He was that unlucky “wife”.

In the past few days, Feng Xuan didn’t go to Shangqing School to study because the teaching elder was so angry that he asked for leave.

He found something to do for himself in Zhujian Xiaozhu.

The wooden hairpin that Qi Zhuoyu bought for him before was a pair, except for the hairpin made from the Migu Tree, the other piece was made from Wutong Divine Tree.

Feng Xuan’s true essence was Phoenix. According to ancient legends, the phoenix does not live in it unless it is a Wutong tree, and does not drink unless it is from the sweet spring. After leaving his Qifeng Palace for so long, except for the Wutong crutch last time, however, it was still a dead Wutong tree after all, this was the first time he had seen a living Wutong tree.

He found a small wooden shovel, chose a good place in Zhujian Xiaozhu’s yard, and planned to plant the Wutong tree.

There was a section of the blue slabstone road going down the mountain outside, stretching without end, which was the direction where the sun rose. With enough light, his Wutong tree would surely thrive.

Feng Xuan just took the small wooden shovel and dug a hole.

It’s just that he was lazy and sluggish, and didn’t concentrate on digging the pit. Thus it took two days to create a few small pits the size of a palm.

On the last day of completion, Feng Xuan always felt that he had forgotten something.

Just as he buried the Wutong tree in the small pit, patted after filling and leveling the soil, when he looked up, he suddenly saw Qi Zhuoyu appearing at the entrance of Zhujian Xiaozhu.

But Qi Zhuoyu’s expression was very strange.

Normally, he could still be called with the words ‘wind and the moon’, but now his expression was almost gloomy. His whole body exuded the violent aura of wanting to kill.

Feng Xuan originally intended to give a perfunctory greeting.

Seeing this situation, those who could clearly recognize the situation were outstanding people, thus he reduced his sense of existence.

According to the Book of Fate, although Qi Zhuoyu had a cruel personality in the later generations, committed innumerable murders and acted outrageously.

But it was not indiscriminate killing. For example, if others do not provoke him, he would not take the initiative to provoke others.

Just as he thought of this, Qi Zhuoyu’s sullen voice came from above his head, “What are you doing?”

…..As agreed that the big devil won’t take the initiative to provoke others?!

Feng Xuan squatted on the ground to fill the hole, raised his head and answered honestly, “Plant trees.”

Qi Zhuoyu seemed unable to understand him, and his cold and frozen expression added a hint of hesitation. “Plant trees?”

He glanced at the bare ground.

What kind of tree is he going to plant?

Cultivators plant trees for nothing more than two purposes.

One is to wait for the divine tree to bear the fruit of heavenly spirits and earthly treasures. The other is to use the material of the divine tree to refine a peerless divine weapon.

Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes were cold, “Do you want a magic weapon?”


Linking both their top and bottom answers, Feng Xuan really didn’t understand how Qi Zhuoyu came to this conclusion.

He said truthfully, “No. I want to plant a tree to enjoy its cool shade in summer.”

That is if I can live until summer.

Qi Zhuoyu’s expression froze strangely again, “You just planted it now, it may not be able to sprout in summer.”

At the same time, Feng Xuan finally remembered what he had forgotten these days.

It was said in the Book of Fate that although Qi Zhuoyu had temporarily cured the poison of love, the poison had already spread through his meridians, and he would go crazy and kill people from time to time. The first time he’d go crazy was today.

No wonder Qi Zhuoyu looked so pale.

In the Book of Fate, his appearance of madness was vividly visible, his primordial spirit could not find peace, and was tormented with a splitting headache. Originally, the mortal Xiao Qi stepped forward and cared for him, but he was critically hit by his spiritual power, and his accidental injury turned into a serious one.

Thinking of this, Feng Xuan’s mood suddenly turned sour, and he became a little silent.

Qi Zhuoyu suddenly felt very irritable, and with a “tsk”, thunder and lightning suddenly appeared in his right hand, and his spiritual power surged. With a sound of “boom——”, the spiritual power wrapped in the primordial spirit was poured into the Wutong tree that had just been buried in the soil.

In an instant, time seemed to be fast-forwarded.

The bare land in front of him was suddenly covered with new green shoots, and then a Wutong tree stem sprouted out. The stem became bigger and thicker, and countless branches stretched in all directions, and luxuriant branches and leaves blossomed in clusters. In just a few tens of seconds, a towering Wutong tree appeared in the originally empty space, which needed three people to embrace.

The wind blew through the leaves, and rustling sounds came.

Feng Xuan was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Qi Zhuoyu withdrew his spiritual power and immediately looked at him.

Feng Xuan quickly stared at him vigilantly, thinking: he would dunk me with a lightning strike in the next second, right?

As a result, Qi Zhuoyu just only stared at him for a few seconds.

He then went to the room without looking back, and suddenly, only Feng Xuan was left in the yard.

Terrible. Why didn’t the big devil go mad and beat him up?

Why is this different from what is said in the Book of Fate?

But seeing the towering Wutong tree in front of him, Feng Xuan’s mood improved in the next second.

Yay. Today I can enjoy the cool shade under the tree!

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