AFTFTV Chapter 25


A fairy tales for the Villains Episode 25

Estelle started dry coughing again yesterday evening, which bothered me. I checked in the morning and found that she also had a fever.  

I kept her warm and hung wet towels here and there so that she could sleep as soundly as possible. We were going to get out of here in a day, but I was nervous because I couldn’t guarantee how things would work out.  

While Estelle was asleep wrapped in a wool blanket, the three of us shared the cold sausage and hard bread that had been left yesterday and began our operations in earnest. Only one candlestick was lit on the lower floor, so it was hard to distinguish between day and night and we were scattered in our respective seats. 

I put my chair right next to the table where the candlestick was placed on and started doing needlework, and Lettis sat against the wall next to the mirror door and pretended to be reading a book.  

On the back cover of the strange book titled “How to Count Gold Coin in a way that preserves traditional values,” a thin belt was wrapped around it instead of the usual old leather binding.  

Benya used the blunt scissors’ blade to pick up the pieces of wood that had been sharpened there for days and days and sat in the middle of the stairs.  

The stairway connecting the upper and lower floors could not be climbed without candles, so even I couldn’t see who was there.  

And then it was time to wait. It was a battle of patience and nervousness – We didn’t know whether our meal duty would come today or when, but we couldn’t leave our position even more because of this. There was a strong possibility that if even one of us fails unexpectedly, we would all be doomed. 

I teased the needle while trying to concentrate in the infinite wait, not knowing how much time had passed by. I was working on my fifth piece. 

Unlike the first work, which was very sloppy, I was proud to have a decent shape as time went by. Although it couldn’t be compared to real rabbit fur and jeweled-eyes..….  

When I finally saw the mirror door open with the corner of my eye, I was just sewing the sixth rabbit’s ear. Despite vowing to remain calm all the time, the needle slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor as I shuddered. Oh, my!  

It seemed that the speculation we had thrown for fun was correct. Harris, who’d brought in a appetizing scented tray instead of a hoarse and stale one, stopped when he saw Lettis sitting right next to him. 

In a brief moment, I jumped as Lettis was trying to make a frightened face in his own way. Then, I approached the butler with the sewing materials in my hands, stuttering as I said, 

“Well, mister butler…. Miss Estelle has a terrible fever. Can you bring me some painkillers?”  

I acted as if I was intimidated as much as I could, but maybe because I was so nervous, my voice came out shaking.  

Harris immediately turned away from Lettis and looked down at me. His black eyes gleamed with a mean light.  

“Say it again. What?”  

I think he’s after my head again. I wish I knew what kind of resentment he had built up for my head. 

“She’s in a lot of pain, so I want to give her some painkillers – ah-” 

A shriek nearly came out. It was just an instant before Lettis, who’d slowly been rising behind Harris, sprang up and hung on his back. 

To be exact, he hung his belt around Harris’ neck and hung it as hard as he could! Just like we’d practiced so many times.  


I did not know what Harris, who’d suddenly been attacked, shouted. It must have been a swear word. Anyway, at the same time, the gangster like servant waiting in the hallway outside the door rushed in with a terrifying look like an angry King Kong.  

“These things……!”  

Whatever he was going to say next, it was lost forever because of the boy who suddenly jumped out of the stairs on the right. 

I think I heard something dull and persistent, then a strong fishy smell came to my nose. 

I opened my eyes wide. In the wide field of my vision, the servant, who was standing stiff like a pole, and Benya, who was hanging on to him, came in. 

The object in Benya’s hands was not the wooden spear he’d worked so hard to make. It wasn’t even the dull pair of scissors he’d used to make them. 

It was none other than a fountain pen.  

The fountain pen that Lettis received on his 16th birthday last year, and the deceased Duke’s keepsake. About half of it narrowly missed King Kong’s eyes and was embedded deep into his temple.  

After a short yet long few seconds, the King Kong puffed his mouth as if to say something, raising his pot-like hand and clutching Benya’s shoulder.  

It seemed like he was trying to shake him off, but Benya was hanging on to him as hard as Benya could. Then the King Kong fell to the floor with a solemn thud.  


There was another thud, and at the same time, Lettis’s cry was heard. Harris, who had slammed into the wall with Lettis on his back, stretched his arm back and clutched his face. 

In an instant, I threw away the needles in my hand and grabbed the candlestick on the table, as if possessed by something. Then with my eyes closed, I swung as hard as I could.  

Hit it!  

Oops, I was supposed to use a needle. What can I do since I dropped it earlier? It turned out like this.  

As the candles went out, everything became dark in an instant. From outside the open door, the light of the lamp was fading in.  

There was a moment of silence. We were all gasping for breath and gazing at the two men stretching out to the floor with dazed and vacant eyes. Then we looked at each other alternatively.  

“Did he die?”  

It was a question that everyone whispered at the same time. Of course, we received no answer.  

Whether the two people died or were unconscious, it was a one-time opportunity. We immediately came to our senses and moved quickly.  

While Benya picked up the wooden spear he had left on the stairs and watched the two unconscious adults, me and Lettis ran upstairs and woke Estelle up.  

“Estelle, wake up. Let’s go.”  

“What’s wrong with you? Where are we going?” 

“We’re getting out of here.”  

“Can’t we go tomorrow?”  

Perhaps because of the fever, Estelle couldn’t get a hold of herself. While Lettis carried Estelle, I pulled out a gown and fastened it tightly on her shoulder. 

When we went down the stairs again, Benya was leaning half out of the door and held a lamp in one hand and a bloody fountain pen in the other. The snake decoration carved in the center of the pen was especially noticeable.  

“Let’s go.”  

My heart was pounding as if it would come out all the way. We reached the front of the lift, clinging to each other, through the long corridor at a rapid pace.  

There was a moment of hesitation after getting on the lift side by side. Our eyes moved quickly in silence. All held the same look of terror and suspicion. What if there are guards down there? Or other servants?  

I felt like I could hear something loud because of that. Maybe it was just auditory hallucinations caused by our anxiety.  

Whatever it was, it was better than dying in there. So determined, I grabbed the handle above my head and pulled it down.  


It was strange. When I hid in a cart the other day, it didn’t feel like this, but as we all headed down in the lift in tense and uneasy silence, the last moments of my previous life came to mind. 

What kind of premonition was this? Did it mean that we were not going to get out of this lift? Or was it the fate of my soul to trapped in one place, be it an elevator or a bell tower and to just die in the end? And why did it feel like the noise from before was getting closer? 

The floor shook lightly as the clanking sound rang again. A narrow, dim passage became visible outside the wire-netted lift door.  

I took the lead in walking. Benya was next to me, and after that Lettis was following with Estelle on his back. We were all barefoot, so there was no sound as we walked on the hard stone floor. 

It was not until we reached the small wooden door at the end of the aisle that we stopped and exchanged glances again.  

No sound seemed to be heard from the outside. As expected, what I heard earlier must have been just auditory hallucinations. Or…  

All kinds of thoughts occurred throughout the short moment as I raised my hand and grabbed the doorknob. What if there’s someone out there? What if there’s any trap set up?  

Nevertheless, I opened the door. No, I should say I tried to open it. As soon as I tried to pull the doorknob, the person on the other side pushed the door.  


The sound of someone gasping came. It might have be me, Benya, Lettis, or Estelle. Maybe it was all of us.  

Anyway, the fact that everyone had seemed to lose their souls at that moment remained the same. Me, my three brothers and sisters, and the people we were facing. 

The giggling sound of laughter seemed to ring in my ear. God, April’s fool God seemed to be laughing in my ear.  

Beyond the door was a brilliant spring glow. Under the golden sun, bronze buttons, swords and guns glistened brilliantly. 

But the most dazzling of all were the badges on their berets.  

A pair of snakes wrapped around gold coins. 
I put all my strength in my hand holding the knob. The next moment, a voice echoed. His voice was incredibly polite and strong. 
“I found you, Confucius.” 

It’s finally happening TT Confucious here refers more to their family name or more like a play at words, since their family’s symbol are snakes. Like Serpente is their family name, but a lot of the time they’re called Confucious as well. 

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  1. Thanks for picking this up, I’ve been waiting ages for them to get out of that attic 😥 so happy for their escape to finally happen

  2. Oh my dear god i was so nervous the whole chapter i had to take breaks and my reart was beating so wildly i was cold
    I’m so, so happy that Estelle’s alive however i’m still nervous as she has a fever now and i really don’t know what it can turn into….
    Omg give my babies a warm bath and a warm meal….
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