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ABPSMB Chapter 10.1


Journal (part 1)


Blow what?

Feng Xuan didn’t understand.

Just as Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t understand his brain circuit, Feng Xuan also couldn’t understand the bewildering behavior of the big devil.

The confusion in Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes was only for a moment.

Before Feng Xuan could react, he returned to his usual indifferent appearance.

Feng Xuan discovered that since the last time he said that the big devil was fierce, the other seemed to have started to not care and let the bad things develop themselves in front of him, he didn’t even pretend to have a clean and honest character. 

Is this really okay? Anyhow, I used to praise you for your professionalism.

Feng Xuan saw that Qi Zhuoyu had put on his coat, and thought to himself that the other should have nothing to do with himself right now.

He thought he was going to leave, but as a result, after Qi Zhuoyu put on his coat, he sat on the coral couch without moving, staring at Feng Xuan with a very strange expression.

It took a long time before he spoke, “What do you want?”

Feng Xuan was silently reciting numbers in his heart and waiting for Qi Zhuoyu to leave.

Hearing this sentence suddenly, a question mark appeared in his head. “What?”

Qi Zhuoyu repeated, “I ask you what you want.”

Based from Qi Zhuoyu’s cognition from childhood to adulthood, it’s telling him that there would be no good things without a reason in this world.

The imperial uncle spent countless gold and silver treasures to build this huge mansion for him just to obtain the secret of immortality. Master Su Qingyan cared and taught him carefully because he was his most proud chief disciple, which also contributed to his reputation. The Misty Immortal Mansion itself provided infinite resources, also because he was a free living signboard. (TL: representative character)

In this world, some people come for their own abilities, and some people come for their own body or health.

It was precisely because he was profitable for them, that Qi Zhuoyu got used to getting something in return when he was very young.

No profit, not getting up early. (TL: A metaphor for doing something for profit.)

He didn’t believe that there were people in this world who don’t want anything.

There would be no one who’s nice to you for no reason.

Hearing this, Feng Xuan was at a loss.

What else could he want? He wanted him to crawl away right now, he’s really sleepy.

But he couldn’t just directly tell Qi Zhuoyu to scram, thus he politely refused, “Senior brother, I don’t want anything.”

 Who knew that Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes were even more puzzled, “Impossible.”

In the next second, Qi Zhuoyu evoked a sneer slightly, “In this world, everyone has their own greedy desires. The emperors in the world dream of ascending in the daytime and live forever, the officials in the government and the opposition long for supreme power, and the people in the countryside want countless gold and silver treasures. And these, I can easily help them achieve all of it.”

So what? 

Feng Xuan was confused when he heard it, but Qi Zhuoyu paused after he finished speaking–does this mean that he needs to take the conversation?

He doesn’t know what to say either, well, nothing can go wrong in praising.

Therefore he gave two thumbs up. “Wow. Senior brother is awesome.”

Qi Zhuoyu’s expression was almost frozen, a little confused, but he did not give up and continued, “What about you? Don’t you want anything?”

Feng Xuan didn’t speak but Qi Zhuoyu spoke again, with a low voice, and approached him.

He had a dignified and beautiful appearance, with peach-blossom eyes full of affection that was slightly raised under the candlelight. His handsome face was suddenly a little enchanting, as if bewitching. “You have helped me, the world’s natural resources and earthly treasures, supreme status, as long as you ask for it, I can do it all.”

Feng Xuan’s expression moved slightly, a bit dazed.

A hint of sarcasm flashed in Qi Zhuoyu’s eyes, and he chuckled lightly, but it was definitely not a relaxed laugh, it was a wicked and aggressive laugh.


He was nothing more than this.

In the next second, Qi Zhuoyu smashed down the stack of homework books in front of him.

Bang bang“, the sound was very loud, raising a thin layer of dust on the desk.

Feng Xuan released a sigh and said, “Then help me finish writing all this homework.”

Qi Zhuoyu “deserving of a beating” wicked smile froze at the corner of his mouth.

He slowly glanced at the homework books that were stacked up to the height of his waist.

There was silence.

Qi Zhuoyu’s expression was still frozen, feeling that this matter was a bit absurd, he looked at Feng Xuan and said, “This is what you want?” Feng Xuan nodded cutely upon hearing this.

He looked at the homework books covering the desk.

Feng Xuan also felt that what he wanted was a little too much, but it was not his fault, it was all because the teaching elder arranged too much!

He explained in a stuttering voice, “Senior brother, if you think it’s too much, you can write less.”

He didn’t know where Qi Zhuoyu was provoked again, but the big devil turned expressionless, opened the homework book suddenly, and said coldly, “No need!”

Very fierce.

Feng Xuan curled his lips, he had never seen such a masochistic person as Qi Zhuoyu.

It’s okay to abuse yourself physically, but how can you also abuse yourself mentally?

Do you like helping others with homework so much?

All right, then I can only let you write hard enough.

With this writing, an hour passed without realizing it.

Feng Xuan was a little embarrassed at first, thus he obediently sat next to Qi Zhuoyu and helped him by grinding ink, being extremely attentive. As a result, after less than a quarter of an hour, his hands became sore. Seeing that Qi Zhuoyu was writing seriously, he quietly took the plate of candied green plums leftover from dinner, and laid on the coral couch to read a storybook.

Unknowingly, the stack of homework books on the desk became half less.

Qi Zhuoyu was indeed the proud student of the teaching elder, he could write homework quickly and was also smart. By the time Feng Xuan became muddle headed, he still worried that Qi Zhuoyu’s answers would be all correct, which would not fit his scumbag personality, so he quickly reminded, “Senior brother, don’t write everything correctly, those nine chapters arithmetic problems, write a few wrong lines, otherwise the teaching elder will know that I asked someone else to write it.”

Qi Zhuoyu sneered when he heard this.

Although the brain is stupid, there’s more cleverness in trivial matters. If he works hard in cultivation, he may have already formed a core.

Most of the homework was done, and only the cultivation journal assigned by the elder remained.

Cultivators were different from the young masters of ordinary mortal families. Ordinary people learn the Six Arts to write articles; intellectual or artistic explorations for the imperial examination. Cultivators pay more attention to the method of cultivation, cultivation of one’s moral character and the cultivation of mind, thus there was a specialized course that records one’s daily experiences and insights.

The cultivation journal was the subject matter of this course.

Feng Xuan wrote it for less than half a month, and he had no idea what kind of insights his salted fish self could have in the daily cultivation.

Qi Zhuoyu didn’t have the slightest idea of violating other people’s privacy, and directly opened Feng Xuan’s journal:

First day of October, sunny.

Getting up at five o’clock in the morning to study, and not going to sleep until midnight. What cultivation, this is human suffering in the world. I don’t want to live anymore.


Second day of October, sunny.

Sitting all morning, my butt hurts from sitting. Why are the chairs in the Shangqing School not upholstered? I hate it to death.


Third day of October, torrential rain.

What fucking kind of rain is falling, the wind is extremely strong, clothes became dirty. Don’t want to live, don’t want to die either.


Sixth day of October, rain.

Remembering the pile of ugly clothes that senior brother gave me, it hurts my eyes, thus I discarded them. (Note: Is there a problem with senior brother’s aesthetics?)


Qi Zhuoyu’s hands flicking through the book paused.

No wonder I didn’t see him wearing those clothes, it turns out that he thought they were ugly.

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