ASV Chapter 92: Caught You


Chapter 92: Caught You

“Xiao Yi, tell me clearly who this child belongs to!” Qin Kaiyi’s mother had always been very soft, his father also loved this only child very much, and Qin Kaiyi did not become spoiled because of this love, so their family relationship had always been very good, but now…

“Mom, I don’t know this kid!” Qin Kaiyi was about to cry. He really didn’t know this kid at all…

“Don’t know? Still don’t know at three or four?” Mother Qin almost fainted. She pointed to the little child who was holding onto Qin Kaiyi’s pants and calling him father, and almost cried: “Xiaoyi, if you have a girlfriend, just bring her home. Why didn’t you tell us when the child is this big already?”

“…Mom!! This really isn’t my child!!” Qin Kaiyi was in a mess, feeling that he wouldn’t be able to explain even if he had a thousand mouths.

This morning, Qin Kaiyi was pulled out of the bed by his mother, and then there was an inexplicable conversation. Qin Kaiyi was completely confused.

“You also said you don’t know!! This is not your child!” Mother Qin finally cried. She looked at the three or four-year-old boy, and pointed to Qin Kaiyi’s hand trembling: “A sin, Qin Kaiyi, you are committing a sin!!! What is my Qin family doing!”

“…Mom, calm down, what happened?” Qin Kaiyi felt that his head was not enough.

“I went out to buy groceries this morning.” Mother Qin’s eyes were red, and the eyes that looked at Qin Kaiyi definitely hated iron and steel: “I saw this child outside the door and this bag.”

Qin Kai Yishun Looking at Mother Qin’s hand, he saw a large gray travel bag.

“I thought it was someone whose child was lost, but I saw a letter next to the bag.” Mother Qin said fiercely, “Should I read it for you?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi looked at his mother innocently… If it weren’t for the fact his mother looked like she was about to faint, he really wanted to make her read it… 

But Qin Kaiyi’s dazed look was turned into knowing in Mother Qin’s eyes. 

She threw the letter aside, continuing: “Who is the child’s mother? Do you know?”

“…I don’t know ah!” Qin Kaiyi was almost about to cry along with his mother. He couldn’t very well tell her that he was still a virgin!!!

“Don’t know? Don’t know?!” This line repeated endlessly inside Mother Qin’s head and she became even more angry, “You tell me, just how many women have you ruined?!”

“…” Mom, you look too highly upon your son. Qin Kaiyi was speechless.

They fussed about like this for a while and Qin Kaiyi saw his mother finally calm down, plucking up his courage to say: “Mom, this really isn’t my child, and I didn’t ruin any girl. Someone’s trying to harm me…”

“Daddy, you don’t want me?” The child crouched on the side suddenly opened his mouth. The pitiful appearance made Qin Kaiyi’s chest tighten, and he vaguely guessed what was going on.

“Not yours?” Mother Qin obviously didn’t believe Qin Kaiyi. She stretched out her hands and patted the child’s back, “Don’t worry, darling, Daddy wants you.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi covered his face. 

“He really isn’t mine! You can check the DNA!” Qin Kaiyi decided to ruthlessly ignore the child’s big, watery eyes: “Mom, don’t you know my character? How could I do something like this? There really is someone that wants to harm me!” 

“Really?” Mother Qin was a little shaken.

“It must be true!” Qin Kaiyi was full of confidence.

Then–they went to check the DNA the next day, and then–

“Qin Kaiyi, what the hell did you do behind your old man’s back?!” This time, it wasn’t just his mother yelling at him. When they got the DNA report, Qin Kaiyi learned that his father could be so terrifying for the first time…

“This report is definitely fake!!!” Qin Kaiyi felt that he couldn’t clean himself of this even if he jumped into the Yellow Springs. How could he forget that with Shen Feixiao’s methods, controlling a hospital report was simply too easy…?

“Qin Kaiyi, tell me clearly, just who is the child’s mother?!!!” Father Qin completely erupted.

“…I don’t know…” Qin Kaiyi was going to cry himself blind, “I really don’t know. This isn’t my child…”

“If it isn’t yours, then is it someone else’s?!” Mother Qin hugged the child and said directly, “I’ll take the child away. As his father, you must sternly educate Qin Kaiyi! This child is getting worse and worse as he grows up!!”

“…” Shen Feixiao, you’re too ruthless, really. Qin Kaiyi looked weakly at Father Qin who was about to explode.

“Speak.” Father Qin lit a cigarette and said in a bad tone, “Exactly what happened?”

“Alright.” Qin Kaiyi knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince his father no matter how he repeated himself with the DNA report there, so he gave up the struggle: “…I broke up with his mother a while ago.”

“A while ago? It’s already been three or four years!” Father Qin roared.

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless. He finally understood how Dou E died.

“Since the child has already been brought here,” Father Qin sighed, “go register him first.”

“…Okay.” Qin Kaiyi really wanted to say, ‘Dad, aren’t you accepting this a little too quickly, hey?!’

“Aish, if you like someone, just bring them back and let your parents see. No matter how bad they are, we will just think about it for a while. Hiding and sneaking around like this isn’t good for anyone.” Father Qin looked at Qin Kaiyi’s petrified appearance and sighed, “So much for your mother and I always worrying about your important life affairs! Didn’t expect you to have a child behind your mother’s and my back!”

Shen Feixiao, you’re too cruel. Qin Kaiyi’s face was bitter–but what good was doing this to me? I got an extra son, but you didn’t get any meat either!

However, facts once again proved that Qin Kaiyi was really too naive…

Shen Feixiao’s motives would never be so simple.

“What are you doing here?” Looking at the neatly-dressed man at the door, Qin Kaiyi’s face turned green: “Thank you for sending my son back!”

“You’re welcome.” Shen Feixiao didn’t seem to care about Qin Kaiyi’s attitude and directly said, “You’re still not coming back?”

“Not going back!!!” Qin Kaiyi was enraged. Even a rabbit would bite back when cornered, did Shen Feixiao think that he had no temper?

“Okay.” Shen Feixiao smiled calmly, “I’ll wait for you.”

“I said that I’m not coming back!” Qin Kaiyi hatred gave birth to courage, “Do you think I’m afraid of you, Shen Feixiao? Come at me!!!”

“Mn.” Shen Feixiao raised his hand and glanced at his watch, saying: “I have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

“Hurry up and leave!” Qin Kaiyi didn’t ask before slamming the door shut.

And then, Qin Kaiyi regretted it.

He especially regretted it. He was really stupid, truly. To actually underestimate Shen Feixiao’s methods, he really ate too much MSG and made his IQ drop…

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, don’t leave me.” A woman with heavy makeup that looked like she had been abandoned cried and screamed outside the door, “I already got rid of the child! Don’t leave me!”

“…” Qin Kaiyi–Shen Feixiao, you bastard!!! You’re way too ruthless!!!

If this was the past, Father and Mother Qin may believe this son of theirs that looked quite honest, but after the child incident–

“Xiao Yi, what’s going on? What’s the relationship between you and that woman?” Mother Qin hugged the child that was awoken from his sleep and crying, her face extremely colorful…

“You, you!” Father Qin looked like he was going to have a heart attack from being angered.

“…Sister.” Qin Kaiyi held onto the door frame and took a deep breath, “Tell the person who told you to come that I will stab him to death if I’m totally cornered…”

“Xiao Yi!!” Hearing Qin Kaiyi’s words, the woman’s eyes flashed for a moment, but she quickly recovered her state and rushed towards Qin Kaiyi, “Don’t be so heartless… I really can’t live without you!!!”

“…How much do you want?” Qin Kaiyi asked her weakly.

“2,000 including the cost of abortion.” the woman very directly quoted a price.

“Take it!!!” Qin Kaiyi directly took out all the cash from his wallet, “Only 1,300!!! If you still don’t go, I’ll call the police!”

“Okay, okay.” The woman was very easy to satisfy and ran away with the money.

Leaving behind a despairing Qin Kaiyi and Qin parents that looked like they were ready to murder.

“Is this forgetting to pay a prostitute?” Father Qin’s voice was gloomy.

“Xiao Yi, you…” Mother Qin shook her head in disappointment.

–I’m innocent, I really am innocent! Qin Kaiyi painfully thought at this moment why men didn’t have something like a hymen!!!

“Xiao Yi, I taught you as a child that you must have a bottom moral line.” Mother Qin choked up with the child in her arms, “Why did you end up like this?”

“…Mom, listen to me, he…” Qin Kaiyi really couldn’t explain now. He regretted, really regretted it–offending Shen Feixiao was probably the most stupid thing he did in his lifetime.

“Forget it, forget it.” Mother Qin stopped Qin Kaiyi from speaking, “There’s no point in saying anything now.”

It really was useless. Qin Kaiyi looked down with a bitter face–his reputation was completely ruined. Getting a child shoved at him could still be explained as a problem with the child’s mother, but this kind of not paying for a prostitute and them coming to knock on his door for money–if this thing was spread to his neighbors, what would it turn into?

This wasn’t the thing that made Qin Kaiyi the most depressed. What made him most desperate was his parent’s disappointed attitude towards him–it was like finding out the bluegrass he was raising for a long time growing into a dog tail plant. It made Qin Kaiyi’s home life like serving a prison term.

He really was too weak to fight against Shen Feixiao… Qin Kaiyi endured for a long time but couldn’t hold back. He took out his mobile phone and called Shen Feixiao, “Shen Feixiao, let’s come out and talk.”

“Sure.” He seemed to expect Qin Kaiyi’s call and didn’t seem surprised at all, lightly saying: “You set a time.”

I noticed that this novel wasn’t completely translated so here I am! There should be a total of 94 Chapters + 3 Extras.

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