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ABPSMB Chapter 10.2


Journal (part 2)

Fifteenth day of October, cloudy.

Taking five classes in a row in the morning, it extremely drove one to death. In the afternoon, the teaching elder asked for a leave, which was a great joy.


Sixteenth day of October, sunny.

Still in a bad mood. Life is really bitter! It makes no sense. Just sleep well at night.


Nineteenth day of October, heavy rainfall.

A new teaching elder came this morning and asked me to announce every time he came in. I said: “The teaching elder is here.” He ignored it. Coming again on the next day, I said, “Here comes the teaching immortal gentleman.” Ignored again. Come the third day. Calling him elder was no good, calling him immortal gentleman was also no good, thus when I announced his arrival: “The one who came the day before yesterday, the one who came yesterday, and the one who’s coming today.”

Seeing this, Qi Zhuoyu was already trembling with laughter, and almost couldn’t hold the cultivation journal in his hand.

In the small, quiet room in the west wing, he laughed silently, with pinched brows, and trembling shoulders. Eventually, the peach blossom eyes were no longer like a pool of stagnant water, but were now alive.

After laughing enough, he raised his head, and happend to see Feng Xuan who was sleeping on the coral couch across from him.

All the homework was thrown to him to write, while the other fell into a drowsy sleep. Pressing against a pillow with tangled branches and cloud patterns, squeezing out a lump of cheek flesh.

Under the candlelight, he looked even more immature.

In just a few chapters of the cultivation journal, it seemed that through the text, he could see the picture of Feng Xuan in class.

It was raining outside, the young man was dressed neatly and lovely, held his face in both hands, and nodded sleepily over and over as time went by. When waking up suddenly, there would still be red marks on his cheeks from being pressed on the textbooks, then he would hurriedly pick up a book and pretend to be listening to the lesson.

Qi Zhuoyu laughed silently, and drove the picture out of his mind.

Feng Xuan turned over, his sleeping position was extremely bad, and the thin blanket on his body slipped to the ground. Qi Zhuoyu picked it up and threw it on him. There was a book on the ground that had fallen along with the blanket.

He doesn’t even bother to do his homework, but unexpectedly reads a book during his rest?

Qi Zhuoyu raised his eyebrows, a little curious about what book he was reading, picked it up and flipped through a page:

“Senior brother, you have hung your little brother on the city wall for three days and three nights in the sun!”

Leng Mingaotian curled his lips into a cold smile, his thin lips had an evil and ruthless charm, “Oh? Then does he know he was wrong?”

“Junior brother Shangxue passed away the next day, and a jade pendant fell from him, which was the one you have been looking for for ten years…”

Leng Mingaotian’s heart tightened suddenly, he became so angry that his eyes were about to pop out, “He fucking stole it!”

Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t understand it, but he was greatly shocked.

Slowly closing the book, it revealed its name: “Senior Brother is Above and I Am Below”.

He stared at Feng Xuan speechlessly, as if he wanted to figure out what was going on in this little trash’s mind.

After watching for a while, Feng Xuan furrowed his brows, his round face wrinkled, clutching his heart, and said in the nightmare, “Senior Brother……”

Qi Zhuoyu paused.

Feng Xuan, with closed eyes, sobbed softly, “I really didn’t steal the jade pendant…”

Qi Zhuoyu: “……”

Quite immerse.

Looking at the book in his hand again, Qi Zhuoyu felt that it was outrageous. In his heart, did he actually have this kind of image? The other almost did not recognize these eighth characters; demon, radical and ultraconservative, and “Leng Mingaotian”. (TL: QZ  meant the translation of Leng Mingaotian, which were Leng-cold, Meng-dark, Ao-arrogant along with demon, radical and ultraconservative, composing eight characters. Well not really eight characters because Chinese becomes different when translated to English)

After a long while, Qi Zhuoyu sat up straight, and opened Feng Xuan’s cultivation journal.

Picked up the pen and started writing.

Feng Xuan slept until dawn, and when he woke up, he was not on the coral couch, but on the bed.

The homework books were stacked neatly and were placed on the desk.

He hurriedly put on his shoes and got out of bed, flipped through his homework, and found that all of them were unexpectedly finished.

Feng Xuan sighed. The big devil really deserves to be the rare genius in the cultivation world, he can even finish the three-day homeworks in one night.

Glancing at the room, Qi Zhuoyu was no longer there.

Compared to before, Feng Xuan was not so afraid of him now. He found that Qi Zhuoyu, the big devil, was like a big cat whose whereabouts were erratic. He couldn’t be seen all day long, and came and went like a shadow. He’d come and leave whenever he wanted and at present, he didn’t seem to have the intention of killing himself.

Such being the case, he laid down flat more confidently.


After packing up the storage bag, Feng Xuan went to Shangqing School as usual to attend class.

When he arrived in the classroom, no one greeted him when they saw him coming, Feng Xuan was already used to this kind of contempt and ignorance.

Anyway, a year later, Qi Zhuoyu will make a big move and send everyone to the road together. (TL: FX meant afterlife)

Perhaps I can be a companion on this Huangquan Road. Of course, excluding myself. (TL: refers to the road that people take when they report to the underworld after death)( FX mean he can be a companion in sending everyone to the road)

It’s just that when he walked to the edge of his desk, he was surprised.

The very hard cedar pear desk was covered with soft and thick cushions, which he only had, and no one else.

Feng Xuan was confused, but sitting down was much more comfortable.

The morning class ended soon, and when the class was over, the teaching elder began to collect the students’ cultivation journals.

Feng Xuan had an expert to help him, thus when handing in the homework, his back was straighter than usual.

Who knew that the moment the cultivation journal was handed in, and as soon as the teaching elder looked it up, his face suddenly changed.

With a “bang”, it was thrown back into Feng Xuan’s arms.

The elder blew his goatee, and he glared at him angrily, “You! A cultivator who doesn’t cultivate diligently, how can you indulge in love all day long! Shameless!”

Feng Xuan’s face was bewildered when being lectured.

He lowered his head and glanced at his cultivation journal, the latest one was the chapter that Qi Zhuoyu helped him write last night:

20th day of October, sunny.

Had dinner with my senior brother tonight. After dinner, I discussed my homework with my senior brother. I feel that my senior brother has a brilliant literary talent and a magnificent and unparalleled charm. He has a good character, is patient and gentle, tutors me with my schoolworks, and treats me well and considerate. Xiao Qi really admires his senior brother too much!

He didn’t read the rest.

Just seeing the words “good character” and “patience and gentle”, Feng Xuan’s eyes turned dark.

Do these eight characters have a copper coin relationship with this big devil? (TL: good character, patience and gentle is eight characters overall in Chinese. Not sure about copper coin, but since it also means “to have luck’ or “be lucky”, then luck in relationship?)

Also, Xiao Qi really admires his senior brother too much???

You! Have! No! Shame!

Feng Xuan had never seen such a brazen person.

It’s not the end yet, there was still one last sentence.  He wanted to see what else Qi Zhuoyu could write.

The last sentence at the end:

Senior brother said, he’ll take me to buy beautiful clothes tomorrow.

Feng Xuan was taken aback.

In the next second, the cultivation journal was pulled away from behind by a large hand with distinct joints

Feng Xuan subconsciously turned around, raised his head, just in time to see Qi Zhuoyu. From the bottom to top perspective of death, it was incredibly handsome. He blurted out, “Why are you here?” (TL: FX meant the perspective of someone lying down while being killed, looking up)

Qi Zhuoyu raised his eyebrows, and glanced at the last line of the cultivation journal.

With half a smile, he said slowly, “Didn’t you write it yourself, the senior brother you admire the most promised today to take you to buy beautiful clothes.”

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