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ABPSMB Chapter 11.1


Giving Hairpin (part 1)

Ah. The most admired senior brother.

Who the hell wrote it exactly?

Feng Xuan really wanted to tear off the cultivation journal and stick them on his face, then stomp on them hard twice, to see if his thick skin could be thinned out a bit by being stepped on. But when he heard the word “buy clothes”, he miraculously calmed down again.

There is nothing that buying whatever you like can’t solve.

If it doesn’t solve the problem, then it means you haven’t bought enough.

Feng Xuan immediately went to the classroom to pack the things on his desk into the storage bag.

Qi Zhuoyu followed behind him, and walked in slowly with his arms folded.

He had not been back to Shangqing School for several years, and the last time he came back was the day when he was just brought into Misty Immortal Mansion by an elder of the outer sect. Later, he practiced in the Shangqing School, and his speed of progress was by leaps and bounds. He showed a rare talent at a young age, and it didn’t take long before he joined as Su Qingyan’s disciple.

The corridors of the Shangqing School were wide and winding, various buildings were carved with jade, and wisteria, pines and cypresses adorned between the cliffs, and the mists of crane spirits were all over the place, which complemented each other. Feng Xuan’s classroom was at the end of the corridor of Shangqing School, surrounded by a cliff, facing the rising sun on one side, and the gloomy mountain on the other. He didn’t have much to pack.

Lecture notes and textbooks were placed neatly on the desk, a small mirror the size of a palm and a handful of unfinished pine nuts. There was also a pillow for sleeping and a small stove under the desk.

Although Qi Zhuoyu could guess the purpose of the pillow and the small stove.

But he didn’t want to guess.

He looked up at Feng Xuan’s position.

It was in the farthest corner of the entire classroom, just against the cold mountain wall. After simply standing for a while, he could feel the cold air rising up in waves.

Feng Xuan efficiently packed his things into the storage bag, and he didn’t forget to stuff the paper that scored the lowest in the last exam into the drawer. Taking a sneak peek at Qi Zhuoyu, he felt that his genius-minded Dao companion wouldn’t be able to accept this eye-damaging examination paper.

Then he suddenly heard Qi Zhuoyu say, “This is the position you chose yourself?”

Feng Xuan didn’t know why Qi Zhuoyu suddenly asked him this.

But the positions in the Shangqing School were already occupied by everyone who got up early, and the other cultivators that were diligent and eager to learn crowded in front, he was the only one who came to sleep every day. This position, he couldn’t say that he had chosen it himself, but it was definitely an opportunity that was usually not encountered.

“No.” Feng Xuan said truthfully.

You didn’t choose it yourself?

Qi Zhuoyu’s bandit logic went online: Then, it was forced by others.

Feng Xuan’s cultivation base was low, and the cultivators in Shangqing School were used to seeing normal people as inferior.

Qi Zhuoyu came here in the same way, but he became stronger very quickly, and the people who bullied him had already died due to various terrible accidents in recent years.

“Since you didn’t choose it yourself, choose another one you like today.” Qi Zhuoyu frowned.


Feng Xuan was shocked, and hurriedly said, “Forget it, senior brother.”

Qi Zhuoyu looked at him, “Why forget it?”

Feng Xuan replied honestly, “Such a good place to sleep, I won’t be able to find another place like this inside the Shangqing School.”

Qi Zhuoyu paused and stared at him for a few seconds, then gave him a cool smile.

In the next moment, he closed his eyes and turned around, ignoring him.

Feng Xuan saw that he seemed to be angry again, but he really didn’t understand.

Why does this big devil always do whatever comes to mind, is him sleeping in class hindering him?

When he left the Shangqing School, the teaching elder was no longer seen at the door.

After all, the teaching elder had just returned from leave and scolded himself for indulging in love, but in the next second, Qi Zhuoyu and himself showed a wave of affection in front of him. Seeing that he had poisoned his once most proud disciple, he didn’t know if the teaching elder would get angry at him again.

But his chaotic thoughts quickly faded away.

Qi Zhuoyu said to bring him to buy beautiful clothes this time, and it really was beautiful clothes.

There was still a big difference between Duobao Pavilion during the day and night.

Compared with the bright lights at night, there were fewer people during the day, and everyone was stepping on various compasses and immortal swords, flying up and down the cliff. (TL: Compasses-is a tool used for Feng Shui detection.)

It’s just that although there were few people, many people still recognized Qi Zhuoyu.

And when they saw Feng Xuan beside him, the expressions on the faces of everyone could be described as wonderful.

It turns out that the legendary super talented senior brother really married a weakling mortal with mediocre aptitude and mediocre looks!!

Feng Xuan was speechless.

Although he’s just a weak small person who hasn’t reached the foundation building period and doesn’t know how to read minds, you people are so close to having the words “average qualifications and average appearance” written on your face. He’s not blind, wouldn’t he want to save his face?

But soon, the beautiful clothes diluted his depression.

This time, Qi Zhuoyu finally didn’t use his aesthetics of violence to forcefully fry his eyeballs. From the beginning to the end, he played the role of a domineering mute senior brother who was “buy whatever you like, okay okay, spoil you, it’s all up to you.” Feng Xuan couldn’t help but admire Qi Zhuoyu’s acting skills.

Yesterday, he was still complaining about his lack of dedication to his acting.

Today, the persona of the ‘character like wind and moon’ senior brother is back online.

一Along the way, passers-by looked at him in the wrong way.

一Feeling remorseful and regretful towards Senior Brother Qi, it was like seeing a beautiful flower stuck in cow dung. (TL: a beautiful or talented woman married to an ugly or untalented husband)

He had been exhausted from taking care of Qi Zhuoyu these past few days, since he promised to buy clothes for him, Feng Xuan didn’t intend to treat himself unfairly.

On the ninth floor of Duobao Pavilion, he bought all the exquisite cassocks that could be named, and stuffed them on his storage bag to the brim. (TL: cassock- taoist robe)

The last stall sold portable magic tools.

Feng Xuan glanced at it, and was not very interested.

He was only going to let it rot as he was going to return to Ninth Heaven after a year, and it didn’t seem to be of much use to have these magic tools.

When the cultivator who sold magic tools saw Qi Zhuoyu, he knew that he was a big customer, so he immediately rushed over to recommend. Qi Zhuoyu, who was carrying his elegant and noble demeanor, was unable to get away for a while.

There were pearl and jade necklaces, jade pendants, hairpins and beads strings on the stalls.

The cultivator who sold the magic tools immediately took out a piece of high-quality white jade, which was shining brightly, “Senior Brother Qi, this is the treasure of this one’s stall, and it is definitely worthy of you!”

Feng Xuan took a look and also felt that it matched Qi Zhuoyu well.

Doesn’t he have “jade” in his name? (TL: Qi-woe, Zhuo-carve, Yu-jade)

As a result, the moment he saw the jade pendant, Qi Zhuoyu’s expression changed subtly, and he firmly said, “No.”

He had a superb memory, and the content of the novel “Senior Brother is Above and I am Below” suddenly appeared in his mind, and Leng Mingaotian’s magical sentence of “He fucking stole it” began to broadcast infinitely in his divine consciousness.

It was rare for Qi Zhuoyu to act fiercely outside, thus the three of them were all taken aback.

After speaking, he realized that his tone was a bit heavy, and coughed dryly.

He glanced at the stall, and fell in love with a wooden hairpin made from Migu tree.

Without saying a word, he picked it up and glanced at Feng Xuan’s hairstyle today. His hair was tied into a small bun behind his head.

Qi Zhuoyu held the wooden hairpin and inserted it forcefully from top to bottom, forming a new hair ornament.

Feng Xuan, whose head shrunk an inch due to the force, had a confused expression on his face.

Qi Zhuoyu crossed his arms and made a satisfactory comment, “Acceptable.”

Just like all men who didn’t like to go shopping with their wives, he left directly after paying spirit stones and his speed was a bit like running away. Feng Xuan felt that it was just his own illusion.

He picked up the small mirror and glanced at Qi Zhuoyu’s masterpiece.

Thinking of the straight male’s way of inserting the hairpin just now, from top to bottom, those who didn’t know would think that he wanted to penetrate the top of his skull. ( TL: straight male-think and act more directly)

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