AFTFTV Chapter 28


* * *  

The sunrise on the deck was beautiful. Especially if it’s the deck of a luxury room. Fufu.  

The long voyage was coming to an end. It was a good thing that I brought a lot of things to read. This time, despite my pledge to enjoy the voyage, there was not much to do other than to go back and forth between the reading room and the promenade.  

I invited Marianne to dinner. She also found it annoying to deal with talking to people whose curiosity glowed in their eyes all the time. 

The salty wind gently caressed my wet hair. As I approached the railing and rested my arms on it as I stood, looking at the horizon that was dyed orange, I couldn’t help but think of the old days.  

The view of the sunrise that I used to watch sitting side by side with Benya on the Gargoyle statue…… The time when I waited and waited for the light of hope, like the sunlight slowly rising from beyond.  

I shook my head and tried to shake off old memories. Hey, hey, hey! Why do you keep thinking of the past? You promised not to.  

There have been countless letters in the past seven years, but none of us have mentioned that to each other. As if we had promised secretly, we only talked about the pleasant things of the present, the future, or memories long before that, as if we had promised to bury our ruined memories.  

too many tears had been shed already. Indulging yourself in those useless emotions was nothing but a waste of time. 

Oh, by the way, the scenery is wonderful. Should I stand with my arms open and say, “I’m the king of the world!” If you do that, the crew down there will be frightened and turned upside down, but…….  


It was then that I felt something strange. No, rather than a strange feeling, it was like when a person subconsciously feels a gaze and turns back reflexively. At the same time, the voice rang.  

“What’s your name?”  

……It’s my fault that I initially deluded that someone like the princess of a neighboring country was my luxury-room neighbor. 

Of course, I knew that the passenger who was using the luxury room besides me was a man. I’ve seen him at the restaurant a few times. Every time I saw him, I was very impressed to see him surrounded by women from other countries. Maybe he was on board with his pet, since a dog seemed to be barking every night. 

It seemed that neither the other passengers nor the crew knew exactly what kind of person he was. I’m sure he is one of those idiot young masters of his house.  

“Who are you?”  

When I asked back with a smile, the man standing on the deck opposite the left frowned slightly.  

“I asked you first.”  

I see. Do I have to answer if you ask first? He seemed to have thrown his manners into the sea. These kinds of people were so abundant everywhere that it didn’t surprise me.  

“Isn’t it common sense to introduce yourself before you ask for someone else to introduce them?” 

“That’s very rude. You look like an imperial citizen, what family are you from, girl?”  

“Do I have to tell you that?”  

When I answered in a teasing tone, annoyance rose in his eyes. That guy seemed to have gotten angry. Why do you use wear that look on your face? Sorry, sorry. 

While the black-haired handsome man stared at my face, I smiled in response and gazed back. 

Now that I looked at him more clearly, he seemed to have purple eyes. Purple eyes reminded me of someone, Although I felt sorry to compare with a guy like this. 

I didn’t think there would be any productive conversation here and didn’t want to deal with him anymore, so I headed inward, ignoring his persistent gaze. I’ll have to pack up before arrival. 

* * *  

“Woof woof woof!”  

Whoever is travelling with a dog, don’t make it bark!  

It was a sunny midday when the ship finally reached Valencia Port. I slowly disembarked, capturing the scenery of the port, which had become even more beautiful than the last time I saw it. When I stepped on the soil of my hometown for the first time in seven years, I felt my heart fluttering and trembling. 

“I’ll write to you. Let’s keep in touch. Got it?”  

“Yeah, bye.”  

After waving my hand side by side, I broke up with my roommate for the past seven years. Marianne’s lucky she had her family to pick her up. Is that her younger sister? I once had someone who was like my own younger sister… 

I’m determined to live for her.….  

“Are you Sasha Sanchez?” 

It was then that a big man approaching through the crowd suddenly spoke to me. I tilted my head for a moment, then smiled. 

“Who are you?”  

“I’ve been sent by the duke. This way, please.” 

……Hahaha, the weight of the gift in the bag was getting lighter and lighter. I could have just taken the train, but I guess you missed me a lot. 

A carriage with a familiar symbol was parked near the fountain located on one side of the port. Snakes dancing in the rain of gold coins. As i watched, I only then realized I had really come home. 

“Give me your luggage.”  

“Oh, I’ll just take it and ride.”  

“What? Why?”  

Well, is that supposed to be so surprising? I tilted my head and looked back at the man who came out to meet me.  

Come to think of it, it’s strange. The atmosphere didn’t feel like one from someone working for the nobility. He was dressed like a security guard, but he felt too wild to be one. 

The man suddenly blushed, perhaps seeing through the searching gaze in my eyes. It was so strange because it didn’t match with his mountain-like size. 

“I’m the chief bodyguard.”  

“That’s what it looks like.”  

“Didn’t you think I was a suspicious guy?”  

“It was for checking, I feel guilty. Please speak comfortably, we work for the same family anyway.”  

“I can’t do that.”  

I see. Then do as you wish. As long as you don’t falter later on.  

* * *  

The residence of the duke of Serpente. When I finally arrived at the place where all of my childhood memories and tears were melted, the sun was sinking.  

As I opened the window and looked at the landscape of the garden, which was much more brilliant than I remember, I breathed in a hurry.  

Who is that? No, is that our Lettis? Really?  


Before I could come up with a proper greeting, a man standing near the entrance of the hall in a fancy suit and staring up at the sky blankly looked this way.  

Softly curled watery hair, wide-eyed sky-blue eyes, and a gorgeous eye patch covering the other eye. It was Lettis!  


“Brother Lettis!” 


He reached this side before the carriage could stop. As soon as I jumped out of the carriage, I found myself spinning in his heavy arms. Oh, I felt out of my mind. 

“Sasha! Is it really you? Are you really Sasha?”  

I wanted to answer, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t breathe. Is it normal to hug someone as the first thing you do when you see them for the first time in seven years? I was just too happy!  

“No, I’m actually a disguised assassin!”  

When I gasped and barely shouted, he burst into laughter. We were giggling side by side and hugging each other even more tightly.  

“Let me see your face. God, how tall are you? you must be at least 2 meters!” 

“It’s 190 cm! You’ve also finally left that childish appearance. I wouldn’t recognize you if you ran into me in the street!”  

It was the same for this side. The skinny, frail boy I remembered disappeared, and a man who looked as beautiful and bold as a vigorous stallion stood in front of me.  

Just like his father when he was alive…. At the same time, mixed with pride and joy, I felt a little heartbreak.  

I gently raised my hand and put it on his eye. Not on the normal side, but on the eye patch with jewels embedded on the black leather.  

“The shade is cool.”  

He laughed again. It was a low, resonant laugh that somehow felt strange.  

“Do you want it? It’s a real diamond.”  

“No wonder the price of diamonds is sky high.”  

“Did you just collect jewelry instead of studying? I must’ve given too much pocket money.”  

“You left the fish to the cat. What can I do?”  

A warmth spread in the hands I held face to face, and I gained strength. I laughed so much more, and finally asked carefully.  

“What about Benya…”  

“He’s at the hotel. He’s distracted by that nowadays, that guy would be happy to see you too.” 

Is that so…? 

Although I kept in touch with Lettis until right before my return, I hadn’t heard from Benya for the last two years. I was told it was because he was extremely busy, so I tried to give in, but there were times when uneasiness surged up in me. 

It was a silly idea, but I wondered if he started to feel uncomfortable with me, or if I was an obstacle to completely erasing the memories of that time.  

“If you’re not tired, do you want to go? It’s an ambitious work in it’s own right, but I’m also looking forward to seeing it.” 

“Can I? It’s not even finished yet. Can you just reveal it like this?”  

“It’s you. What does it matter?”  

“Alright. Have you decided the name of the hotel?”  

“……I’ve decided.”  

Why do I think your answer was a beat slower?  

While I was staring, Lettis seemed to be half-blushing, and out of the blue, his veins stood up in his temples, and he suddenly burst out.  

“No, Ben, why does he keep rejecting me? We haven’t decided on a map yet because of this!”  

I see. Not only your height, but your voice has also matured, my Duke. It seems that what has been accumulated so far is considerable.  

“What on earth did you suggest that you always keep getting rejected?” 

“That’s not the point! He’s always so selfish, everything is always up to him. Whatever! He should just handle everything by himself, then.”  

Why are you talking like that? I feel like I’m experiencing the emotions I felt earlier. I felt angry. 

“Just push it. You’re his big brother anyway.” 

“That’s right, but……!”  

I knew roughly what rumors were circulating in the world. What’s going on about us, and the recent terrible rumours surrounding Serpente.  

The theory of being the imperial household’s watchdogs, connection to the underworld…… There was also a rumor that the current Duke was just a duke for show. That he was just his brother’s marionette. 

People who can’t speak in front of their faces made such a fuss. I swallowed a bitter smile and patted the hot-tempered Duke on the back.  

“I guess you still fight these days. You’re still the same.”  

“It’s not a fight, he’s coming at me without knowing the subject!”  

Then Lettis smiled again. His white teeth glistened in the sunset.  

“Let’s go. You’re here, so I’ll give him a proper scolding this time.” 

lol I hope this can be counted as a mini-mass release. I did my best. btw, Serpentine, Serpente, Confucian, Confucius are all titles related to and synonymous with the duchy of Serpente. Just in case anyone gets confused.

edit: Good news but a little bit of sad news for me oops – it seems that Gina, the previous translator never dropped this novel and only moved it to a different website but since there was no news about this, even though I tried digging, i mistakenly thought it had been dropped. it was an honest mistake hehe, good news is that she has an amazing quality of translation and she’ll be posting on readh*ve (she’s already posted up till chap 25 there I believe) and I’ll still be keeping up the chapters I have done up till now. sad news for me is that I’ll be dropping this and i got kinda attatched lol but it’s been a fun experience and I loved getting to read all the comments on here. if you’re interested, please check out the other series I’m translating like the Villain dreams of world peace and the diary of a spirit messenger. I always love reading comments.

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    I suspect the thing about rumors to be the same as the or. novel, it’s so sad…
    That would mean that what awaits them is a similar fate to the novel…

  2. Thank you for translating! I just read the webtoon and hopped over to try the novel. Absolutely heartbreaking so far.

    I wonder if Sasha was more selfish in the original and didn’t try to get help for Estelle, so they never had that big fight where Lettis lost an eye.

    Also curious how the OG MCs are gonna be in the series. The prince kinda giving me love interest vibes, like he might be into Sasha, though I wonder if the brothers will still be interested in the OG FL.

    Anyways looking forward to the next update! Hope we get to see the reunion between Sasha and Benya. Also curious to see how all the servants react to finally meeting the mysterious Sasha!

    1. KindapitiedMielle

      the boys in the original probably never would have followed Sasha if she didn’t care about Estelle. I think a small variable changed this time leading to Lettis’ injury instead. something like a conversation or his internal turmoil of not being able to do anything for his younger siblings got the best of him.

  3. Thank you for the chapters! I’ve been waiting so long for a translation! Thank you, thank you!

    I agree that since OG Sasha didn’t care for Estelle nearly as much as our Sasha, she probably didn’t put as much effort/emotion into getting medicine. Hence, no fight.

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