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  • A Journey Through The Prehistoric Desolation

    A Journey Through The Prehistoric Desolation

    The fire of karma burns my dust, and evil can’t touch my body. Lying in the nine heavens, pinching my fingers to save the world. One flower is one world, one sand is one heaven. Calculate the world’s affairs, and travel freely in the Dao. See how a lotus flower disturbs the floods, famines and be conferred as God.

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  • A Smile from the Villain

    A Smile from the Villain

    As a person who transmigrated into a novel written by himself, Qin Kaiyi experiences a huge pressure and burden. Even more so, he transmigrated as the villain and is forced to follow the plot. Qin Kaiyi expresses that he doesn’t want to write novels anymore. Qin Kaiyi: “WTF. transmigrating into the villain and being forced to follow the plot. Just let it be. Shen Feixiao, can you get the f*ck down from my body???” Shen Feixiao: “Shixiong, I won’t.” Alright, actually this is just a s*upid story about transmigrating into his own novel as the villain and getting pushed down by his own protagonist.

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  • Extras to Rewrite from Scratch

    Extras to Rewrite from Scratch

    I came into the novel which I wrote for the sake of boredom. By the way… The original transcended story written by an extra, Lee Do-Hyun.

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  • Global Gamification: God-level Closed Beta Player

    Global Gamification: God-level Closed Beta Player

    The world had been gamified and invaded by monsters. At this very moment, teachers, flight attendants, students, bosses, and workers.. Regardless of their occupations, everyone had been transformed into a player under the management of the Trojans. They were forced into playing a deadly survival game, competing for the title of the [strongest player on earth]! The game would also be livestreamed on the Star Channel with the highest ratings. The better the players performed, the more points they would receive. These points can be used to purchase any item or person that has ever appeared in the past, present, and digital worlds. Players, zombie high school girls in sailor suits wielding samurai swords, and the evil god Cthulhu who causes madness will always be on your tail. Do your best to clear the game! Become the strongest player! Sun Yuan lowered his head and glanced at his phone. Why are these game settings the same as the mobile game I just cleared?

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  • I’m Really A Dragon

    I’m Really A Dragon

    Charles Ryan, a dragon, guarded the dragon island every day until he reached adulthood and fulfilled his obligation to capture the kingdom’s most beautiful princess. But before the little milk dragon crossed the sea, he was swept away by the huge waves and arrived in a continent he had never seen before. Then he was detained by a particularly strange person. The man had an arrogant expression, his black hair were long and reached his waist, his dark eyes were like the eyes of the undead and he wore weird clothes that he had never seen before and had immobilized him with a single touch. Jiang Wuyi: What are you? Charles: I am a dragon! Jiang Wuyi: Lies. Charles: I’m really a dragon. Look at my wings when I spread it out, they’re bigger than a ship. After saying that, the person in front of him disappeared. The little milk dragon raised his head on instinct and found that the sky has darkened and then he saw a claw that was bigger than a ship! The eastern dragon swimming above the clouds watching everything: I am the dragon. Charles: ! ! !

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  • Immortal Destiny

    Immortal Destiny

    Fate? I will be the one who decide it. When there are no more humans, No more devils and gods, No more heaven and earth, No more universe, I will still be there. I am the Immortal. ** This story tells about Li Hao, a young man who lived alone in Peach Blossom Mountain until one day, he met experts from orthodox and unorthodox factions. The meeting finally changed Li Hao’s fate. By learning from the two heroes, Li Hao began to walk the path to immortality. Accompanied by the Little Dragon, his loyal magical donkey, Li Hao travels the Eastern Star Continent, encountering many obstacles while helping many people and making many friends.

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  • It is my Destiny to be the Savior of the Protagonist

    It is my Destiny to be the Savior of the Protagonist

    While being abused by his father, she recalled memories of her previous life and realized she was in the fantasy novel world she saw previously. There she was born as a side character who dies before the novel even begins. Ariadne thought calmly. ‘Screwed. It was also screwed on a global scale.’ That novel had a very bad ending where the protagonist failed in saving the world, that is, destroyed. ‘If the protagonist regresses, the bad ending is confirmed, and so is this novel!’ To change the ending, she must save the world, save the protagonist, and save their companions. However, the first person she should save… “Take me, Grandpa!” She was destined to die at the age of 16 after being abused. Now her destiny will be to save the feature romance fantasy .

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  • Kucing Putih yang Bersumpah Membalas Dendam hanya Bermalas-malasan di Pangkuan Raja Naga

    Kucing Putih yang Bersumpah Membalas Dendam hanya Bermalas-malasan di Pangkuan Raja Naga

    Saat dalam perjalanannya menuju kampus, Ruri dan teman-teman sekelasnya dari sekolah menengah, dipanggil ke dunia lain dengan sebuah cahaya yang bersinar di atas tanah. Pemanggilan itu ditujukan untuk memanggil gadis suci yang akan membawa kejayaan bagi negeri. Singkatnya, sepertinya ia hanyalah seorang pengamat tidak beruntung yang ikut terseret dalam pemanggilan. Untungnya, akomodasi dan keperluan lain sudah disediakan. Tak beruntungnya, dia dibuat menjadi seorang kriminal dengan konspirasi yang dikarang oleh orang-orang yang ia sebut sebagai “teman” dan diasingkan ke hutan. Dia diselamatkan oleh seorang penyihir setelah bertemu dengan makhluk tak diketahui. Dia kemudian bersumpah membalas dendam pada “teman”nya sebelumnya. Belakar dibawah bimbingan si penyihir, dia akhirnya memperoleh kekuatan yang cukup untuk melakukan pembalasan dendamnya… atau seperti itulah seharusnya cerita itu mengalir, selain fakta bahwa ia berubah menjadi seekor kucing putih dan tertidur dengan nyaman di pangkuan Raja Naga.

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