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ABPSMB Chapter 1.1


Descend to the World (part 1)

It had been raining all day and night.

Winter started early this year, but he had never seen such a heavy rain. The night was like spilled ink, thunder tore through the sky, and a bolt of lightning fell, illuminating the quiet cave.

The sound formed by the wind and rain outside the cave was like wailing ghosts and howling wolves, which set off the deathly silence inside. The bonfire that had been burning for two days was about to go out, only sparks crackled quietly, and two teenagers sat beside that fire.

One was dressed in light yellow brocade clothes, while the other was only wearing coarse cloth uniformly provided by the cultivation world.

After a long while, the young man in brocade clothes couldn’t sit still anymore, he stood up and said, “Eldest senior brother hasn’t come back for so long, something must have happened! We’re simply sitting here and not looking for him, are we waiting for immortals to come and save him instead!”

When Feng Xuan, who was lying on the ground, heard this, he thought to himself: Laughable, even if immortals come, he can’t be saved. Because I myself am the immortal.

This was already the second day that Feng Xuan was demoted to the mortal world.

Facing the dark and uneven cave wall, he sighed faintly. He still didn’t understand how this dignified Royal Highness the Prince of the Heaven Realm, who was under one god and above ten thousand immortals, by just simply breaking a small spirit lamp in the Heaven Realm, ended up with a punishment of being demoted to the mortal world?

Simply a single trip down to the mortal world. After coming down, he was reborn to a mortal body, he had no idea how difficult this catastrophe he would have to go through!

All the previous calamities of the immortals had their fates, and only by completing the plot written in the Book of Fate could they be counted as successful in their calamities and return to the Heaven Realm. Otherwise, the end would be ashes and smoke and eternal reincarnation.

Feng Xuan’s identity in the mortal world was an outer disciple of Miaoxian Mansion, and his pseudonym was Xiao Qi.

The original owner was an ordinary person who wanted to have good looks but no talent, to have talent but no strength, mediocre in appearance, mediocre in aptitude, and mediocre in all aspects, he also didn’t even have a serious name.

Just because the master picked him up from under the seventh tree in the mountain gate, he was named Xiao Qi and arranged to be a sweeping disciple in the Miaoxian Mansion.

The scene in front of him was not unfamiliar, Feng Xuan had read the Book of Fate of this mortal before he descended to the mortal world.

It was written in the Book of Fate that tonight would be the final day of the Miaoxian Mansion’s big exam. The original owner and the brocade-clothed young man in front of him accidentally strayed into the secret realm, got separated from other disciples, and were trapped inside a cave.

Falling into the secret realm together with them was Qi Zhuoyu, the chief disciple of Miaoxian Mansion, who was also the eldest senior brother in the mouth of the young man in brocade clothes. Before the time to burn a whole stick of incense, when Qi Zhuoyu saw that the rain was getting lighter, he took the initiative to leave the cave to explore the way, but who knew he wouldn’t be coming back until now.

The young man in brocade clothes turned around in a hurry, looked down and saw Feng Xuan sitting in the same place with not a care at the least, a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes, “A mere outer sect disciple like you who can take part in the martial arts exam, it’s all because of the light of the eldest senior brother! Now that the eldest senior brother has been away for a quarter of an hour, why are you not worried at all?!”

Hearing this, Feng Xuan sneered coldly.

Worried about Qi Zhuoyu? He might as well worry about his own life.

That’s right, only the top 50 outstanding inner disciples in the sect could take part in the Miaoxian Mansion Exam. And the original owner, this sweeping disciple, was able to take part with him tonight, it was all thanks to Qi Zhuoyu’s credit.

Besides that, it was also because the original owner and Qi Zhuoyu were destined to practice Taoism and become immortals, they were born to be each other’s Taoist companion. Unless one party’s soul flew and scattered away, otherwise they would not be separated for life.

If the stories of all people in the world could be written into a storybook, then Qi Zhuoyu was definitely the well-deserved hero in that storybook, and the original owner was the cannon fodder passer-by that was briefly mentioned in the story.

Qi Zhuoyu became famous at a young age with extraordinary talent. When he first entered the Miaoxian Mansion,  the most prestigious immortal Teacher Su Qingyan took a fancy to him, picked him up and became his chief disciple. As the saying goes, famous masters would produce excellent students, after being Su Qingyan’s disciple, Qi Zhuoyu’s cultivation speed became even faster. It took less than ten years to become the youngest genius in the cultivation world.

In the cultivation world, every immortal on the list, not one didn’t admire him, and not one didn’t like him, including the young man in brocade clothes in front of him, Ji Fangxin, the eldest son of the master of the sect.

That’s why after the original owner got married with Qi Zhuoyu at a young age, they started a dark life. 

He had a low level of cultivation and was the object of envy, almost everyone in the cultivation world could bully and play tricks on him. Fortunately, Qi Zhuoyu was a gentle young man who treated him very well. It was precisely because of this that the original owner gradually developed a love for this husband, and sunk deeper and deeper.

But who knew this was simply the beginning of a nightmare.

On the surface, Qi Zhuoyu was beautiful and gentle like jade, but in fact, he had a vengeful personality and was born with evil bones. He was an out-and-out devil! In order to achieve the purpose of his cultivation, he would do anything, even using ancient sorcery to draw out his lingering affection, and practice the ruthless way that had long since disappeared.

One must know that monks who practice the ruthless way need to cut off their affection and kill their teachers and wives.

Qi Zhuoyu was born a madman, all his seven emotions were extinguished, and it was written in his Book of Fate that he wanted to use the souls of 100,000 monks to practice sorcery in the future to serve as a sacrifice to the devil’s sword, disturbed the entire mortal beings, and roads would be filled with ordinary people corpse’s due to starvation.

It wasn’t until later that his ambition was exposed that Qi Zhuoyu was expelled from the cultivation world. During this period, only his master Su Qingyan never gave up on him. They depended on each other, in life or death.

On the day when he cultivated into the ruthless way, he was naturally reluctant to kill his good master, and turned his attention to the Taoist companion who had never really entered his eyes.

There was an evil smile on that handsome face, which could make people tremble and shudder.

“Xiao Qi. Only your life can be exchanged for my Master’s life.”

“You love me so much, you will naturally allow it.”


Allow you jerk.

Seeing the bitter end of this mortal in the Book of Fate, Feng Xuan only felt the corners of his lips twitch.

Because in this life, he was that unlucky Taoist companion Xiao Qi, his “wife” who was used by Qi Zhuoyu as a sacrifice to the heavens!

And he, only after Qi Zhuoyu killed this “wife” and gained enlightenment, could he succeed in his calamity and return to the Heaven Realm. There was only one year left before Qi Zhuoyu’s ambition was exposed, thinking that his time was nearing the end, Feng Xuan laid flat on the floor.

Thinking of this, he slowly answered Ji Fangxin’s question just now, “It’s useless to worry.”

In the quiet cave, another bolt of lightning fell, illuminating the scene outside the cave.

Shadows of the trees swayed, it appeared haunting, heavy rain poured down, and it was unknown how many monsters were lurking in the darkness, ready to move.

Ji Fangxin felt a little timid after watching the scene outside, and couldn’t help but feel that Feng Xuan’s words made some sense. Monsters and beasts run rampant at night, and with their cultivation base, it would only be adding trouble to the eldest senior brother.

Unexpectedly, this trash was also thoughtful at critical moments.

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