ASV Chapter 96: After Marriage Extra – Sweet, Sweet Your Sister! (2)


Chapter 96: After Marriage Extra – Sweet, Sweet Your Sister! (2)

Qin Kaiyi always believed that educating children was very important.

He started regretting it spinelessly the second day after leaving Qin Ziqi to Shen Feixiao. How could he not know Shen Feixiao’s character? Though he seemed easy to get along with, it was harder than hard to actually try. If a character like this could make a good child, Qin Kaiyi would find it strange.

Actually, if he wasn’t unable to control Qin Ziqi at all, how could he have agreed to Shen Feixiao’s proposal?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. Qin Kaiyi only stayed at home for two days before rushing back like his pants were on fire.

Mother Qin was still wondering why her grandson didn’t come back this time when her son was about to leave without saying goodbye. She asked suspiciously, “Xiao Yi, nothing happened to Ziqi, right?”

“No.” Qin Kaiyi silently wiped his cold sweat at a mother’s sixth sense.

“Really?” Mother Qin glanced at Qin Kaiyi, pausing but not asking any more questions. She continued, “Don’t rush to leave. I made Ziqi his favorite tea eggs, bring it back for him. The ones outside are too unhygienic and you’ll get sick if you eat it too often.”

“Okay.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t refuse.

After staying for two days, Qin Kaiyi returned with a bag of tea eggs.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t see Qin Ziqi when he came back, instead seeing Shen Feixiao expressionlessly watching the TV on the living room sofa. Qin Kaiyi thought for a moment. Today was Saturday and Qin Ziqi doesn’t have school, so where did he go?

Shen Feixiao was a little surprised to see Qin Kaiyi back. He put down the remote and turned towards Qin Kaiyi, “How come you’re back so soon? Not going to play around for a few more days?”

“Oh, I’m worried about Ziqi.” Qin Kaiyi was not aware of Shen Feixiao’s little ploy and directly asked, “Where is he?”

“He ran away from home.” Shen Feixiao calmly said what made Qin Kaiyi’s mouth gape. He took the tea eggs from Qin Kaiyi and leisurely peeled them.

“WHAT??” Qin Kaiyi screamed, “WHAT DID YOU SAY??”

“What’s wrong?” Shen Feixiao really liked Mother Qin’s tea eggs. He finished one in a few mouthfuls and began peeling another.

“What’s wrong?? You tell me what’s wrong!!” Qin Kaiyi felt that Shen Feixiao was joking from his leisurely expression, but with his understanding of him, he was definitely not joking!

“Why did he run away?” Qin Kaiyi stared helplessly at Shen Feixiao, “You didn’t say something to him, right? Shen Feixiao, can you not fight with a child…?”

“I really didn’t say anything.” Shen Feixiao revealed a hurt expression, “How can you blame me?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was helpless and sighed, “Don’t play with me. What happened?”

“He thought you didn’t want him anymore and ran away with his little backpack.” Shen Feixiao ate another tea egg and wiped his mouth and fingers with a napkin: “Isn’t it all because of your spoiling?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless. He did pamper Qin Ziqi a little, but he didn’t spoil him to the point that he would run away whenever.

“You didn’t look for him? It’s already been a few days!” Qin Kaiyi grew irritable when he thought this, “Shen Feixiao, can you not be so childish? He’s only five and you won’t look for him when he runs away? If something really happened to him, then you…”

It’s not like he’s actually your son. If you really like children, you can artificially create one. Shen Feixiao didn’t say these words. He knew that with Qin Kaiyi’s temper, if he really said so, Qin Kaiyi would erupt. 

“Say something ah.” Qin Kaiyi saw that Shen Feixiao fell silent and thought that he was feeling guilty, turning so angry his face was turning pale.

“Who said I didn’t look for him?” Shen Feixiao glanced at Qin Kaiyi, saying helplessly.

“…Ah?” Qin Kaiyi was stunned.

“I found him, but I don’t plan on bringing him back.” Shen Feixiao stretched out his arms and brought Qin Kaiyi into his embrace, “I know you like children, and I also have my boundaries. If he doesn’t learn his lesson this time and runs away again, what do we do?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi hesitated for a moment, “Really?”

“Of course.” Shen Feixiao rubbed Qin Kaiyi’s head, saying dotingly: “You should go take a shower first and take a rest. I’ll go bring him back, okay?”

“…Alright.” Qin Kaiyi saw that it was pointless saying anything else to Shen Feixiao and could only agree.

Shen Feixiao took his coat and walked outside. When he went out, he made a call asking about Qin Ziqi’s whereabouts and drove over.

Qin Ziqi was found within the second hour of his running away by Shen Feixiao’s men. However, he didn’t ask them to bring him back. He didn’t like Qin Ziqi in the first place, so how could he miss this opportunity to teach him a lesson?

It was very dangerous for a child that wasn’t even ten yet to stay outside alone. Shen Feixiao knew that if something really happened to Qin Ziqi, Qin Kaiyi would never forgive him, so he asked his men to secretly protect him. He also warned them to not offer Qin Ziqi any help.

He wanted to see just what kind of tricks Qin Ziqi could pull out.

Originally, he wanted to teach Qin Ziqi a lesson, but because of Qin Kaiyi’s sudden return, Shen Feixiao’s mood wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. 

This mood remained until he saw the lonely Qin Ziqi sitting on a park bench.

“Qin Ziqi.” Shen Feixiao lit a cigarette. He very rarely smoked in front of Qin Kaiyi. If he did, he would go to the balcony, but for some reason, he really wanted a smoke right now.

Qin Ziqi hugged his little backpack, staring at Shen Feixiao vigilantly, almost like a little wolf cub struggling to guard his territory.

Unexpectedly, he managed to randomly pick a child like this. Was this a matter of aura? Shen Feixiao felt a little funny when he saw Qin Ziqi’s reaction. He sat directly beside Qin Ziqi’s side, saying: “You’re not coming back?”

“…” Qin Ziqi lowered his head, unwilling to speak.

“Qin Ziqi, in fact, I’ve always been curious.” Shen Feixiao knew that this little guy was cleverer than Qin Kaiyi in certain aspects and said without hiding anything, “Other than your dad’s love, what capital do you have to do these annoying things?”

“I hate you! I hate you!” Qin Ziqi was still a child in the end. When he heard Shen Feixiao’s malicious words, his eyes reddened: “Why do you treat Daddy like that? He won’t give birth for you!”

“How do you know he won’t?” There was a smile in Shen Feixiao’s eyes, “Qin Ziqi, I know that you know everything… Your dad definitely has a soft heart, but I won’t allow him to be soft to just anyone. Whose attention are you trying to attract by running away? Mine? Your Dad’s? Ah… You don’t happen to think that we’ll be anxious if you run away, right? Of course, your dad might be panicked for a while, but you should know… I have ways to make him not worry.”

“…You.” Qin Ziqi finally understood why Shen Feixiao came today. He was here to tell him that he was and always has been dispensable.

“Everyone has something they want,” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Ziqi’s anxious appearance and suddenly felt a trace of familiarity, “but not everyone can grasp it. Only the strong are qualified; the weak can only watch it slip through their fingers.”

“…” Qin Ziqi didn’t speak. He stared at Shen Feixiao’s indifferent face and felt an inexplicable trace of fear.

“You’re still young, so you naturally have a lot of time to understand this.” Shen Feixiao threw out the cigarette into the trash can and stretched out his hand to Qin Ziqi, “However, the premise is that you don’t make Qin Kaiyi angry anymore. Qin Ziqi, you should know that if you hurt someone even I’m reluctant to hurt, I only want to tear that person into ten thousand pieces.”

“You told me so much, but aren’t you just warning me to not steal him from you?” Qin Ziqi ignored Shen Feixiao’s outstretched hand and coldly said.

“Smart.” Shen Feixiao didn’t care about Qin Ziqi’s attitude. He raised his hand to adjust his glasses, “Since you’re clear, then go back. Of course, I will tell you that this is the last time something like this happens. If there’s a next time…”

“I know.” Qin Ziqi gnashed his teeth at Shen Feixiao’s provocation, “How could Daddy like someone like you?!”

“He didn’t like me back then.” Shen Feixiao said, “I was the one that clung onto him, but then again, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have this dad either.”

“…You mean that I should thank you?” Qin Ziqi disdained, “That’s impossible.”

“Ha.” Shen Feixiao fastened Qin Ziqi’s seatbelt, “I never expected you to thank me.”

After Qin Kaiyi came out of the shower, he heard Shen Feixiao knock on the door soon after. He opened it and saw Qin Ziqi who was being held by Shen Feixiao.

“You little gremlin, even learning to run away from home! Who taught you this?!” Qin Kaiyi immediately began lecturing.

“Uncle said Daddy doesn’t want me anymore.” Qin Ziqi’s eyes instantly reddened and he pulled at Qin Kaiyi’s shirt, “Daddy, you don’t want me anymore?”

“…” Shen Feixiao’s mouth turned downwards. He really underestimated the courage of this wolf cub.

“What?” Qin Kaiyi was angry, “Shen Feixiao, what nonsense are you telling a child?!”

“I told him that if he runs away again, you won’t want him anymore.” Shen Feixiao didn’t care about these little tricks. He gave Qin Ziqi a cold stare, “Right, Qin Ziqi?”

“…” Qin Ziqi stopped speaking.

“I’m telling you, Qin Ziqi, if you dare run all over the place next time…”

The noisy voices filled the whole room, yet Shen Feixiao unexpectedly didn’t find it irksome.

In fact, ‘home’ was a strange concept to many. It may not even have a physical form, as long as there was someone special by their side.

“Mn, Qin Kaiyi,” Shen Feixiao murmured in a low voice, “I’m really grateful… for your choice back then.”

Without those things, I may have never been able to hold onto your hand.

Now, the years are peaceful, and we can finally spend the rest of our long lives together.

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3 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 96: After Marriage Extra – Sweet, Sweet Your Sister! (2)”

  1. Now that this is the end(w/ one extra left), I have a lot to say. Hope anyone dont mind this long review-like comment(i dont really see this as a review tbh, I would make a separate review in NU):
    Hmm who would have thought the ML would be this irredeemable til the end from the beginning? The beginning really did gave a different impression.

    Honestly there are more desirable endings it’s sad it has come out this way. I probably would have prefer to have ZY ended up with QK, or Shen Feixiao never got to hold the person in the other world. Or him realizing things and changes for the better and drop that harmful unhealthy obs love. That would be the fairy-tale-like HE in this story if the author decides not to do a realistic writing.

    Qin Kaiyi didn’t get his freedom at all for all he went through. I really thought he deserves it. But oh well, as akusama always say in the past, Poor Qin. I pity him in this story, its as if this is a story about someone’s misfortune. Shen Feixiao was also a shame, I thought he and his mentality could have been better and improve when chances come by. Imo this ending isnt truly a happy ending, I remember reading that his compassionate love may have(or I believe soon enough) faded with time and would be left with his obsession and old-habits of love, when he put Feng Sheng it was set in stone wether his love got old or not. So can I say is it truly peaceful? Without compassionate love, it cannot be said truly happy, and I feel obsessive love is exhausting to have. In this way I pity Shen Feixiao too, it really could have went different before. Maybe, maybe.. he probably would be off better if Qin Kaiya didnt interfere with the story…

    Man what a ride. Couldn’t deny I had feelings(some strong) reading this one. That’s good, it mean this would take special place in my mind the same novels whom I can remember fondly like SVSSS and FoD unlike the other passing novels, except for this one, with strong mix-feelings.

    Final parting words for the pair: Dammit FS I imagine if QK didn’t choose that all the remaining years in their life would be pure livin-hell torture to the poor MC. I imagine you a poor tragic soul too (just why cant you find another one to love???). Hope Qin Kaiyi reincarnates without you~ (im feeling a bit sentimental writing this whatt??)

    P.s. pls author atleast give Yan Gu and ZY a Happy Ending…

    A really huge thank you translator for continuing translating and finishing the story, to the the previous translators too
    ( ╹▽╹ ). You took a place in my life by translating this emotional (??) novel that made me not read with bad tags again(probably). Ey sorry the long comment.

  2. ah. we’ve got a mini shen feixiao here…

    since this is the last chapter of their story, i’d like to say some things about this novel. it’s just a personal thoughts.

    -inconsistencies on timelines

    -on how the author called the character’s name (people in the book didn’t know qin shi’s transmigator’s name is qin kaiyi, but on many occations he was called qin kaiyi by the book’s characters)

    -there are some plotholes. but i can still ignore it. so, no matter, i think

    -lacking in character development, that makes the story just go around in circles

    -the positive thing is, i kind of admire qin kaiyi’s resilient. really. if those things happened to me, i would slit my own throat.

    for the translators since silverneko, chrysantemumbud and moonlightnovels.
    you guys did an amazing job! thank you for your hard work❤️❤️❤️

  3. we’ve got a mini shen feixiao here…

    since this is the last chapter of the main cp, please allow me to say some things about this book. it’s just a personal thoughts.

    -inconsistencies on timelines.
    ex: system’s mission’s deadlines

    -on how the author called a certain character.
    ex: the people in the book should have not know qin shi’s transmigator’s name is qin kaiyi. but on many occasions, the book’s characters called him qin kaiyi.

    -plotholes. but i can still ignore the. so, no matter, i think

    -lacking of character development, that makes the story just going around in place

    -the positive thing is, i admire qin kaiyi’s resilience. really. if those things ever happened to me, i would slit open my own throat.

    for the translators since silverneko, chrysanthemum bud and moonlightnovels. you guys did an amazing job! thank you for your hard work ❤️❤️❤️

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