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Hello there, I picked this novel up because of my love towards the series and though I’m not sure the quality of my translation is the same as the previous translation, I hope it will do justice to the series. The previous chapters can be found somewhere online – I think. I also needed to make one more thing, the previous translator’s last chapter was titled 24p1 but according to kakao (official web for the novel) that was chap 22. This is chapter 23, where I continue where it was all left off. But for the sake of continuity, I will list this as chapter 25 on NU. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding. Enjoy! 

Fairy Tale for the Villains Episode 23 

After slitting his wrists last time, Lettis no longer did anything as reckless as suicide attempts, but he remarkably decreased his use of words and moved with no energy. No matter what I said or asked him to talk about, he didn’t respond. 

The empty eyes that were drained of all motivation and attention were just like Estelle’s. Estelle was the only one who evoked any reaction out of him.  

The sight of two ghostly brothers and sister sitting together all day, whispering incomprehensible words and folding paper was unfortunate and eerie. 

Of course, Benya couldn’t stand Lettis’s appearance. If I hadn’t begged him not to provoke him, Benya would probably have beaten Lettis until he awakened his survival instinct and revived his anger. 

As we reached the end of winter, the weather began to warm up, but we felt even colder because of hunger. To make matters worse, the kerosene for the stove was also running out. There are only a few candles left now. No matter how preciously I use them, they wouldn’t last the winter. I didn’t have the talent to hold them out. 

Sometimes, when I stood in front of the mirror door and stared at it, I wondered who it was that I was looking at. Who the hell was that girl in the mirror with long hair, skinny bones that touched each other and hollowed eyes? Everywhere I looked, I didn’t look like the myself I knew. 

Since the New Year’s bell rang, I had resumed the work of marking the date every day after day. It was to maintain a sense of time. And on the day we completed 500 days, Estelle began to cough. 


Maybe because I didn’t sleep a wink, my head ached. Fortunately, Estelle was fast asleep upstairs with her dry cough that had been rising all night. Her fever didn’t rise like last time, but I was still worried and couldn’t stand it. I didn’t know what a sore throat could turn to in this poor environment. 

Lettis was sitting at the edge of the bed and Benya sat on a chair by the wall. I silently came down and sat at the end of the stairs. 

They didn’t ask any questions about how it was. Apparently, we all had the same idea. 

When the mirror door finally opened and Harris entered, we had been pacing silently for hours. 

I sprang up from the stairs I was sitting on. Then I calmly opened my mouth to Harris, who was putting the casting tray on the floor. 

“Mister, Miss Estelle is ill.” 

Harris answered back without giving me even a glance. He literally spat it out. 

“Give her painkillers.” 

“We’re out of painkillers. She keeps coughing, so she needs food that can go down smoothly. We also need some kerosene to warm up the body.” 

Harris finally turned to me and at the same time, Benya came up behind me to grab me by the shoulder. In the meantime, Lettis cut in between us and Harris. It happened in the blink of an eye. 

Lettis’ blue eyes shot through Harris defiantly. The recent ghostly appearance he had disappeared into nowhere. Just for a moment, he looked like the young duke of the past and even Harris, who stood like a wall, flinched. 

“My sister is sick. Shouldn’t you bring something other than this crap and food waste, butler?” 

Harris didn’t reply at all. He turned his back as if he were going out, and Lettis rushed after him. 

“My sister says she’s hurting!” 

What a mess! 

The tray on the floor was kicked violently and fell over. As soon as Letis pulled himself off from Harris, who fell on the floor of the hallway outside the open door, another servant standing on one side of the hallway took off the boy who ran to the butler and threw him inside. 

Benya left me behind and ran to him. However, the opponent was an adult who was too bulky and strong, and Harris, who was as strong as him, had already risen. Benya was also thrown right next to his brother. 

That wasn’t the end. Once again, Harris, who was attacked by these boys, seemed to have been quite twisted in his judgment, quickly stepped inside and picked up the tray rolling on the floor. And then, with that, he headed for Lettis who was just trying to get up. 

Hit! It was natural that Benya’s screaming was distorted when his brother was hit with the tray several times, not once. He sprang straight up and jumped at Harris, but he was again kicked down by the other servant. 


It felt as if the blood had been drained from my body. I tried to move towards Benya, but my steps froze to a halt. So instead, I grabbed Harris’s arm right in front of me, his tray-wielding arm, as hard as I could. 

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t hit them, you lunatic!” 

Harris shook his arm as if to shake me away and soon grabbed my hair with his other arm. A scream broke out of me. Argh! Hey, you crazy man, what animosity do you have with my head? 

Lettis, who was crouching on the floor with his arms wrapped around his head, moved and grabbed Harris by the legs. No, he tried to hold onto it. 

PT! With a bang, the hold on the hand holding my head relaxed – followed by the sound of Harris swearing something. 

Benya threw a chair at him and tried to jump over. But again, he was blocked by the servant from earlier, and this time he was kicked several times, not once. I shuddered at the thuds at the friction. 

“Stop it, you crazy people!”  

“…Argh! You crazy girl!” 

Fortunately, the squalid servant stopped kicking Benya. Instead, he grabbed my head – biting his arm as hard as I could – threw me away mercilessly! there was a sound of shock, and my whole body tingled. 


Benya’s fresh face came into my tearful sight. Maybe he was kicked at a wrong place a while ago, blood was flowing along his cheeks and mouth. 

“Beh, Benya…!” 

It was almost at the same time that I screamed, Benya tried to turn around, and the servant threw his leg at us. Our arms went up and wrapped themselves around each other. Hit! 

It sounded like my eardrums were about to burst. Strangely, I felt no pain. It was a long time before I realized exactly what had happened. 


We jumped up straight away. 

Then I saw Lettis, who collapsed right in front of us and was screaming horribly. Dark red blood was flowing down his hand-held face. A shiver of panic ran down my spine. 



Benya grabbed and pressed down Letis, who wriggled and struggled in agony. I grabbed his face and tried to clean it up. Then Harris, who threw the tray behind us, spit as he patted his arm. 

“You’re all rotting worms in here anyway. Tsk, they think they’re still aristocrats. if you die, no one will know or grieve.” 

Every word was malicious and shook our very bones. My hands clasped Benya’s trembling arms. No more. If they had gone any further, we would have been killed. 

The two bullies went out proudly. As if it had been their life-long wish to beat up aristocrats with their own status. It was the first time I felt the desire to kill someone. 

“Brother, Brother Lettis, please put your hands away, hm?” 

“………Eyes, my eyes, Sasha, my eyes………… My eyes hurt.……….” 

Letti’s hand barely moved and the tearful sky-blue eyes looked up at me anxiously. The other eye was still desperately wrapped beneath his hand. Blood was leaking from there. I felt my heart sink. 

We moved Lettis to the bed and managed to clear his injured eye. The bloody eyelids were all swollen, so I couldn’t check the condition below, but it was clear that something was seriously wrong. 

A long and terrible day passed. It was a day we all didn’t want to remember again. Lettis struggled with pain all day, and to make matters worse, his fever rose and his body temperature began to reach 40 degrees. 

We took turns applying ointment around Lettis’ eyes, changing bandages, and cooling his heated face with a wet towel. One had to watch Estelle while the other had to watch Lettis. 

“khak, Sasha, Lettis… what’s wrong? Did you catch a cold like me?” 

“…yes, that’s right. I caught a cold and had a fever. I can’t move, so you can’t go down, okay?” 

“I can, Khak! I don’t have a fever anymore.” 

I watered Estelle, fed her the mashed potatoes she had left yesterday, put a gown around her neck, and told her all the stories she liked. It was terrible to imagine the shock Estelle would be in if she saw Lettis right now. 

Estelle stopped coughing late at night and fell asleep. The rest of us couldn’t sleep. As Benya and I watched with open eyes, Lettis struggled with a high fever and lost consciousness several times throughout the night. I felt like I could anything if it just eased his pain a bit.  


The original Lettis that I remembered had eyes that were both fine. The fact was the only ray of hope. I prayed earnestly in my heart, holding the boy – who was looking for his parents anxiously – ‘s hand. Please help our Lettis, please let both of his eyes be healed properly. 

Do you have to suffer this pain just because you came to your sister’s help? 

Should he lose his eyes because his stopped his brother and nanny’s daughter from being kicked like dogs? 

If a villain had to pay the price of losing one eye for such a just act, it was really ridiculous. 

Fortunately, the fever began to drop around dawn. When I came back from washing my face, Lettis was half asleep, holding onto Benya and somehow having a conversation. 

…hey, hey, hey.” 

“……why do you keep calling me?” 

“What if I become a baby like this?” 

“For fashion. The one-eyed Duke of Serpente, You’ll be a legend for future generations.”  


“But then all the men in the ecliptic will follow you.” 

“You can’t just beat your brother, though.” 

“Well, I can’t be the only one suffering.” 

…I’m very worried about whether to laugh or cry. Should I just do both? 

As I approached, Lettis opened one eye and looked at me. Clear sky-like eyes…………  

Tears welled up at the same time as the flickering smile on my face. Oh, you punk! 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the raw chapters end rather weirdly so in future chapters I might adjust the length of some chapters. for example, I’ve added a bit of the start of chapter 25 in chapter 24 so they end well. 

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  1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It is one of my most precious novels to read and i’ve been so miserable to look at the series and realise that no one is picking it for the translation…. It’s such a wonderfully written story for change and i’m so happy to know it will be given some justice!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. May I ask you a favour ? Can you please make a short summary up until this chapter ’cause I’m trying to find chapters from 20 till yours and I cannot seem to find the right ones so I’m a bit confused about the story…Or can anyone tell me where can I find them ? The links on novel update don’t work.

    1. KindapitiedMielle

      hello, you can find those at readh*ive which will also be continuing this story going forth, they have all the chapters 🙂 they never dropped it but i didnt know

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