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Global Gamification: God-level Closed Beta Player

Global Gamification: God-level Closed Beta Player

The world had been gamified and invaded by monsters. At this very moment, teachers, flight attendants, students, bosses, and workers.. Regardless of their occupations, everyone had been transformed into a player under the management of the Trojans. They were forced...

The Heroine Took The Villain Script

Author: Selina Alternative names: THTVS, 女主拿了反派剧本 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Historical, Action Translator: Fairooz Status: Ongoing Latest Releases: Transmigrate into the book and be the villain?! He Tiantian said– To be the villain is to be the biggest villain. Take...

Immortal Destiny

Fate? I will be the one who decide it. When there are no more humans, No more devils and gods, No more heaven and earth, No more universe, I will still be there. I am the Immortal. ** This story tells about Li Hao, a young...

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