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ABPSMB Chapter 1.2


Descend to the World (part 2)

In the next second, Feng Xuan took out a blanket from his storage bag, wrapped it around his body slowly to keep warm, and continued to explain, “After all, it’s raining so heavily, and I didn’t bring an umbrella.”

How can he go out ah?

The death of the senior brother is just a minor matter, but if this supreme immortal’s newly bought clothes get wet, then it will be a major problem. He would rather not let that happen. Thank you very much.

Be unreasonable and imposing.

After all, he was a Royal Highness, the most noble prince in the Three Realms, like pearls and treasures in the Heaven Realm, and raised by all the immortals.

He must not absolutely allow himself to suffer while enduring hardships even a little bit.

He heard Ji Fangxin say, “Is this person really an outer sect disciple? Why is he more delicate than the eldest son of the Sect Master? Can’t even get wet with a little rain?!”

Ji Fangxin had been in love with Qi Zhuoyu since he was a child, and he hated Feng Xuan, this lowly outer disciple. Seeing that the life and death of his sweetheart was unknown outside, while this Feng Xuan, Qi Zhuoyu’s real Taoist companion, was in a good mood, turned a deaf ear about his husband, still wrapped in a blanket, even daring to go to sleep!

The anger that had subsided suddenly burst into his heart, and he was about to pull out a whip to strike. But just as he touched its handle, on second thought, the expression on Ji Fangxin’s face suddenly became strange, he paused for no reason, and had a plan in his mind.

Eldest senior brother’s life or death is uncertain at this moment, since this outer disciple is not going to look for him, why don’t I go look for eldest senior brother alone? If I can save eldest senior brother’s life, or share his trouble’s, and also let him fall in love with me…….

Ji Fangxin’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated for a moment.

He raised his chin, snorted coldly, and said with a haughty expression, “If you don’t go look for him, then I’ll go by myself!”

Before leaving, Ji Fangxin left a sentence in disgust, “I really don’t know why eldest senior brother would marry such a heartless, vicious villain like you!”

After Ji Fangxin left, the cave became more and more dead silent.

Feng Xuan wrapped his blanket tightly with peace of mind. 

It was really not that he was fickle and ungrateful, but because he knew that Qi Zhuoyu was fine.

After all, he didn’t completely succeed in using the ancient forbidden arts to extract his lingering affection. This lingering affection was unable to thoroughly break away from his primordial spirit, and instead became a poison. On the 15th day of each month, this poison would break out, and could only be relieved by having intercourse with others.

Calculating the time, it would be tonight.

Moreover, it was also stated in the original owner’s Book of Fate that he had already gotten himself emotional by Qi Zhuoyu at this time, and was willing to dedicate himself to relieving his poison. Even Qi Zhuoyu couldn’t bear the poison caused by the ancient forbidden arts, not to mention him, who was merely an ordinary person. Thus, in their every dual cultivation from then on, the original owner would suffer heart-piercing pain every fifteenth day of the month, which made the already unhappy married life worse.

Thinking of this, Feng Xuan laid down even more confidently. After all, not all people would want to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their husbands.

This poison of love, whoever loves who would be poisoned.

Feng Xuan’s time in the mortal world was not long, moreover he had not yet adapted to living a life as a mortal.

In addition, he was an ancient divine phoenix, and his life was fire, but the spiritual root of the original owner was ice, which made him particularly afraid of the cold.

When he woke up again, he was woken up by the freezing cold.

The bonfire in the cave had been extinguished and only black charcoal was left. The rainstorm had stopped at some point, and it was already dawn outside.

The barren hills looked less terrifying during the day than at night.

Feng Xuan’s body had low spiritual power and had not yet practiced Inedia. He was trapped in the mountains for a day and a night, and now he was tired and thirsty. After resting for a while, he was ready to go out to find some sweet spring water to quench his thirst.

Not far from the cave, there was a clear stream, the water was crystal clear that he could even see the bottom, and the taste was also sweet, but it was still far worse than the Liquan in the Nine Heavens. Liquan was made by his father and the power of the Three Realms. It was unknown how many rare plants or minerals with special effects had been made, but just one drop could make a mortal become immortal.

And his usual playmates, Si Ming, Yue’e, Senior Brother Jing Yu…

Thinking of this, Feng Xuan felt a little sad.

Especially after drinking the water, the water reflects his current ordinary face, with thin eyebrows and almond eyes. Probably because he was still young, there was still some baby fat on his cheeks, and he could only be praised as delicate and cute. 

Compared with his original face, which was hailed as the most beautiful in the Three Realms, the difference in appearance was more than one hundred and eight thousand miles apart.

Now, Feng Xuan’s inner grief was at least ten times more real than his true feelings just now.

It’s alright, just take things as they come.

Feng Xuan packed his storage bag and was about to leave this place.

However, at this moment, a faint groan suddenly came from the pile of rocks not far away, tinged with imperceptible lust.


The voice was like a void mountain and broken jade, though low-pitched, it was extremely alluring, making people want to have a look at the source of the voice.

The early morning fog hadn’t dissipated yet, Feng Xuan’s eyesight was poor, and he could only vaguely see a young man in white clothes lying on top of the pile of rubble. 

Even though he could only see the young man’s hazy figure, the Qi around him was noble and unparalleled, making people feel fearful.

For some reason, with just this one glance, Feng Xuan felt a bad premonition inexplicably in his heart, and this premonition became stronger and stronger.

It was already past midnight, and the poison should have already alleviated.

You can’t be so unlucky, that he’d caught you early in the morning, right?!

It’s a pity that things didn’t develop according to what he wanted. The next second, the young man at the pile of rocks suddenly opened his eyes and met his sight.

Those were a pair of unforgettable peach blossom eyes, it was full of undulating clear water, and it was like a whirlpool that would suck one’s soul into the depths. Later, it was also these same pair of peach blossom eyes that would look at him coldly and condescendingly, like piercing his heart with a sword.

The owner of these peach blossom eyes was none other than Miaoxian Mansion’s eldest senior brother, Qi Zhuoyu!

At the same time, the curse-like voice in the Book of Fate resounded in Feng Xuan’s mind:

“Xiao Qi, only your life can be exchanged for Master’s life.”

Help! Fate!

Is it absolutely necessary to suffer from the poison of love?!

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